PAX East: What’d It Take To Get Sentinels of the Multiverse Digital?

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When I think of sentinels one image comes to mind, the giant robotic hunters from the 90s X-men cartoon. How is that relevant? You’ve got me, it’s not. But now you know a random fun fact, and, potentially another shred of evidence to date me. Anyways, sentinels inside Sentinels of the Multiverse are not antagonists at all. Rather the opposite. The base game introduced 10 heroes for players to defend the multiverse with back in 2011. Numerous expansion have been released since. A fact that gave Handelabra Games a swath of content to select for its digital adaptation of the award-winning board game. Read more…

PAX East: Marooners Won the Global Game Jam On Purpose

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Analytics isn’t strictly for Major League Baseball. Nope. The fine folks at M2H Games applied the idea of Sabermetrics to game development to come up with a sure-fire contender to the Global Game Jam competition. The company devised a winning strategy by analyzing previous finalists and winners. It wasn’t as crazy as determining slugging percentage or whatever the hell WAR theoretically represents. Nope. The team realized that couch co-op games routinely perform well. I doubt Mike Hergaarden and Co. worried about being statistically significant, but our short time with Marooners was  met with high decibel levels, jeers and blank faces of concentration. Read more…

PAX East: Unadulterated Master of Orion Demo Interview

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Fans of the 4X genre of strategy games don’t miss much. They kinda can’t. Missing the smallest detail could ruin an entire week’s worth of planning a military assault, diplomatic tie or economic collapse. That’s why we’ve decided to break from our typical editing traditions for convention coverage and provide the most raw, uncut and unedited content for Master of Orion. Yeah, we’ve left in ample amounts of shaky cam, teenage boy-to-girl awkward turtle pauses and even a mic pop or two. Believe us, it’ll be worth it to hear Director of Global Operations Jacob Buecler gush over remastering a once-dead franchise. After all, with a private room and eons of time to pick Jacob’s brain, why would we not share every possible moment?

Perhaps having already run a sneak peek had something to do with the off-the-cuff style.
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PAX East: Brawlhalla Adding More High-skill Gameplay

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If you’re anything like me you enjoy a solid challenge. A successful flexing of your own personal skills against a foe, AI or corporeal, leaves you with a sense of success. Even when it leaves you with soul-crushing defeat it can reinforce your interest in medium of combat. Brawlhalla does this like few other games on the PC platform today. Be it the cheeky Bombsketball or your highly-competitive 1v1 ranked league, Brawlhalla draws the competitive nature out of everyone with its quick matches, growing community and gobs of updatesRead more…

PAX East: In Livelock Humanity is Dead, Long Live Humanity

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Tuque Games is bringing something new to the Arc of Perfect World Entertainment. The developer will pop PWE’s paid-for cherry when it releases Livelock later on. Until now, the company and its gaming portal have only featured free-to-play games. That’s right, Livelock will be the platform’s first buy-to-play game. The Arc platform has mostly MMORPGs to boot. Livelock, a top-down cooperative shooting, breaks from that mold as well. Seems the dev’s tagline of “Break the Cycle” is more than a marketing motif. Read more…

PAX East: Chronicles of Elyria is Doing Everything Different to Save MMORPGs

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When a company claims it’s “doing something different” it is often hyperbole. Chronicles of Elyria, the upcoming MMORPG from Soulbound Studios, understood that. Instead of fluffy marketing speech about how adding a new spell completely changes the game the company opted for more hardline changes. Out goes the normal business models. That’s plural. CoE doesn’t buy into subscriptions. Nor does the company want to float on the whims of free-to-play. They’ve checked that for a modified version of ArenaNet’s pay-to-play model. Grab a copy of the game and you can play. For a year. That’s when another core trope is shaken. Your character will die on its 365th day and outside a few souls with enough power, you’ll need to purchase another copy of the game to resurrect the fallen’s soul in another toon. Crazy, right?

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PAX East: What to Expect from the World of Tanks Comic

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WoT RollOut Panel

On Saturday night, we were treated to a special unveiling of’s latest community catnip. The company unveiled a new partnership with Dark Horse to bring the universe a World of Tanks comic. Dark Horse doesn’t take its licensed intellectual properties lightly, as you’ll probably well aware. But a comic about a historical adaptation of tank warfare? What’s the hook when your source material spans decades and your community abhors creative liberties?

Dark Horse and are going to the origins of World of Tanks, the battles of World War II will be the muse for World of Tanks: Roll Out!. The partnership is planning on dumping a five-comic arc of German vs. Britain metallic mayhem. Naturally, the treasure trove of World War II heroism can maintain a cadence for years to come across the diverse battlefields of the theater of war. It’ll all depend on how well the first series does when it hits shelves, digital and physical, in the fall. Read more…

SMITE: Demigods, Deities and Gods Explained – Jingwei

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lh_deities_demigods_god_explained_jingwei_Default_CardSMITE: Demigods, Deities and Gods Explained is a column dedicated to introducing prospective players of SMITE to its massive backstory of lore. From the Greek to Hindu, each week we’ll look at two characters from a major pantheon and provide a quick recap of their history and in what capacity their digital incarnation will represent on the field of Hi-Rez Studios’ new MOBA.

Lore: Ages ago, Yandi, the first of a long line of Flame Emperors, had a daughter. This daughter was enraptured with the greats seas that surrounded her father’s territory. Specifically that of the Eastern Sea, the domain of none other than Ao Kuang. It’s in the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea’s domain that Nuwa – no, not that Nu Wa of the creation myth – met her fate, drowning while playing too far from shore. Her father was no doubt heartbroken. To his great relief that heartache was but temporary.

After succumbing to a water grave Nuwa rose up from the water like a phoenix. She sought redemption from the endless sea in the reborn form of Jingwei, a bird bent on filling the sea with pebbles and stones. The sea, arrogant as it is vast, scoffed at her plans. Baiting and bullying her fruitless efforts. It would take millions of years to accomplish her feat with such detritus. Jinwei retorts that she’ll continue the cascade of debris for tens, hundreds of millions of years if necessary. Any price to stop others from the fate of her original corporeal self. Read more…