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The Secret World’s First Beta Weekend Details Revealed

8 May 2012 | No Comments » | Mike

Today, Funcom spilled the beans about The Secret World‘s first beta weekend, revealing what factions and areas will be available to players.

This first beta weekend, titled “Kingsmouth Calling”, will restrict players to the Templar faction, allowing them to explore the small town of Kingsmouth and the city of London, one of the three hub cities in the game.

The beta begins this Friday on May 11th at 9am PDT, and runs until Sunday May 13th to 11:59pm PDT. The non-disclosure agreement has been dropped as of Friday, so players will be able to post information, pics, and videos of their experience over the weekend; which means you can expect us here at Lorehound to have you covered with first impressions galore.

Twelve Sky 2 Veteran Item Pack Giveaway

8 May 2012 | 21 Comments » | Mike

Lorehound has teamed up with MAYN Games to help celebrate the launch of a new Turkish World server, Orhangazi, for their free-to-play MMO game, Twelve Sky 2.

The new server will launch tomorrow on May 9th and will be available to both English and Turkish players.  To celebrate the launch, we are giving away a Twelve Sky 2 Veteran Starter Package for experienced MMO players. This isn’t just  any old giveaway package, as it allows players to jump all the way to level 146 and includes an entire rare gear set.

The full package details are below:

  • 1x Deity (level 146) Character (1775 stat points + 738 skill points)
  • 1x Adept (level 113) Sky Cape (stat enchancement)
  • 1x Deity Rare Gear Set (Weapon, armor, gloves, boots, ring and amulet)
  • 720 Min (Prime EXP Map) Mystical Ground
  • 400 Min (2x EXP) Phoenix Pill
  • 7 days double inventory storage space
  • 7 days double bank storage space

We only have 50 codes for this giveaway, so get them while you can. Click here to get your veteran pack giveaway code.

UPDATE: We have fixed the bug where emails were not being delivered with the game codes and have reset the giveaway. The 50 codes are now available. Sorry for the error guys.

EA Responds to Declining SWTOR Subscription Numbers

8 May 2012 | 28 Comments » | Mike

The first stage of grief is denial, which seems to be where EA is headed after it released its financial report yesterday revealing that subscription numbers for Star Wars: The Old Republic dropped 23.5% from its peak last quarter.

Active subscribers dropped from 1.7 million to 1.3 million, to which President of EA Labels, Frank Gibeau, responded saying this was due to casual gamers leaving the game.

We brought in a lot of users, and with a brand like Star Wars, it reaches out much past the hardcore MMO fan base into the broader market. And as the service evolves from here, what we’re seeing is that some of the initial casual customers have gone through a billing cycle and decided not to subscribe to the game.

Mr. Gibeau goes on to counter, saying that it’s core is actually growing,

the percentage of paying subscribers from our peak until now has actually gone up, and the folks that we have are as engaged as they were when they first bought the product.

Make no mistake, BioWare intends to grow subscribers.

I don’t believe that Gibeau mentioned to shareholders that EA gave every single player players with a level 50 character a free month of game-time only a few weeks ago. Hmm, I wonder if this 1.3 million number is at all deceptively inflated? I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the real number is already under 1 million.

Also mentioned during the conference call was that SWTOR was in EA’s top 10 franchises in terms of profitability, but was less profitable than the following franchises: Medal of Honor, Battlefield, FIFA, Madden, The Sims, and SimCity. However, it did beat Tiger Woods Golf. This places SWTOR somewhere between 7-9 on the list.

EA is doing what all companies do when they have bad news, put on a happy face and try to explain it away, but casual gamers? I won’t consider anyone that uses Xfire to be casual and from their stats, SWTOR is in serious decline.

Elder Scrolls Online Details & Images Leaked

4 May 2012 | 7 Comments » | Mike

It didn’t take long for images and screenshots of the recently announced The Elder Scrolls Online to be leaked onto the internet.

