Lore Hound Pound: Global Agenda Developer Halloween Event Recap

The first ever Lore Hound Pound event in Global Agenda didn’t exactly go off according to plan, but we all still had a blast. Due to the level constraints of the PvE raiding system, only myself and Amatera were able to rub shoulders with developers in the raids.  Once we had our fill of the “Cage of Souls,” we switched toons and grouped up with the Trial players that came to the event.

That’s when the fun started. I had to powerlevel a recon so I could participate in the PvE missions. This, of course, meant I had no idea what I was doing as a recon. I mean, shoot stuff, fine, not too difficult. But what about all my gadgets? What’s the optimal deployment and timing on those bad boys? I had no idea. Our other resident player, Amatera, hadn’t been on his healer in ages, so he was off his game. Rounding out the group were two players that shared a perfectly good excuse, they’d never played the game before.

Death. Failure. Death and failure were the outcome. Yet, look at all the nifty screenshots of the Halloweened Dome City citizens and Raid map!

We’re working on scheduling a follow-up event. One where players will be able to test their mettle against the developers in PvP!

Hit the jump to see the full gallery, including the nice touches made to the raid map and numerous head-flair items.


  1. all in all they did a fantastic job on the Halloween raid as well as the head flair .side note if any of you ever have a questions about any class don’t be scared to shoot me a pm ill be more than happy to help

  2. Damn, me and Spambuster look good :) thanks, nice post. I enjoyed this event thoroughly!

    Thanks for the 2 screen shots to, you rock!

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