Kitsu Saga Closed Beta Keys Giveaway

Yes, avid gamers, you want it? You have it. MMOCrunch proudly announces the Kitsu Saga Closed Beta  Keys Giveaway. Aeria Games has kindly sent some beta keys to us and we want to give all of them to you. Fancy getting into Kitsu Saga Closed Beta and start helping the devs to make the game better? Go ahead and grab a key.

Kitsu Saga, developed by X-Legend, is a F2P Fantasy Martial Arts MMORPG, where you take the role of a student under the  training rigors of your faction’s school. You’ll have to become a warrior, destined to defend the realm against evil. Along with you will be a Kitsu, a mysterious fox-like creature descended from the ancient nine-tailed spirit, to help you in your quest.

An ancient evil has awoken and war looms on the horizon. Two great nations, once bitter enemies, must unite to stave off the approaching darkness. Rise to the challenge and make your mark on the world. Embark on a thrilling journey spanning countless towns and regions, with hundreds of quests and dangerous obstacles.

Remember to check our Kitsu Saga exclusive interview as well, for sneak peak of the game. More to come always here, at MMOCrunch.

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  1. Great concept.
    However, controls are awkward. The game’s tutorials suck.
    The community is already one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

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