Deathwing’s Reputation Versus His Size: An Argument for a HUGE Character Model

Posted by on May 29, 2010 - 19 Comments »

As we all have seen both here at LoreHound and prolifically around the web in the last couple of weeks, the WoW Cataclysm Friends and Family Alpha has been launched, and subsequently leaked.

MMO-Champion led the frenzy by posting hundreds of screenshots from zones all over the post-cataclysmic Azeroth. Shortly thereafter, Blizzard ordered that the information be taken down — but not before it already had made its rounds all over the intertubes, and into the thirsty minds of players everywhere. And dominating right at the very top of that list was the model for Deathwing himself.

We’ve heard a ton of feedback, both here and elsewhere around the web, on what the WoW community feels about the model. One of the interesting aspects of reading through some of these comments is coming to the conclusion that people are really split on how they want this specific figurehead to be portrayed, and even to a certain degree idolized in-game.

From what Blizzard has released, we still know nothing about the final fight with Deathwing (and the raid probably is just in the idea phase of design, anyways). We know nothing of the mechanics involved, nor of what Deathwing’s model could mean during the final battle. But regardless, that doesn’t stop plenty of people from already speculating on what could come to be.

We have some fans, such as our own reader Barugaara, who said they would not enjoy tackling a colossal beast such as Deathwing, if his size was so huge that even Ragnaros is smaller than his pinkie toe. LoreHound writer Pixiestixy also chimed in her opinion in episode 5 of the LoreHound WoWCast, saying that that the fight may feel boring if Deathwing was huge to the point that fighting him would equate only to “clipping his nails.”

Here’s a thought, though: we’ve had instances of characters who were neither major aspects in the lore nor final bosses, but still quite large. Take Kologarn,for example. He was huge! You only saw his head and hands throughout the fight, because that’s what you were fighting. Why would we not have an uproar about him, a minor bonus in the giant mega-raid Ulduar, when Deathwing himself dwarfs the mountain that he sits upon in the image above?

In lore, Deathwing is supposed to be larger than Ysera, Malygos, and Nozdormu combined (I cannot recall where I read or saw that, but I swear I did), but almost rivaled by the size of Alexstrasza. Lore-junkies who’ve seen the Wrathgate event understand just how big Alexstrasza can be, once she leaves Wyrmrest Temple and her half-Dreanei, half-Highborne like mortal shell.

Once I saw her there, next to Krasus, I was shocked by her massive size. Other dragon models, such as Ysera, Onyxia, and other raid and dungeon bosses have been portrayed as about three to five times our height. In the World of Warcraft magazine, an image comparing Deathwing to a human model shows that he is about 13+ times larger in scale.

With the actual model from the Cataclysm Alpha, Deathwing was scaled to the statues in the Valley of Heroes, Stormwind. Walking next to those just about all the time, I’ve measured my character in comparison. A normal Human model is about five to seven times smaller than the top of the statues. It’s a good thing that this screenshot is not to scale, since Deathwing’s model could not come close to matching his depicted size.

Personally, I think that Deathwing should be as large as his name suggests. His spoken name instills fear — and his model should do the same. I cannot find myself agreeing with Pixiestixy on this one. Fighting a huge Deathwing — even just clipping his nails — would be appropriate. Not to mention epic.

I plan to continue on this topic and explain just how the fight could be laid out in a future post. Keep a watch out for it, and in the meantime I’d love to hear readers’ thoughts on this topic. What do you think would be an appropriate size for the mighty Deathwing?