Bioware announces SWTOR Refer-a-Friend program

Posted by on March 5, 2012 - 1 Comment »

Starting tomorrow, active SWTOR players will be able to invite up to three friends to join them along their journey; as long as that journey is on one of the four origin planets. Players who are invited will have a 7-day free trial; however, that will be restricted to the four starter planets.

Was there a meeting I missed or something? Because I could have sworn that it was decided that limited free trials suck, and limited-limited free trials suck even more.

With SWTOR being one of the fastest leveling MMORPG’s to date, if you played along with a friend, who is presumably level 20 or higher, wouldn’t you fly though the starter planet in, oh I don’t know, a few hours? Why in the world would I need 7 days, when I could probably complete it in one?

Just another lesson for Bioware to learn, and I’m sure we’ll see the unlimited to level 20 free-trial in a few months. Once they realize their mistake.