DC Universe Online Comes Out

And here it comes, a bit later than expected (it was targeted for late 2010) DC Universe Online has launched, being the first major release of 2011, a year that could change the MMO world forever.

DCUO is a superhero MMO, inspired by the DC Universe Comics, with dozens of superheroes and supervillains, populating the mythic Gotham and Metropolis. This is an action MMO that wants to rock and redefine the genre, as stated on the press release:

“We’re redefining the genre and blazing a new trail in the gaming industry with the introduction of DC Universe Online,” said John Smedley, President, Sony Online Entertainment. “This is the first true action MMO utilizing twitch-based combat and physics to deliver a completely unique and immersive gameplay experience that is reflective of the creativity, action and strength of the DC Universe.”

The game has several subscription plans for the players to choose:

  • 1 Month:         $14.99 USD
  • 3 Months:        $41.99 USD
  • 6 Months:        $77.99 USD
  • 12 Months:     $134.99 USD
  • Lifetime subscription: $199.99 USD

It’s good to have different options. Lots of players, planning to play for long, will save good money. The lifetime subscription could be a good option as well, for all those unconditional fans, if you plan to play for years.

If you always wanted to play in your favorite DC Universe environments, taking part in epic story arcs, this is your game:

DC Universe Online transforms more than 75 years of action and adventure into a fully realized immersive experience that brings players into the world of DC like never before,” said Jim Lee, executive creative director for DC Universe Online. “It has been a fascinating experience for me and the team to come up with entertaining and engaging ways to blend the MMO and comic book worlds.”

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Though DCUO hasn’t any type of crafting, focusing in action and questing mainly, it looks great. Visuals are astounding but the game is not heavy at all, it runs smoothly, with its stylized graphics and design. You’ll have tons of content to explore, hundreds of quests, thrilling PvP and many story arcs to follow, getting deep into the background story, specially set for the game.

DC Universe Online comes out, starting  the MMO-launching-race  2011 promises. Which would be next?


  1. There is not enough content in this game to play more than 3 months(and that is generous estimate), not even talking about lifetime. It is an action console game at its core and how many action games have lasting power to be played beyond beating its max level?

    Didn’t LOTRO or CO lifetime subs teach us anything about MMO lifespan? Wait for it to go F2P in a year or 2…

  2. The problem with DC Universe Online is the fact that your hero is a sub-hero, a sidekick to the main heroes but I don’t think the fans care anyway. :D

  3. this game is OK until you hit the max lvl, then it becomes very boring. PVP evens are broken, or they take so long to get into that you fall asleep (>30 min).

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