Fallen Earth: August State of the Game

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Recently back from QuakeCon, Dave “Archangel” Haydysch, a Producer working on Fallen Earth, stops by the official forums to recap the team’s latest activities, and their plans for the near future. The dev team is planning to take Fallen Earth on the road again for the PAX Prime convention in Seattle, between September 3rd and 5th. If you are so lucky as to live nearby and have an acceptable media affiliation, I would highly suggest partaking in this fast-growing convention. But, enough about events and roadtrips, what about the state of the game?

Earlier this week, patch 1.6.2 was released to considerable acclaim. A long-running player grievance – combat animation – has been addressed, and the game already feels more fluid and fast-paced. Among other things, the patch also addressed a respec issue where players were not being awarded the correct amount of AP.

So, what next, then? The Fallen Earth State of the Game address begins with a sincere vow to adjust combat pacing, pointing at mechanics such as damage mitigation & spread tweaking, as well as armor prerequisites. In addition, an intriguing new feature known as “Progress Towns”  is being implemented in upcoming patches. Players of a faction can band together and complete tasks to literally build a town from the ground up. Running missions and defending your territory will earn you vital defenses with which to outfit your fledgling town. Haydysch adds, “While special defenses may be crafted to help protect and defend your newly formed faction town, beware, it won’t be an easy task to maintain control.”

Across the Wasteland, factions have planted flags to spread their influence and further their respective ambitions. Players in PvP areas may claim and defend these flags to earn special buffs, faction-affiliated guards, or even some nifty harvest nodes. Always a proponent of customization, Fallen Earth will take the next step in adding social clothing, which will be elaborated on in upcoming dev journals.

Check the full post here to learn more about these features, as well as camp improvements and plans for the mobile FE app.

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