HiRez Studios Reveals New SMITE God: Thor, The God of Thunder

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Today, HiRez Studios made the announcement of the next playable god that will be added in the next build will be the Norse god of Thunder, Thor.

Being a fan of Thor, with the help of the Avenger’s movie series, I’m excited to try this god. His Ultimate looks a little over-powered with the distance he can jump, but it seems survivable. Looking closely at the video shows that his Ultimate does not offer Line-of-Sight, until he selects a location, or Line-of-Sight is already provided from Minions or Ally Gods(esses) .

His passive is called Warrior’s Madness which gives Thor +20 Physical Power for each enemy god within 30 feet, and stacks up to three times. Hit the jump for his official reveal trailer and a run down of abilities.

Here’s the list of his active abilities:

Mjolnir’s Attunement

  • Thor throws his hammer out in a line target in front of him, damaging all enemies in the path of the hammer.

Tectonic Rift

  • Thor slams his hammer into the ground, creating a fissure where the Earth rips up from the ground, slowing enemies and creating an impassable barrier.

Berserker Barrage

  • Thor spins his hammer wildly damaging all enemies in a close area around him. He is immune to pop-ups and slows for the duration of the ability.

Anvil of Dawn

  • After a brief buildup, Thor flies up into the air. From there, he is able to select a distant ground target where he comes crashing down, doing damage and stunning any enemies in the radius.