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DDO Nostalgia: Tips for a 2016 Newbie

10 March 2016 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

ScreenShot00102Another week off due to health concerns, but here I am again so let’s get this party rolling! Now that I have regaled you all with tales of things like my old garish fondness for neon greens and oranges and waxed enthusiasm about how much fun I’ve been having,  it’s time to actually dig into the real point of my being here and talk about the game! I’ve found that current information is very difficult to acquire if you’re not already current – isn’t that always the case with matured games as writers come and go but nothing ever leaves the internet – so the best place to begin is at the beginning! Continue Reading

Pithy Opining: Black Desert Cash Shop Gouging

19 February 2016 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

2016-02-19_165623460I didn’t expect this. Log into Black Desert closed beta the second, and 10 minutes later I’m primed for a rant.  RANT METER FULL!! I logged in to the game, made my character, ran through the first 2-3 quests, hit F3, and immediately logged out to rant. In case you’ve missed why this is such a surprise, or simply to refresh on what I think overall about the game, you can check out First ImpressionsPreview 1, and Preview 2.

Why am I on such a full on rant?

One costume for one character costs thirty two dollars.

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Nostalgia Time: Temple of Elemental Evil

18 February 2016 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

ScreenShot00054I had all sorts of plans for how to progress with the telling of my adventures in Eberron and the Forgotten Realms. I sat down to start talking about the various classes and why I was having such a very difficult time deciding between them, and to go into more on how different statting choices can really impact the development and playstyle of a character. I just adore trapping, punching things with my fists, and casting spells; I love my Intelligence and Charisma! But then, midway through my planning and drafting of an outline – I suddenly realized. I was level six. Level six! I suspect even seasoned players are looking at me rather squint-eyed at this point – what does that mean? Although the title of today’s piece probably gives some clue.

Level 6 is when, by my estimations, I might take a foray into that dread and wonderful place, The Temple of Elemental Evil, and have some small chance of surviving.  Continue Reading

Black Desert: Beta and Launch News + Giveaway!

12 February 2016 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

2016-01-31_973205380First the important news – Black Desert launches March 3! Much, much sooner than I expected, but you will hardly  hear me complaining! Sandbox heaven, coming to a PC near you in less than a month! I never made it to high enough level to encounter pvp in the previous beta, so there’s no pvp review from, but if you’re looking for refreshers on my thoughts about the wealth of content I did experience, you can check out my previews: preview one and preview two. Name reservations for preorders have already gone live! Did anyone get their names? I didn’t; all my favorites were gone by the time I could defeat the 404 and server timeout error monsters spawned by all 250,000+ preorders hammering away at once in the fierce battle to get coveted names.  Continue Reading

Nostalgia Time: Dungeons and Dragons Online

11 February 2016 | 7 Comments » | Pherephassa

DDO Q3 2013 16-9 CIt all began with D&D. It was the early 80s. I was an elementary school girl sitting by herself in the classroom with a book during recess because I wasn’t interested in playing house with the rest of the girls. But I wasn’t the only person in the classroom – and I slowly became aware that the group of boys huddled in the corner were talking about interesting things. Elves! Dragons! Trolls and goblins! And then one day I realized that they weren’t talking about books, they were playing a game. Naturally once that hit me I immediately  had to play, too. And now, here I am, decades later, still playing tabletop RPGs and video games, and writing about them.

So when the opportunity to give Dungeons and Dragons Online a whirl for its upcoming 10th anniversary came around, I couldn’t resist taking her for a spin.  Continue Reading

Blade and Soul or Black Desert?

20 January 2016 | 1 Comment » | Pherephassa

BSBDmashupThis is the question that I’ve been asked the most lately. Blade and Soul or Black Desert? I only have time for one game, so which one is better? The short answer is due to health concerns taking up much of my time lately Blade and Soul will be available to play  by the time I finish this. It is also free to play, so if you are looking for a game to play right now the only choice between the two is Blade and Soul. The longer answer is that they are both very solid games, but they do very different things, so the real question is which one is better suited to what you enjoy.

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Black Desert: CB1 Preview Part 2

29 December 2015 | 1 Comment » | Pherephassa

BDO34My salty tears continue to fall.. the servers are still dark and will be for some time. Last time I talked about quests, contribution and knowledge, so today I’ll begin in that vein and discuss building friendships with the NPCs of Black Desert. I love systems that let you interact with NPCs of a world. Very strange for someone who doesn’t like quests, I know! And yet if there is any such system, I immediately spend time with it. Even if there isn’t a fleshed out system, I can get compulsive with my need to max out factions in games, and will happily sit for hours and hours slaughtering mobs just to raise faction. In fact the one game I rage quit was over factionish farming – remember the original language quests in EQ2? I turned off my XP gain and spent 2 weeks farming for gnoll and orc drops … only to have those drops patched to drop even from grey monsters within the next month. Continue Reading

Black Desert: CB1 Preview Part 1

22 December 2015 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

BDO8Let the salty tears begin – the first closed beta of Black Desert is over. The servers are shut down and dark … and I cannot play any more. It’s the season of gift giving, Daum! Turn them back on! :)

In case you haven’t guessed it, I am in love with this game. I spent a large part of it in ferret shock, running around from one shiny thing to the next. Fishing, trading, cooking, alchemy, hiring workers and building a manufacturing/trading empire, farming, hunting, making friends with the NPCs … and don’t forget standard monster killing, questing and PvP. There are sieges, guild warfare … have I forgotten anything? I’m sure I have.

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