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The Evolution of WoW’s Behavioral Psychology

9 January 2015 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

lh_wow_dailies_behavioural_psychologyWorld of Warcraft launched a shade over ten years ago with typical game design motives of RPGs and MMORPGs. The reason we players kept returning to Azeroth was the simple desire to continuing progressing the development of our character. For days of play time that tended to mean squashing quests and mobs to collect more and more experience. Upon reaching the end goal of level 60 progress morphed to become gear, often by way of reputation grinds later in vanilla WoW. This core design remains, yet has been supplanted by gameplay features designed from the ideas of behavioral psychology. More specifically, radical behaviourism.

There’s no need for a doctorate in psychology to understand the idea. It’s to keep us coming back to our avatars, sinking more and more time, ultimately making players less likely to cut ties with WoW. And the business reason should be frankly obvious, staying connected means we keep playing and keep paying. What we players may overlook is how simple, and somewhat defenseless, we can be to these mechanics. By no means is WoW the only game to include such mechanics, but it was one of the earliest AAA titles to heavily leverage them. Continue Reading

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade Founder’s Options Boggle The Mind

8 January 2015 | 1 Comment » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern


Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade is easily one of my most anticipated MMORPGs. Not that Behaviour Interactive, the title’s developer, has an impressive resume in the genre or the intellectual property has a fantastic track record of, you know, coming to fruition. Those are some historical happenings that can easily change. The way Behaviour has progressed with Eternal Crusade provides faith in its upcoming release. The dark intellectual property itself and seductive feature list are what drew me to investigate joining the Founder ranks, so I tracked myself to the Founder page and was dumbfounded.

There are over 23 freaking items to chose from. Many of which don’t even include access to the game itself. Very confusing at first glance.

Upon further inspection many of these options are meant to unlock additional options to various Founder packs. If you’re interested in unleashing more than just the WAAAGH! you’ll only be set back $10. The Pioneer Pack Ork Edition on the other hand is tailored to expand the newly-announced F2P version. Those six options get you in the game. The other 18 offer Rogue Trader Points, act as gift cards or head tantalizingly close to the pay-to-win model by unlocking racial weaponry. Continue Reading

This’ll Get You Ready for the SMITE World Championship This Weekend

6 January 2015 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Fear not, we’ll be in full attendance ensuring that our own Twitch channel is well stocked with Tyr Convention 2015 skins for the year to come. And that’s simply in addition to our tour of the new office, cosplay coverage, results summaries and more planned coverage of the first SMITE World Championship.

Guildies Are The Best

5 January 2015 | 1 Comment » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

lh_guildies_wow_draenorUnfortunately, I didn’t make it to level 100 as I had hoped during Instance Gratification. It wasn’t the end of the world that I missed the mark. I resolved to return to the Twitch channel for the epic culmination of Solidsagart’s leveling and that’s exactly what happened on Saturday afternoon. I was excited to hammer out the last few bubbles to unlock all the level 100 dungeons and begin farming them for heroic preparedness and, obviously, raiding. That didn’t come to fruition thanks to an ilvl gaffe leading me to have a pathetic 593 instead of the required 595 for the latest dungeons.

That’s when I scrambled. I dug through quest logs trying to find a piece of gear I could quickly earn to get those two points to return the stream to dungeon runs. There was nothing. I had already cleared out the easy wins. Thankfully, my small, close knit guild was right at hand. Hitting the ‘J’ key and swapping the tab to Roster I saw one member online, an alt of one of our most dedicated members. I was quickly informed that Ashran was the place to go grab a quick 600+ ilvl item. PvP not being my jam I was reserved. I knew I’d be rather terrible with no experience, or, to be completely honest, no interest in actually participating.

I bit the bullet, waited out the twenty minute queue and joined the struggle versus the dirty horde. Thirty minutes later I had not one, but two pieces of the Ashran gear putting me well above the normal level 100 dungeon requirement. In fact, those items replaced two of my lowest pieces dramatically increasing my ilvl. Nearly ready for heroics after a very short amount of work.

Thanks for the tip, educated guildie!

MOBA Monday: Time to Giveaway Those Artemis Skins!

5 January 2015 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

lh_moba_monday_Artemis_Convention_CardMOBA Monday is a weekly showcase of how to perform, eh, let’s go with adequately – we hope – in a massive online battle arena. The streaming squad features the hottest, upcoming or most interesting titles of their and the communities fancy for a few rounds of PvP shenanigans inour weekly Twitch channel staple.

Weeks on weeks we’ve been touting a major Lore Hound giveaway. Not one, but the shot at two super ultra rare Artemis 2012 Convention skins. This isn’t some ridiculous mark of rarity that’s routinely perpetrated on the eBay masses. Oh no. This is straight up unicorn’s with rainbow tails that fart cinnamon buns kind of rarity. You see Artemis was one of the original gods for SMITE, a game that’s had some sort of beta nomenclature attached to it for ages. The semantics may have changed but that hasn’t made this throwing-knife wielding Goddess of the Hunt any less sought after.

The Lore Hound community stepped up, with an assist from the SmiteCentral community to expand the Twitch stream over the 750 follower threshold. Dozens extra ensured the number would hold through the new year earning all followers a shot at the very first Convention skin from Hi-Rez Studios. Yes folks, that’ll be two skins given away during the stream!

