CCP Prepared For Console MMO Dust 514 To Tank At Launch

Posted by on July 14, 2010 - 2 Comments »

According to a new interview on, CCP is prepared for its upcoming console MMO “Dust 514” to do poorly at launch. Instead they are looking for a long-term audience. CCP’s senior director of business development Yohei Ishii said that the company will stick with Dust like they have stuck with Eve Online.

“If we don’t hit 6m in the first couple of months, that’s fine, that’s not what we’re really going for. We’re going for what we’ve seen in the CCP part of the world, and really with Eve, that it’s not about that one hit, buy the game and then you’re done. It’s about acquiring a user and keeping them for a year, two years, three years… If you look at the lifetime value of player in that sense, it’s so much more than that $60 you get from a box.”

Ishii is confident that the game’s business model will ensure profit over time. CCP is planning on annual expansion packs, and just like with EVE Online, the packs will be free.