‘Guild’ System Coming to SMITE

Posted by on November 28, 2012 - 2 Comments »

According to a recent forum post by HiRezShadowCouncil, the developer is working hard to implement a guild system into SMITE. The exact title of the system has not been solidified – Tribe (lulz), Sect, Order, Cult – yet we’ve early details on what to expect. And they’re exciting.

Whatever it ends up being named, it’s not going to be an empty bulletpoint to add to the website’s feature list. The system will possess your typical clan expectations, like membership management including ranks and tags. Clan members will earn bonuses for being a part of a clan, such as additional Favor. Clans can also flag members as ranked ready, enabling them to represent the clan in an upcoming Clan vs Clan ranking system. Ranked-ready and players without the flag can gain clan benefits.

Hi-Rez Studios continues to push the expectations gamers can have with the MOBA genre. Many other studios have discussed multiple game modes, guild systems and extra maps. Still in closed beta, SMITE already has three game modes, with a fourth well along the way, and now a guild system.