Game Informer, which is featuring the game in its June issue, has had its images scanned onto the web and has now been appearing on various gaming sites. Along with images, details are also now appearing about some of the game’s features and potential release date.

Below you can find the images;as well as the full list of leaked information.

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Elder Scrolls Fans Grumble at MMO Announcment…Really?

4 May 2012 | 6 Comments » | Mike

Yesterday, ZeniMax announced that the many rumors of an Elder Scrolls MMO were true, and officially announced The Elder Scrolls Online, only to be met with fan backlash. The main reason being, that fans believe that Bethesda will be less likely to release another single-player Elder Scroll game, since they do not want to compete with themselves.

While Bethesda is owned by ZeniMax, they are two separate development studios; with ZeniMax developing the Elder Scrolls MMO, and Bethesda doing what it normally does. As a MMORPG gamer first, and Elder Scroll fan second, I don’t see a conflict of interest.  A single-player RPG and a MMORPG are not in the same market. It’s like World of Warcraft and Warcraft 3, one’s a RTS game, and the other a MMORPG. Both can exist at the same time without affecting the other.

One comment on the Bethesda blog stated,

Please say this won’t indefinitely post-pone the release of the next real TES title, the way World of Warcraft has indefinitely put Warcraft 4 on hold.

This user is failing to see that  Warcraft 4 was not put on hold for WoW, but for Starcraft 2. Both are RTS games that do compete in the same market. A single-player RPG is no more of a threat to a MMORPG than any other single-player game.

The only issue I could see is that Bethesda wouldn’t want to saturate and cheapen the Elder Scrolls name by releasing too many games around the same time. However, considering that the Elder Scrolls RPGs normally have a 4-5 year development cycle, we won’t see Elder Scrolls VI for at least another 3-4 years anyway. Elder Scrolls Online has a release date of 2013, which provides a big enough buffer that it probably won’t have any affect on the next Elder Scrolls RPG release date anyway.

Regardless, I can’t wait to learn more about Elder Scrolls Online.

Elder Scrolls Online Announcement Trailer Released

4 May 2012 | No Comments » | Mike

Today ZeniMax released the official announcement trailer for Elder Scrolls Online, which was announced yesterday. The trailer is very short, and shows no gameplay footage, or reveals any details about the game. It’s still worth checking out.

Below you can find the Elder Scrolls Online teaser trailer. Enjoy.

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TERA First Impression Review

3 May 2012 | 3 Comments » | Mike

It’s only been two days since TERA official launched, but really, the game’s been live for almost two weeks (when the unofficial open beta head-start began). Since then, I’ve managed to level my Popori Archer all the way to level 27, allowing me to get a better feel for the game than I did during the closed beta phase.

To begin with, I went with the Popori race, which is sort of like an Ewok, but cuter. Not because I enjoy being a two foot tall cuddly bear, but because TERA‘s all about action combat. My idea was to pick the race that was the smallest, so my hit-boxes would be smaller, making me harder to hit.

Once I customized my character, I was off to the Island of Dawn, which is the starting area for all characters. This entire island is an intro to the game, and sadly, there wasn’t anything noteworthy that I saw. Once I reached the main city of Velika, the fun finally began.

I’m sure you’re already familiar with TERA‘s action combat system, but what you might not have heard about is its combo system. TERA features a nifty new combat system that allows you to instantly follow up an ability move with the next one in the chain. These chains are completely customizable so players can pair up any moves they want, although some abilities do give bonuses when they follow another ability, so that’s something to take into consideration.

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TERA Launches with New Trailer

1 May 2012 | 10 Comments » | Mike

It’s launch day for En Masse’s TERA and with it comes a new trailer showing off some of the games BAMs, cinematics and of course action combat.

For those players who pre-purchased the game, En Masse’s is giving out even more gifts today, in the form of cosmetic weapon skins for every class. Simply log into your account and go to the Item Claim page to claim your free skins.  These are account bound and cannot be sold or trade, they can’t even be placed in bank storage.

Anyway, check out the TERA launch trailer below.

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