Myth Angels Online Counts Down for Closed Beta

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USERJOY announces its free-to-play MMO Myth Angles Online adventure starts next October 6, opening the Chimera server at 17:00 (PDT) to all players owning a beta key.

Last time I told you about this game it didn’t have an official website but only a blog. Now you can get all the details about MOA in its new page.  If you want to apply for beta, you’re still in time, and USERJOY grants this:

Haven’t got your CB key yet? No worries. Just visit MAO official website to sign up and get the reward of 100,000 silvers and a set of glamour Level 20 Perfect Armor Suit in CBT. If you have any problem during the sign-up process or you didn’t receive our Account Confirmation email, please contact us at for more support.

Do not forget to join the “Personal Link” Event either. Top 10 gamers who share their Personal Link on their E-mail, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook, Plurk, and twitter, and haves their links been clicked by more than 150 times, you can win 3 “Blazing Sun Sprouting Bags” (worth 540 Angel Golds each). Learn more about MAO CBT events here.

So that’s it, MOA fans,  you’ll be assisting to the Apollo party as well, as Myth Angels Online Closed Beta starts soon.