Lore Hound On The Twisted Nether Blogcast

No, readers, we aren’t adding another podcast to our line-up (at least not for the time being). Rather, we’d like to highlight one that you may or may not already listen to. Not just because they’re good folks, but because they were kind enough to feature Lore Hound on their latest episode!

I joined Nibuca and Fimlys of the Twisted Nether Blogcast for nearly two-and-a-half hours of quality conversation! Now, I like my podcasts long, but if you’re short on time, be sure to at least listen to the first hour or so of content to get the most of your Lore Hound fix (or better yet, break up your listening sessions, and hear the whole thing).

I talk about such things as Lore Hound (duh), the potential future of the site, my own personal experience with the game, and what I’m sure many long-time fans have been wondering: what happened to Project Lore. Now, I couldn’t go into too many details, but I did try to talk about things from my own perspective.

So, there should be plenty of interesting and juicy details to digest after listening to the podcast! One thing I should note, though, is that the Lore Hound Haiku Contest is referenced towards the end of the episode. That contest is now over (I recorded this about a week-and-a-half ago), and prizes have, in fact, been passed out.

Before I give you the appropriate links, I’d like to thank my wonderful hosts again for the opportunity to appear on their show!

Here are your options:

Happy listening!


  1. Most of the PL Info was also said in the last PL Podcast if I ain’t wrong. It’s still good to know all of it and how Lorehound started.

    The podcast was pretty entertaining, I might check it every once in a while too.

    One last thing, Female Troll? Seriously?

  2. Sorry about the delay in getting it out. Vacation reared it’s head (and forgetting my laptop charger) and so I had to wait until I got home to edit/upload. Hope everyone enjoys the show!

  3. @Carlos
    The last PL podcast was never posted. You’re probably thinking of the first Lore Hound podcast where we introduced ourselves and (more importantly) the site.

  4. No, it was definitely one from PL.

    If I ain’t wrong, the PL Podcast had 2 episodes (Well, at least 2 were posted on the site) and in the second one you announces there were issues with the rent of the studio and stuff.

    I may be wrong though, you probably know more about this subject.

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