Guild Wars 2 Now Free!

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69e88Bandit-Boss-FlameLast weekend marked the three year anniversary of Guild Wars 2’s launch. To celebrate, ArenaNet president Mike O’Brien announced two things at PAX: the core game is now entirely free to play, and Heart of Thorns, the upcoming expansion, has a date. It will be launching Friday, October 23.  Expansions always get me excited for games, even if they are games I don’t actually play – I have a far greater urge to run out and buy a game if I see an expansion than I do for a launch.

It looks like this expansion will be dropping quite a lot of content players’ way, so lets take a look. Read more…

Hearthstone’s Increasing Card Count a Cause for Concern?

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About to blast you with 10 hours of theorycrafting.

About to blast you with 10 hours of theorycrafting.

Blizzard Entertainment isn’t known for making content quickly. It has never been able to keep World of Warcraft stocked with fresh content. The StarCraft community was starved for 12 years. Diablo III’s been a bit better, but again, a huge wait between games/expansions. Those were all AAA core franchises. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm have been pleasant surprises. These more accessible titles have seen repeated rounds of content, such as two Hearthstone expansions and Solo Adventures, and the Eternal Conflict event in HotS. To name but a few. But, and pardon the “they can’t win either way” thought, is Blizzard making content for Hearthstone too fast?

Shaktaji, who is thoroughly an addict, and I, a player who has waning interest for various reasons, were discussing this concern over dinner recently. The obvious node of contention is potential current player burnout. Will players eventually get sick of learning 200+ new cards, how they interact and how they should be used every year? We put that aside quickly since, for many, it’s an expected and addicting part of the game. Then a less obvious point came up. Would the continued increase make the game less accessible over time? As more and more cards are released it becomes more and more difficult for new players to be competitive (a concern for its sister title in the MOBA genre too). Sure, those newbies should be paired up against other newbies but they’ll constantly be playing against cards they haven’t seen before. Will this freak them out or will the freshness interest them until they moved to a level of play with more strategy and thus, more homogeneous decks? Read more…

PAX Prime 2015: Master of Orion Exclusive Sneak Peek

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MoO_Logo_Main_Version_PNGSeeing banners and general media surrounding this game about this brand new IP launched by Wargaming really didn’t prepare me for the pleasant blindside. It’s my personal blunder, perhaps, due to my age, and I didn’t realize this wasn’t exactly a new IP. A reboot of the Old 4X genre Master of Orion games – though I’m told this revolves more around the first – but remastered for the modern age. For those not familiar, 4X stands for: “eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate”.

Read more…

PAX Prime 2015 : Super Dungeon Bros new Co-Op Dungeon Crawler – #BrosB4Foes

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Super-Dungeon-Bros-First-BattleGreetings Bros! If you are kicking back drinking a few broskies with your bros looking to have a brodacious time look no further. Super Dungeon Bros is a co-op dungeon crawler that’s meant to let you and up to three of your friends hang out and slash your way through mindless scores of minions.

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PAX Prime 2015 Kickoff

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screenshotPAX Prime 2015 has officially kicked off and it is bigger than ever. Seriously, they added room across the street in two directions! We have a huge line up for you guys and we’re hard at work bringing you the best, worst and most interesting in the gaming world. There is much too see and plenty you shouldn’t miss: Read more…

Blood Gate – Age of Alchemy Review

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lh_bloodgate_splashscreenThe unexpectedly expected announcement that Nintendo would be entering the mobile market blew the socks of the industry. A holdout to the increasing dominance of mobile, a disruptive shift to its dominant position in the handheld market, had analyst, critics and gamers debating whether the Big N was being left behind. Shortly before his untimely death Nintendo President Satoru Iwata capitulated. On his and his company’s terms. The man that brought the originally maligned Nintendo DS – dropping the universal Gameboy brand that still holds water – and Wii with its mass-market adoption of motion controls believed his company had found the correct formula. It’s yet to come to fruition, but Nintendo’s partner in the endeavor, DeNA, published the midcore puzzle-based RPG Blood Gate – Age of Alchemy from outsmart a few weeks ago.

Blood Gate follows the now-typical formula of puzzle-based RPG games. outsmart blends the staples of the decades old genre with match 3 gameplay. To attack players must match three or more runes of the same type. The minimum match does minimum damage. Adding extra runes to the mix performs bonus damage in the same attack. A huge advantage when your computer-controlled opponent is based on a timer and you aren’t. Those crafty enough to expand the coupling earn special orbs that don’t simply disappear on use. Instead they morph into runes with power ups. Link different runes, blow up surrounding runes or clone the area to continue your dominance. The craftiest can even merge them all for a board-clearing solution that’s sure to end your opponent. Read more…

PC Gaming Woes Still Exist

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lh_pc_gaming_woes_ivanI was reading an Ars Technica article a few weeks back that was ruminating on the benefits of PC gaming outside the usual “graphics are prettier” argument that’s tossed at console fanboys. I’ve long straddled the fan boy arguments. Entering the rabbit hole only for the creative copy and memes. Anyways, this article, which I was unable to find in 10 minutes of searching, was discussing how great being a PC gamer is. I kinda chuckled while reading it. Not because it was grossly inaccurate or adding to the flame wars but because it was at odds with my personal experience at the time.

You’ll recall numerous issues with Comcast. Complications with box heating. Drivers causing random crashes. Upgrade woes followed by authentication conundrums. Juggling all these issues while streaming 2-3 times a week was an arduous task. Hence my reaction to the article, the mild chuckling to myself. Yes, of course PC gaming has come a long way despite what seemingly every Wall Street analyst and “market research” company espouses. Steam has consolidated the distribution market, making Valve millions. There’s no better time to be an indie developer. Games are more often than not released on multiple platforms, including PC, than not. Multiplayer largely remains completely free and the free-to-play genre continues to explode everywhere. General support and compatibility are better than ever. Read more…

Gloria Victis: World Size Doubled

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219History and Sandbox … I think I like it already. Admittedly I am more a Greek than a Latin kind of girl, but that won’t stop me from looking. And the most recent patch/content update looks like it was a doozy, as the world size has doubled! 80 new NPCs reaching up to level 70, new maps, new towns, villages and resource extraction points, and probably the most exciting for fans, this includes a large mountain stronghold – the first location that can be designed by a player.

New bundles in the store allow players to design content, and the first purchaser of the Duke of March package will be able to design the castle history and name, as well as the names and histories of the castle’s major NPCs.  Sounds pretty cool to me. But then, I’ve been known to hand GMs in the tabletop games I play family trees for my character spanning generations … so I’m all about designing. Read more…