King of Kings 3 Finishes Closed Beta Phase

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This past Monday, August 9th, King of Kings 3 officially concluded their CBT. Thera, a moderator over at the official forums, stepped up to answer some questions about the Open Beta.

As the Closed Beta testing phase comes to a close, all user accounts will remain intact during the server wipe that will transition the game to OBT. As expected, though, player characters will be deleted to level the playing field for the next phase. You will not be able to reserve character, guild, or legion names for the Open Beta, but the level cap will remain at 50.

Moreover, the “daily allowance” that players were afforded during the CBT was only a temporary help, and will not return in OBT. It is not known yet when OBT will officially end, though (if all goes well) player character files will not be deleted at the end of the Open Beta.

Read the full post at the official forums.