Transformers Universe

Published : Jagex Games Studio/Hasbro

Developed : Jagex Games Studio

Genre: Sci-fi

Monthly Fee: Free

Transformers Universe Overview

Transformers Universe is a free-to-play browser MMO that allows players to choose between the Autobots or Decepticons factions. Players can created their own Transformer and engage in PvP against players of the opposite faction.

Popular franchise characters will also be present within Transformers Universe however are not playable.

Transformers Universe Video

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Transformers Universe Review

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Another One Bites The Dust: Transformers Universe Closing Before Launch

Posted on Dec 21, 2014

It’s unfortunate thatAnother One Bites The Dust exists, but necessary. This column chronicles the fateful announcements ahead of an MMOGs’ downfall, a company closure or, in some truly sad cases, both. Grab your Big Gulp and let some hit the floor for the fallen. Way, way back in late 2011 we did an interview of [&hellip

Tranformers Universe Unlocks Founder’s Program

Posted on May 02, 2014

Everyone’s favorite robots in disguise are that much closer to being a playable MOBA. Following recent founder’s program discussions from ArcheAge and Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade, Jagex has announced its own program for Transformers Universe. Topping off at a hefty $449.99, the program has a level for the cash flushed down to the cash strapped. Included in the base [&hellip

Transformers Universe Test Your Metal (Trailer)

Posted on Feb 07, 2014

Without further delay it’s here. The first gameplay trailer for the reenvisioned Transformers Universe. The upcoming Summer 2014 MOTA from Jagex!

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A Quick Introduction To Transformers Universe

Posted on Oct 20, 2011

Announced by Jagex Games Studios and Hasbro awhile back, little has come to light of Transformers Universe. We knew it would feature the two seminal factions duking it out in a free-to-play browser-based title, but frankly, that was all that was delivered. Thanks to a new trailer and Jagex visiting its first trade show in [&hellip

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