More Guild Wars 2 PvP Talk – No GvG Re-Confirmed

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Gamescom has officially ended, but there’s still plenty of information coming out and today we have even more info on Guild Wars 2 PvP system, this time via Ten Ton Hammer as they interview ArenaNet Lead Designer Eric Flannum.

Most of the interview talks about the Conquest PvP demo shown at Gamescom, however there were some questions about World vs World and Guild vs Guild which reveal new details.

World vs World PvP

World vs World PvP matches will run for 2 weeks at a time running 24/7 and will be open to as many players as ArenaNet can ultimately fit onto a server.

It’s basically this giant strategy game with four really big maps, keep sieges, supply lines and all kinds of strategy. At the same time there are mobs for people to kill if they want to, and you can XP up from level 1 all the way to level 80 in World vs. World.

World vs World will match up servers every two weeks based on their win/lost ration.  So if a server is undefeated and another has never won, they won’t get matched up. Currently there are also no plans for any kind of seasons in regards to World vs World PvP, however if there is a demand for it, that could be something that is added in the future.

Guild vs Guild PvP

When asked about GvG, Flannum confirmed what Jon Peters has stated in a previous interview that Guild Wars 2 would not have Guild vs Guild PvP.

No, that’s one thing that is a pretty big departure. The reason we didn’t want to do it is that even in guild vs. guild in Guild Wars 1, we found that what we had to do is create a lot of systems to circumvent that. It was just really hard to get that many people all from the same guild on at any given time.

What we’ve said instead is that our guilds are going to be about building social networks, and if there is a group of people that are the hardcore PvP guys they’re all going to be in the same guild anyway so that’s OK. And they’re going to register as a team, and be known as the team from a specific guild and build up a reputation. And then that gives them the flexibility that if they want to have a top team along with a team 2 and team 3, they can do that kind of thing. So we wanted to disassociate the two things.

Now in World vs. World there are things like guild keep claiming, so you will claim a keep that your world has conquered, and your guild can claim that and fly their banners, they can upgrade it, spend resources, and do all kinds of stuff.

So there you have it, no GvG, but World vs World is sounding better and better the more info that’s released about it. Who else is excited?