Metin 2

Published : Gameforge 4D

Developed : Ymir Entertainment

Genre: Fantasy

Release Date: Jun 02, 2007

Monthly Fee: Free


Metin 2 Overview

Set in the mystical world of Milgaard, Metin 2 is a well-developed MMORPG from Gameforge 4D. Using a downloadable desktop client, players embark on their journey to unlock the secret of 'Metin'.

A highly player versus player oriented game, Metin 2 features a unique battle system that includes its own M.T.F.S. (Multiple Targets Fighting System). This allows players to engage in large battles with monsters or fellow players while maintaining a great level of control over their character. There is an extensive skill system (where players can level up and specialize in a variety of areas including alchemy, mining, fishing, socketing etc.) and guilds are fully supported. Metin 2 is free and supported by a paid item shop.

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