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Blade and Soul or Black Desert?

20 January 2016 | 1 Comment » | Pherephassa

BSBDmashupThis is the question that I’ve been asked the most lately. Blade and Soul or Black Desert? I only have time for one game, so which one is better? The short answer is due to health concerns taking up much of my time lately Blade and Soul will be available to play  by the time I finish this. It is also free to play, so if you are looking for a game to play right now the only choice between the two is Blade and Soul. The longer answer is that they are both very solid games, but they do very different things, so the real question is which one is better suited to what you enjoy.

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Black Desert: CB1 Preview Part 2

29 December 2015 | 1 Comment » | Pherephassa

BDO34My salty tears continue to fall.. the servers are still dark and will be for some time. Last time I talked about quests, contribution and knowledge, so today I’ll begin in that vein and discuss building friendships with the NPCs of Black Desert. I love systems that let you interact with NPCs of a world. Very strange for someone who doesn’t like quests, I know! And yet if there is any such system, I immediately spend time with it. Even if there isn’t a fleshed out system, I can get compulsive with my need to max out factions in games, and will happily sit for hours and hours slaughtering mobs just to raise faction. In fact the one game I rage quit was over factionish farming – remember the original language quests in EQ2? I turned off my XP gain and spent 2 weeks farming for gnoll and orc drops … only to have those drops patched to drop even from grey monsters within the next month. Continue Reading

Black Desert: CB1 Preview Part 1

22 December 2015 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

BDO8Let the salty tears begin – the first closed beta of Black Desert is over. The servers are shut down and dark … and I cannot play any more. It’s the season of gift giving, Daum! Turn them back on! :)

In case you haven’t guessed it, I am in love with this game. I spent a large part of it in ferret shock, running around from one shiny thing to the next. Fishing, trading, cooking, alchemy, hiring workers and building a manufacturing/trading empire, farming, hunting, making friends with the NPCs … and don’t forget standard monster killing, questing and PvP. There are sieges, guild warfare … have I forgotten anything? I’m sure I have.

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Black Desert First Impressions

17 December 2015 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

BDO30My cat woke me up last night in the wee hours of the morning. He likes to sleep on my feet, and sometimes, as last night, he flops across my ankles in such a way that I wake up with both feet on fire from cut off blood flow. 3:17 on the dot – I know this because I looked at the clock and had an epic battle with my willpower not to get up and run to the office to boot up Black Desert Online. I’m up now at 5:27 am, with my husband looking at me askance, wondering why I’m out of bed – the answer is quite simple, really. I want nothing more than to run to the office to boot up Black Desert – and since I can’t yet, here I am, sitting to write about it instead.

I only got in a few hours yesterday after the servers came online, but what a glorious few hours it was. This is the sandbox heaven I have been looking for. It’s not my perfect, ideal game, but finding that is an impossibility and this game comes pretty close. Continue Reading

Black Desert: New Community Manager

3 December 2015 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

bdocmStaff turnovers at a gaming company always spark uncertainty among those who follow a game. At least they do for me. Why is someone leaving? Is it personal choice? If so, is it because a more exciting position elsewhere has opened up, or because they don’t want to be working with the current company in question? There are never any answers to these questions, so I always end up hoping that the staff member in question is embarking on a new and exciting adventure rather than departing an unpleasant land.

Hot on the heels of the closed beta registration announcements, CM_Oli has posted that he will be stepping down next week, and CM_Jouska will be taking his place. Continue Reading

Black Desert Beta Registration

3 December 2015 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

BDOThe page for the closed beta of Black Desert is open! They are now taking applications to join in the fun. There is a limited window to apply, so if you’re interested, head on over and sign in.

As I mentioned previously, the closed beta will be running during the following times:

• Start: Wednesday, December 16th – 07:00 a.m. UTC
• End: Tuesday, December 22nd – 07:00 a.m. UTC Continue Reading

Blade and Soul First Impressions

1 December 2015 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

Screenshot_151125_001Normally when I am previewing a game I like to throw up a quickie writeup after my first day of playing. Just an outline of the first things that grab my attention for good or bad. I’m a few days late on this one, however, and it isn’t due to Thanksgiving or health concerns – no, it is simply that I am having a difficult time forming an opinion of this game. I really want to say I’m not enjoying it. That’s what I do say when asked how it is – nope, I’d rather be playing something else.

Six hours in on day 3 of my Thanksgiving marathon play session, not even I believe that even as I’m saying it.  Actually, I have very little that isn’t positive to say about it. So let’s have a more careful look.  Continue Reading

Black Desert Diary – Beast Tamer!

26 November 2015 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

nzgvPNsI have to say, Daum is really starting to impress me. I was randomly flipping through my various gaming reddits today when I saw there was a new post from PM_Belsazar on the Black Desert forums: The project manager y they mentioned as a possibility last week is already up and running! And what a diary entry it is. We have specific dates for the first beta test, screenshots of new faces going in to the game, new skin tones and hair colors – even new beard styles for the men. And even beyond that exciting news – Belsazar delighted many with the unexpected news that they have seen the feedback and have changed their plans and will be introducing the Beast Tamer class at launch due to its popular demand! And not only that, but the class will be playable in the closed betas and it will even be getting its own version of the unique costume being designed for the master founder’s pack.

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