HiRez Announces This Week’s SMITE “Mega-Patch”

Posted by on October 29, 2012 - 3 Comments »

The photo above from HiRez explains it all, along with the recent survey that went out from the team asking what the community would feel would be a great addition to the repertoire of the game. It definitely looks like the team wants to branch SMITE out from the normal MOBA experience with just 3 lanes, and I’m curious as to what new game mode this is.

Perhaps it’s a Capture the Flag type, or King of the Hill? The survey also included a Deathmatch mode, which would be pretty sick.

In terms of the god, people are speculating between Loki, and Apep. With the numbers split evenly between the two Pantheons  it could be either way. Given the Sword and Staff, I’m putting my money on Loki, since almost every Norse god has a sword on them (or dagger).

At any rate, HiRez is directing people to watch their stream every day at 3pm EDT to catch sneak peaks of the upcoming “MEGAPATCH” this week. You can watch the stream here.

What is everyone else’s thoughts? I’m pretty excited to see the future of SMITE beyond just normal lane MOBA gameplay.