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SMITE Gains Another Hunter – Rama, the 7th Avatar of Vishnu

23 June 2014 | 4 Comments » | Mordil

It seems Hi-Rez feels there’s not enough Hindu love in SMITE, as they are releasing a second Hindu god back-to-back with this first Hindu Hunter (Greek, Egyptian, and Mayan have two each!).

He seems, upon first watch of his reveal video, that he is heavily reliant on auto-attacks, more so than Artemis or any other hunter. This will make for some interesting early lane phases.

Things of note this patch:

  • An in-game UI customization tool has been added
  • Scylla and Kumbhakarna received conservative nerfs
  • Bacchus, Zeus, and Fenrir were given seemingly appropriate buffs
  • Ra-merica, a(n) ridiculous amazing skin, is released just in time for July 4th.
  • Polynomicon was given another nerf. I still maintain that it isn’t enough…
  • Golden Bow is 150 gold cheaper to buy

After the cut, watch the God Reveal video for Rama. Then check out the rest of the details in this patch. Continue Reading

Warp Zone Uploads New Episode of “The Office of SMITE”: Casual Friday

7 June 2014 | No Comments » | Mordil

Now, I’ve never been one to find The Office particularly funny. In fact, I’ve only watched 15 minutes of one episode.

However, given the internet likes to make memes about shows and post spoilers, I’ve learned the basics of the shows premise and methods.

The Warp Zone has been semi-regularly recreating that same cinematography but with a dash of SMITE.

Their latest episode, Casual Friday, pokes fun at all the in-game premium skins Hi-Rez Studios offers for their MOBA that is currently #3 on the market (according to MMOHuts).

Check it out below, or on YouTube directly. Continue Reading

Don’t Get Sleepy with SMITE Patch 1.02091.1: Kumbakharna Awakes

17 April 2014 | 1 Comment » | Mordil

I’ll admit, this new Hindu god sure makes me sleepy just trying to figure out how to pronounce his name. Is it KHUM-bah-karn-ah or KOOM-bha-karn-ah? I don’t know – and I think he barely knows as well considering he’s barely awake even for the team fights!

This patch also brings Isis a new skin; which is something she’s been begging for since she was first released.

Things of note this patch:

  • Updated tech for the client – it runs super smooth now (I doubled my framerate at maximum settings)
  • Qin’s Sais is back (finally); returning to its original passive of extra damage based on the target’s max health.
  • Bastet & Zhong Kui received a small nerf
  • Chaac is no longer immune to damage during his ult & Vamana no longer receives cooldown reduction on his ultimate
  • Odin, Thor, and Nemesis received sizable nerfs
  • Thor was given a slight buff

After the cut, watch the God Reveal video for Kumbakharna. Then check out the rest of the details in this patch.

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Death Himself Arrives in SMITE With Patch 0.1.1738 (and Hot Fix 0.1.1739.1)

19 September 2013 | No Comments » | Mordil

Those of you in your later years (iTZKooPa) may want to stay away from SMITE from here on out. Hi-Rez Studios released Thanatos, essentially the Grim Reaper. As he screeches from the skies upon those who have run out of time, he instantly sends them on their way to Hades.

Thanatos is easily the most scary god, literally. Hi-Rez made sure there were plenty of creepy audio cues to his abilities and it does its job of instilling fear. Sadly, due to his toolkit and tuning out of the box – he will never see the light of day in competitive play.

Things of note this patch:

  • Competitive “matchmaking” has been slightly reworked, and the ability to get into a ranked match is harder. See below for more details.
  • You can FINALLY sell Actives back provided you don’t use them or leave the Store pool.
  • Aegis Amulet received a cooldown reduction.
  • Lifesteal, Cooldown Reduction, and Critical Strike Chance all received buffs to their caps.
  • Arachne received a decent rework of her abilities in the form of scaling.
  • Odin became beastly with a decent buff to most of his abilities.
  • Other gods received decent changes (Bastet, Bakasura, Ao Kuang, Ymir, other Alpha/Closed Beta gods)

After the cut, watch the God Reveal video for Thanatos. Then read the full dirty details on this interesting patch.

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The All Father, Odin, Receives Extreme Makeover in SMITE Patch 0.1.1721.0

10 September 2013 | No Comments » | Mordil

Hi-Rez Studios has been on a rampage updating old models, redoing entire maps, and reworking abilities with a new design outlook. The latest patch gives the All Father his due by giving him both a rework and update.

Looking closer to his Blood Brother, Loki, and overall having a more complex model allows Odin to not stick out from the crowd that has become the plethora of pantheon gods(esses) in SMITE.

Some of the more noteworthy changes:

  • Arena map update (HUGE scale, compared to what it used to be)
  • Some Active Items have had either their cost reduced significantly, their cooldowns, or both

After the cut you’ll be able to see the Development Update video put together by Hi-Rez Studios themselves, and the full patch note list.

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Join Mordil & iTZKooPA Saturday, July 27th at 11AM PST (2PM EST) For Prime World Open Beta Livestream!

26 July 2013 | No Comments » | Mordil

That’s right! Tomorrow on, iTZKooPA and I will be livestreaming Prime World as we delve into this new MOBA for the first time. We’ll be providing commentary, and looking to review the game as it starts its development path through Open Beta. Be sure to follow Lore Hound on for a notification for when the festivities are to begin!

The livestream will start at 11AM PST (2PM EST) and go run around 2 hours. During which we might be tossing out some invites for people to join us as we discover what the RPG/MOBA hybrid has to offer. Perhaps its most unique feature, a healthy PvE component.

The game, which is being developed by Nival, who has also produced the Heroes of Might and Magic VBlitzkriegSilent Storm and Etherlords games.

Read on to find some background information to understand what this game is truly about! Continue Reading

SMITE Doesn’t Tick Around with Time by Adding Chronos, Keeper of Time in Patch 0.1.1616.1

11 July 2013 | 1 Comment » | Mordil

It isn’t just Chronos that Hi-Rez Studios has added – they’ve made some pretty significant changes to Conquest in order to further test this balance between two MOBA METAs (Most Effective Tactic Available).

The forums have been a volatile environment since they released the most recent Conquest map change two weeks ago, but this one seems to solve a lot of problems people have felt from the previous.

Notable changes are:

  • Movement speed overall has been nerfed
  • Each player may only have 1 Jungle buff on at one time, and cannot override the previous one
  • Jungle buffs drop from the jungle creep that a player from the team that killed it may pick up within 30 seconds of killing the jungle buff creep
  • The 5 free gods new accounts receive have been changed to Poseidon, Neith, Ymir, Ra, and Thor
  • New item, Watcher’s Gift, to be a laning equivalent to Bumba’s Mask

Let’s not forget Chronos himself! Watch his video after the cut, and check out the rest of the patch notes following him. Continue Reading

How to Get the Solar Eclipse Ra Skin in SMITE

3 July 2013 | 8 Comments » | Mordil

[UPDATE] This promotion has since ended. Sorry!


For those who are after various skins to add to their collection, you might have wondered how to snag the (slightly) elusive Ra Solar Eclipse skin.

Well, it’s fairly simple.

Make sure you have a Facebook account, and head over to “Like” SMITE on Facebook. Their Facebook page is this:

Once that’s done, click on this link here:

All you need to do type in your First and Last name, your country of residence, and your e-mail address.

Once that’s done, you’ll receive a code that you need to write down (because SMITE doesn’t support copy/paste, yet!).

Log in to SMITE, and head over to “Store” then “Promotion”. Type in the code you wrote down to receive your free skin!

Make sure to check out all the other skins coming into to SMITE, such as the gold skins.