Marksmen in Forsaken World and War Fans in HOTK

Perfect World keeps bringing content to its games. Today we talk about a new exclusive class for the dwarf race in Forsaken World, as well as the new War Fan class in Heroes of the Three Kingdoms. Continue reading to check more of these two new classes.

Forsaken World introduces this new class, the Marksman, exclusively for the dwarf race. Typically, dorfs use to be Tha tough fellas, savin’  yer goat with a mighty ax, the brute force, the short but mighty warriors charging in every MMO. A  glorious race I tell you. In Forsaken World they can be a ranged attack class being Marksmen, the eighth class of the game. As a Marksman you’ll be able to hold your enemies from a distance, and give them hell with your gun with single target or AOE damage. Pay special attention to Crack Shot Mode, which permits you to generate and store  bullets inside a special magazine, letting you use  them at any time for added benefits to skills and talents.

Forsaken World beta phase 1 is set to start next October 27, aply for it in the official web.

Visit the offical site for more details of the Marksman class.

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Heroes of the Three Kingdoms brings a new class as well, the War Fan. Yes, fans can be used to defeat your enemies and are a very cool weapon, mostly in hot weathers… forget that. The issue is War Fan is a contributing damage-per-second, healing and AOE class, supportive isn’t it?. War Fans use the elements, storms, winds, ice, etc. Nature forces are strong among this class ranks. All MMO players have suffered many times the typical player freezing you, rooting you, slowing you and AOE you from range. In HOTK those players probably are War Fans.

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Well done, PWE, new classes are always exciting in every MMO. More news here, at