Divine Souls Debuts

Outspark, creators of the recently mentioned Fists of Fu, have today announced a new action MMO called Divine Souls. The announcement trailer can be viewed above, while we have a collection of screenshots for you below. The premise appears to be a Japanese hack & slash game taken into the MMO genre with a focus on team-based dungeons and PvP arenas. The announcement mentions that both four player and eight player dungeons will be available, and arenas will run from 1v1 through to 4v4 and there will be some sort of larger guild-based battle system.

I’m of the opinion that fighting multiple enemies at a time definitely makes the player seem more powerful and heroic, and of course I have mentioned my love of active, energetic combat animations in several posts recently. So it should be no surprise that the trailer piques my interest, but of course it’s early days yet, and it’s hard to get a sense of what any game, let alone one as complex and far-reaching as an MMO, will truly play like from its debut.

Divine Souls will begin its beta on July 7th, and is scheduled for release as early as this summer, when it will be free to play. For more information, or to register for the beta, visit the official site.

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