Black Prophecy Shutting Down on Sept 26th

Posted by on August 29, 2012 - 4 Comments »

A game that was once at the top of my Most Anticipated list today announced it will be shutting down its servers on September 26th. It’s always a sad day when a game that had so much potential closes down.

While I can’t exactly say I enjoyed the game very much; way too grindy, average  PvP at best and being a theme-park, I can say that it really did have huge potential if someone at Gamania or Reakktor had the balls to make it into a sandbox game. Really all they needed to do was copy Eve Online and with their fast-paced action-combat system, it would have no doubt been a winner.

Who know’s, maybe someone else will pick it up in the future and re-tool it into something worth playing. Here’s to hoping.