Naturally, there are some rules and stipulations to concern yourself with. First and foremost is that the first skin will be given away live during the stream. To enter that roll you must be a follower. The second will be given away to a random follower. Both will be messaged via Twitch to the winners. The stipulation? The codes will be shot out to our Facebook and Twitter communities 48 hours after the giveaway to prevent eBaying of the codes. Use it quick or lose it!

MOBA Monday will return to its famed 1:00 PM EST timeslot. Hit the jump or headdirectly to the channel page to watch live. Don’t forget to follow for all the updates and giveaway opportunities. Continue Reading

F2P Friday: I’m Opening 40+ Expert Packs for Hearthstone

2 January 2015 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

lh_f2p_friday_hearthstone_gvg_twitch_legendaryF2P Friday is our weekly showcase of the growing free-to-play market, from MMORPGs to first-person shooters and beyond.The stream team will feature the latest, greatest and just plain fun games that cost you nothing to play. Ever. Granted, you should throw the developer a bone if you enjoy a title, but you don’t have to.

Ladies and gentleman. Boys and girls. Children of all ages. Step right up and gaze at one of the rarest sights in nature. A man with such restraint, such steadfast determination, such lack of  concern for his own progress that he’s hoarded the precious Au that is the bloodlife of the game of champions, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, not once but twice. Now through a court order from the state he is required by law to break from the self-imposed tradition opening the coffers to return the 79th element to its creator.

To date I have opened less than 20 expert packs, yet have been able to accumulate almost 250 wins, including plenty of ranked play. Again, purely a self-imposed disadvantage. But today, things will change. Today marks the first time that I will truly make a run for rares, epics and legendaries. And that run will encompass some 30+ expert packs opened and discussed live on the air during the return of F2P Friday after my recent road trip. Come join me as I assuredly redeem multiple purples and oranges and attempt to deduce which class will utilize them best and how to optimize the Goblins versus Gnomes cards into my paltry decks.

Be sure to subscribe tothe channel for all our streams, giveaways and shenanigans. Hit the jump for the livestream, which is scheduled to kick off at 1:00 PM EST. Continue Reading

Instance Gratification 16: Here’s to New Internet in the New Year (and Level 100 Before it!)

31 December 2014 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Remember when you could enchant weapons with glows?

Instance Gratification is the return of one of our premiere video outings. Originally featuring the cast of founder bloggers thrashing World of Warcraft dungeons and viewer runs of Dungeon & Dragons Online, the reinvigorated column heads to the realm of the Twitch channel. Come join us every Wednesday for dungeon dives, solo attempts and general loot hoarding in your favorite games.

The Tenth Anniversary of World of Warcraft is, in all honesty, what really drew me back into WoW this year. Sure, Warlords of Draenor has some new additions, multiverse, garrihousing and time paradox storytelling but they’re nothing compared to Molten Corgis and a Level 100 version of Molten Core. I don’t care about the idea of rose-colored glasses and how painful it actually was to farm fire resilience (or be sat) or tracking multiple timers to ensure we sneak around or end trash before it pops back up wiping us. Ahh, those were the days, kids. Up hill in the snow, 60 mile an hour winds and the reflecting sun burning your retinas. Both ways!

Sadly, I’m behind the leveling eight ball. Again. This means that tomorrow, heck, the rest of the week, will have a major focus on finally hitting level 100 on Solidsagart and gearing up said holy priest to enter the depths of Ragnaros’ lair. I mean, heck, it should be good practice for Highmaul, right? Or it’ll send me into a tailspin of depression and I’ll take all that advice from select community members and simply uninstall. Either way, it makes for some good Twitch viewing!

Be sure to subscribe to the channel for all our streams, giveaways and general shenanigans. Hit the jump for the livestream. The show will kick off around 1:00 PM EST and continue until approximately 3:00 PM! The floggings will continue until the ilvl has improved! Continue Reading

How Does WoW Still Have Such an Archaic Mobile App?

29 December 2014 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

lh_warcraft_wow_mobile_armoryWorld of Warcraft is over ten years old. All sorts of industry luminaries, analysts and critics have raved about, targeted or joined the mobile crazy. Heck, even Nintendo is beginning to address the mobile market to take its slice of the new and dramatically growing pie. Yet the mobile app for World of Warcraft remains in the dark ages. The WoW Armory hasn’t seen an all-new feature essentially since release. At which point it was already topped by products from numerous smaller titles, such as the Fallen Earth premium app or the more recent and impressive Neverwinter app.

Early on I didn’t mind that World of Warcraft didn’t have any robust mobile access simply because Blizzard Entertainment had a hard enough time getting content out in an acceptable timeframe and little experience in mobile development. Both of those issues are rather moot now thanks to a handful of expansions offer gobs of development experience and a little game called Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. What’s holding back a fresh look at expanding the feature list for Warlords of Draenor?

The most obvious addition is to enable players to interact with their garrisons, collecting resources and sending followers out on new missions. This can easily be expanded to numerous non-social housekeeping issues that the designers have continued to add to the biggest MMORPG in the world WoD’s feature list aside. Transmogrification, socketing, etc. The list can go on for awhile.

Sadly, I don’t think we’ll ever see a returned focus to the mobile app since it became free in late 2012. And yet competitors offer better apps even for F2P titles.