Evony Review

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I’m sure over the last week or so you have seen the Evony ads everywhere, I know I have, there’s probably one showing right now.  Well after seeing them a million times or so I decided what the hell, I’m not playing any MMO right now, so I’ll go check it out.

Evony is a free 2 play browser based MMORTS game where you slowly build up your city and try to expand your territory.   The game starts you off with a empty town with only a Town Hall and it’s your job to build it up into a striving city, build an army and conquer additional lands.  Everytime you do anything in the game, build a structure, research a new technology, march your army, a timer shows up showing how long it will take.   So for instance creating a Barracks might take 5 mins, but every additional level will take longer and longer.  Currently my barracks is at lev5 so the next upgrade for me will take 1 hr 29 mins.  Evony Account.

City Building

Evony restricts construction to 1 building per city, so even if you have the resources you cannot construct or upgrade more than 1 building at a time.  I’m actually a big fan of this system as it no longer depends on how long you play the game, instead it’s how often you play.   Checking up on the progress  a few times a day gets you much more than someone sitting there for 2 hrs straight.  There is no building queue, so you need to manually select and build or upgrade each structure yourself.

cityhttp://www.lorehound.com/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=1336&message=7# town

Each territory you own is split into two parts, the town and the city.  The town is made up of all residential, business and military building, such as the Town Hall, Market, Barracks, Academy, etc, and is protected by the castle walls.  The city is outside the protective walls and contains your resource buildings, farms, lumber mills, quarrys and iron mines.

It basically works like any other RTS game you’ve ever played.  You gather resources to construct or upgrade buildings, research technology, and to build an army.

City & Hero Management

Apart from just gathering resources and building/upgrading things, there is also city management.  It doesn’t get too complicated and you can learn everything you need to know in about 5-10 mins.  City Management deals with your tax rate, making sure your population remains loyal and assigning a mayor to your city.

Once you have created an Inn, you can hire a Hero unit who can either lead your army or become a Mayor.  Each Hero unit has 3 stats, politcs, attack and intelligence.  A hero with higher politcs means your cities resource production will be higher where as a higher attack means your army will have a higher attack rating.  Intelligence shortens the time it takes to research a new technology.  So you can see that some hero’s are better suited as a Mayor than as a General.

Once you have a Hero and army, they will start to eat up resources as well.  A hero must be paid a monthly fee and an army will need to eat so you’ll start losing food resources.  If you’re army is outside attacking you will lose food twice as fast, so you always want to make sure to return your troops as fast as possible once they have completed their mission.

As your city grows you will also gain Prestige points which is basically a rating of how well your cities are compared to other players.  You also have a Rank and Title, the higher the rank and title the more cities you can control.


Once you have created an army you’re ready to attack, however it’s important to scout the area first to find out the strenght of your opponent.  Once you have scouted the area, you’ll find out exactly how many and what type of troops are located there.  If you feel confident, you can then attack.

In the below image, I am attacking a open field to receive a bonus of 7% to my stone production for as long as I hold that field.


As fun as attacking people and NPCs is, the combat system is completely f*cked up and makes zero scense to the point that it almost ruins the entire game.  Allow me to explain.

Yesterday I attacked the same location twice because I was farming for reward medals. Medals are used to reward your hero or for promotion quests, which I’ll get into more later.  Here is the defending armys strenght on both attacks.

Enemy Army
142 Warriors (very weak unit)
32 Archers
48 Pikemen

On my first attack I had:

Attack 1
115 archers

I won the fight, but lost 65 archers.

Attack 2
25 Swordmen
20 Pikemen
115 Archers

The results?  I lost not only 65 archers, but all my swordmen and pikemen.  WTF?!   That makes no sense, how could a smaller army of only archers do better?  After a few more attacks I realized that melee units are 100% useless, they will only increase your casualties and waste your resources so I have been building archer only armies since.

I’ve also read on the Evony forums that there are major balance issues when attacking castle walls.  As far as I’m concerned the combat system is sh*t and needs to be completly redone.

Special Items & Medals

Evony use the microtransaction business model to make money, so there are many items you can buy, for real money, that will help you along in the game.  Items can range from things that subtract from build times, ranging from 15 min to 8 hrs to 30% reduction in build times.   Other items will boost production or combat effectiveness for a certain amount of time.  There are also medals that you gain from conquering land, these medals can be used to either boost your hero stats or to promote yourself via Promotion Quests.


There are quests in Evony, however they are progress only quests.  For example, your Town Hall reaches lev 5 or you obtained 10,000 prestige points.   I like to think of them as achievments instead of quests.


After a few days of playing I can say I’m enjoying this game a lot more than I thought I was going to.   Working infront of a computer all day, it gives me something enjoyable to do and doesn’t really take much time to play.  I have a dual monitor setup so I have Evony on one screen and can see when the timers run out so I can pick what I’m going to do next.  This is not a time-sink type of game, it’s sort of like checking your e-mail or Facebook a few times a day, 2-3 mins and you’re good to go.  But they do have to  fix the combat system, it’s retarded and can destroy the game if it’s not fixed in a resonable amount of time.