Allods Online – Get Reincarnated

Posted by on June 11, 2011 - 3 Comments »

The newest patch, 2.0.04, for Allods Online  has been announced and one of the new features will be the reincarnation system.  Once a player reaches level 46 and complete a series of trials, they will be able to reincarnate their character as another archetype called an incarnation.

Your incarnation character would share the following features of your main character or progenitor,

  • all of the items in the Item Shop tab of your bag
  • all bonuses gained from items that come from Radiant Strongboxes
  • your mounts
  • your bag size
  • your deposit box size
  • your runes
  • the duration remaining on your patron’s blessing
  • your gold
  • some of the items in your Currency tab
  • your Astral ship

Newly reincarnated characters will be the same faction as the main and will start at level 4.  Players will be able to switch between their progenitor and incarnation by visiting a Reincarnation Master, where they can also delete their incarnation or learn a shared ability.

Two shared abilities are available for players and can immediately be used by the incarnation, however the progenitor must wait until your incarnation reaches level 45 before it can use the shared abilities.  Players can also switch between the two shared abilities at the Reincarnation Master.

Incarnation can level, but only when the are affected by the Reincarnated effect.  However this effect will decrease the damage dealt and healing done by 33% and decrease your experience earned for your current level by 10% when you die.  Players can removed the effect through the Reincarnation Master if they need their full strength.

For more info about the new reincarnation system, check out the official patch post.