Global Agenda

Published : Hi-Rez Studios

Developed : Hi-Rez Studios

Genre: Sci-fi, Shooter

Release Date: Feb 01, 2010

Monthly Fee: Free

Global Agenda Overview

Global Agenda is MMOFPS from Hi-Rez Studios. Global Agenda promises to bring fast-paced action, intense PvP and a player driven world.

Global Agenda is built on the Unreal 3 engine set in Earth's near future, a sci-fi world of advanced technology and player-driven conflict.

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Candid Post Reveals SMITE’s “Unusual” Success Kept Tribes: Ascend Afloat

Posted on Sep 13, 2013

Hi-Rez Studios once again wen to the madness of Reddit to disseminate information regarding Tribes: Ascend, its frantic shooter and sophomore release. Earlier this year, COO Todd Harris broke the news that the company had effectively ceased development on the title to focus on Global Agenda 2 and god-based MOBA SMITE. The announcement came with two caveats. [&hellip

Hi-Rez Working on Sequel to Global Agenda

Posted on Oct 04, 2012

Hi-Rez Studios has quietly announced that the company has begun development on a sequel to Global Agenda. Currently title Global Agenda 2, the revelation came in a candid and honest post from the CEO and Janitorial Services of Hi-Rez Studios, Erez Goren. In this announcement Goren discusses the problems that Global Agenda had/has and what the company [&hellip

LoreHound Crier: Week of 7/20 In a Glance

Posted on Jul 20, 2012

This week is slow as I wake up… due to various happenings, my schedule is almost reversed this week and I’m finding myself eating breakfast at 2 in the afternoon. I’ve never minded being a night owl, but it is sad that I’ve been missing my gaming buddies all week and having to play it [&hellip

Global Agenda Booster Code Giveaway

Posted on Jul 17, 2012

Hi-Res Studio’s is teaming up with Lorehound to giveaway 200 Global Agenda Booster codes. The codes provide the following account benefits for 3 days: Double XP Double tokens Double credit rewards Additional items for each complete mission Open Zone assignments also grant a 50% increase in XP and Credits as well as a chance to receive additional items [&hellip

Global Agenda Two-Year Anniversary Celebration (Hint: There’s Free Stuff!)

Posted on Feb 01, 2012

Every once in a while we celebrate great – and sadly, not so great – achievements in the MMOG industry. Today, we congratulate Hi-Rez Studios’ Global Agenda for turning two-years old. As most of you may know, Global Agenda is Hi-Rez Studios’ award winning Sci-fi MMO Shooter that was launched on February 1st, 2010. Since [&hellip

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Crewskills And Talents

Posted on Dec 09, 2011

In my last post, I talked about the good and the bad about Star Wars The Old Republic. This time, I’ll be going in to give you a view on the “Crewskills”, and the various talents that the classes have and my concerns with some of those choices. So let me give it a start [&hellip

Global Agenda: If (Recursive Colony = True) Then Introduce It; Else Impatient++

Posted on Sep 23, 2011

On September 21st, Hi-Rez Studios released the much-anticipated free expansion Recursive Colony onto the live servers for its popular MMO shooter, Global Agenda. Recursive Colony is Global Agenda’s largest content update to date and its first major expansion since the game went free-to-play. Recursive Colony is centered around the idea that the  humans of Dome [&hellip

PAX Prime 2011: Day 1 Photos

Posted on Aug 31, 2011

Continuing with giving you a teaser of photographic content to keep you thirsty for more as we polish off the content we have for you to grasp onto until release dates happen, here is Day 1 of PAX Prime 2011. Day 1 was filled with a busy schedule as we ran as a pack of [&hellip

Know Thy Blogger: iTZKooPA’s MMOG Timeline

Posted on Jun 14, 2011

Ladies and germs, you’ve likely been following the writers of for quite some time (If not, welcome aboard!).  We’ve introduced ourselves, talked about our time in World of Warcraft, discussed our past and even revealed the origins behind our now-familiar names.  But what we haven’t done is reveal how we got here. How is it [&hellip

Global Agenda Fiction – Part I

Posted on May 12, 2011

War Gods – Triumvirate What? Are you saying you are at war with GOD? Yes…but I will win. Part 1 – Ready the Props “You damn punks, do you even know what you are getting into? The second the other agencies hear about this, you can tell your organization bye. They won’t just exclude you! They [&hellip

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