MMORPG Gamers are Whores!

Posted by on December 1, 2008 - 4 Comments »

That’s right, you heard me, jumping from one MMO to the next with no regard for anyone but themselves.  Such gamers will spend just enough time with a MMO to get their kicks, then once there done toss it aside like a dirty rag before moving onto the next one.  Even if they do find a MMO they like most gamers will cheat on it with another MMO just to see if their missing out on something.  There are a few that make a serious commitment and live happily with their MMO for years, but for the mass majority of us, we are no better then the star college quaterback who makes his weekly rounds with the slutty fraternity chicks.

I’ll be the first to admin that I’m a MMO whore.  I’ve never been faithful and never even made it to the one year anniversary mark.  I know…I know, I’m ashamed of myself.  The thing is, I’m a commitaphobe, I just can’t commit to one MMO.  It’s not that I don’t want to get serious, it’s just that I haven’t found the right one yet.  Yeah…that’s it.  Girls believe that stuff, right? So why can’t it work here? (if your a girl, please ignore that comment) But seriously, every time I feel that I’m ready to take the next step, some hot new MMO seems to come out that is just begging me to try it out.  And why shouldn’t I?  This new MMO might not have the experience a seasoned MMO has, but it’s new, young and something different, a combination that’s hard to resist.  Just ask George Clooney.

So what can a MMORPG do to keep us faitful?  Sadly their isn’t much that can be done. I’ll still hop from one game sever to the next looking for that perfect MMO, one that I can commit to for the long haul.  But in the mean time, back to whoring it up.