First Look: Marvel Heroes Details Spider-Man & Cable (Video)

Posted by on September 5, 2013 - 34 Comments »

Gazillion Entertainment hasn’t been shy with its intentions for Marvel Heroes. There have been some false starts and hiccups since launch, but the developer, helmed by David Brevik of Diablo and Blizzard North fame, have carried on. Through package changes, permanent discounts, farming overhauls and a dramatic revamp of the entire combat system, Marvel Heroes has seen a lot in its short life.

Earlier we introduced an unlikely pair that are heading to Marvel Heroes shortly. The dry witted White Queen known as Emma Frost and an incarnation of The Thing known as Fear Itself. Now we bring you two super heroes that have shared plenty of history, Spider-man and the time-traveling Cable. The two also features much longer, more detailed, voiced trailers with a cameo by Stan Lee!

Spider-man is built as a balanced character relying on his acrobatics, web-based attacks and melee attacks to banish enemies into unconsciousness. The various trees can change his gameplay from a melee fighter to a ranged CC character or a solo friendly support character. Cable is the perfect soldier featuring a multitude of stuns and ranged damage. The different trees enable him to be a vicious crowd controller, party buffer, or a debuffing hero capable of wanton destruction.