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Neverwinter Tyranny of Dragons Brings the New Class Scourge Warlock

3 July 2014 | No Comments » | Pherephassa


Who doesn’t love new classes and expansions? Coming on August 14th, the upcoming expansion Tyranny of Dragons will bring the Scourge Warlock to all players. To herald in this new expansion, Cryptic has unveiled the Season of Dragons – a community driven event that is chock full of ingame events, social media events, and they’re even promising a continued stream of announcements relating to the Tyranny of Dragons! Running from July 1st through to December 31st, the Season of Dragons is a great time to return to Neverwinter or give the game a try for the first time.

The Scourge Warlock is a powerful magic user who plies dark magical abilities, communing with shadowy benefactors to destroy all who would dare stand in their way. A powerful striker who focuses on dealing heavy damage to both single and grouped foes, the Scourge Warlock wields a myriad of options to deal with adversaries using their powerful Warlock’s Curse. Continue Reading

Wuxia-inspired Swordsman Closed Beta Begins

17 June 2014 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

Perfect World Entertainment has unleashed its newest game – Swordsman, a martial arts and wuxia-inspired game based on the Chinese novel The Smiling Proud Wanderer. Closed Beta has begun! You can gain access by purchasing a Hero’s Pack, or by signing up on the Swordsman site. As I write this, I’m realizing that I’ve seen one of the tv series based on this novel, and it was pretty interesting – now I’m really curious to try it! Intrigue, romance, martial arts, it’s got a collection of things for an exciting game backdrop!

Closed beta runs from  Monday June 16th at 2pm PDT until Friday June 27th at 2pm PDT.

No details have as yet been provided regarding when open beta begins, although anyone who has purchased a Hero Pack will have early access.

Keep reading for screenshots and the announcement trailer. Continue Reading

Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade: Visions of Arkhona

23 May 2014 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

How much of a geek am I, that when I read the first line of the new Warhammer 40k newsletter my first thought was, “Jovian Chronicles!! Heavy Gear!! Tribe 8!!”

This newsletter comes from Ghislain Barbe, the art director of Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade, and he goes into his thoughts on game design, artistic creation and how it all comes together for him on this particular project.  It’s always interesting to read about the creative process of artists, so I found this newsletter interesting, particularly since Ghislain Barbe is a name I first heard over a decade ago. But here, he focuses on two main features: the characters and the world. Continue Reading

Neverwinter: Tyranny of Dragons Announced

19 May 2014 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

And I’d thought the release of Curse of Icewind Dale was impressive…

Cryptic is on a tear, it seems. The fourth module for Neveriwnter has just been announced!  It will go live August 14th of this year. There isn’t a lot of information that’s been released yet, although Nathan Stewart, the Dungeons and Dragons brand director had this intriguing comment to say, “This is a pivotal year for Dungeons & Dragons and we are thrilled to have Perfect World and Cryptic on board to make Neverwinter a key part of the D&D experience as we transition to the future. The new Tyranny of Dragons module is just the beginning of us bringing our new serialized entertainment to the fans of both tabletop and digital games.

I’m not certain what that means, but it sounds as though they’re somehow tying the tabletop game and the MMO together more tightly. We’ll be keeping you updated as information is released!

Read the official announcement on the Neverwinter website.

Neverwinter Curse of Icewind Dale Now Live

15 May 2014 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

Releasing our third major update less than a year after launch is substantial achievement,” said Cryptic Studios Executive Producer and COO, Craig Zinkievich.  And I definitely won’t argue with him. Cryptic Studios does seem intent on pumping out new content for Neverwinter at an impressive speed.

This new expansion, Curse of Icewind Dale, brings the iconic Icewind Dale to Neverwinter. A new resource has been added to the game with this expansion, and a host of new features has sprung up around it. New locations, factions, enemies, gear, bosses, PvP features; a new crafting trade, hunter paragon path, skirmish, campaign – this expansion is just packed with new content. I’d stopped playing Neverwinter in favor of Landmark and a return stint to The Secret World, but I’ll admit this new expansion has tempted me back!

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ArcheAge Founder’s Packs Now on Sale

25 April 2014 | 2 Comments » | Pherephassa

I’ve been watching ArcheAge for a long time.  I think I first became aware of it in 2010, which in video game time is lifetimes ago. I love sandbox games, and at the time, ArcheAge was the only real one on the horizon. So I’ve been watching its slow progress toward American localization with mixed trepidation and excitement. Excitement because I want to play it, and extreme trepidation because usually the American localization waters games down to such a degree that I lose all interest once I’ve played for a few days. I like Asian games because they require time and effort, but the model here in the west has increasingly moved toward raining rewards from the sky, and I’ve said quite a great deal about that in previous articles.

But first, before further commentary, let me rain some enthusiasm – Founder’s Packs are now available for purchase! We have crossed that line that indicates yes, this game is coming, and it’s coming along well enough that the development team is confident it will be nearing completion in a reasonable amount of time! Perhaps I should put the classic TM that usually follows the word soon in dev talk.  Continue Reading

Neverwinter: Curse of Icewind Dale Release Date Announced!

17 April 2014 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons … well, for a really long time now. First with the pen and paper basic red box, throwing around some dice with my buddies, then I picked up video games when they started coming out, starting with Pools of Radiance, and moving on down. I played Neverwinter Nights – the original one on AOL as well as BioWare’s version – one might say that I’m as familiar with Faerûn and Toril as I am with North America and Earth.

And next month, on May 13th, I’ll be able to wander into Icewind Dale once again! Continue Reading

World of Darkness Goes Dark

14 April 2014 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

Another one bites the dust… this time before it’s even live. CCP announced this morning that it is halting all development on the World of Darkness MMO, and focusing its studio entirely upon the EVE franchise.  The 56 employees at the Atlanta studio that had been working on the MMO have lost their jobs due to the decision to cease development. Some have been offered positions elsewhere in the company, but for most, it’s time to put on the job-hunting hat.
CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson stated that it was a hard decision, but one that had to be made as they were falling regrettably short of their goal of making an engaging sandbox experience that transported the player fully into the World of Darkness.

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