Published : Square Enix

Developed : Ankama Studio

Genre: Fantasy

Release Date: Feb 29, 2012

Monthly Fee: Free

Wakfu Overview

Wakfu takes place in the same universe as Dofus, but is set 1,000 years in the future after a major catastrophe. Wakfu is a tactical MMROPG with a job system and twelve classes for players to choose from

Wakfu will emphasis an open and player driven world with no NPC in the world. The economy will be completely player controlled. Wakfu will feature no NPC quests and PvP will be a major part of the game.

Wakfu Review

There are currently no reviews for Wakfu

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The official start of E3 is only a few hours out, and still we’re seeing more exciting new footage hitting the interwebs in anticipation. This time, we have a combat trailer from the tactical fantasy MMO Wakfu, an offshoot from DOFUS under development by Ankama Games and published by Square Enix. Aside from a slightly [&hellip

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