Myth Angels Online Launching Soon

The MMO family grows. USERJOY Technology has announced it’s next game: Myth Angels Online. This new creation, releasing next October 2010, is based on Greek Mythology, keeping “the original 2D cute anime flavor of Angels Online” but adding many new features.

In Myth Angles Online you act as a Warrior chosen by the gods to fight in endless battles against evil minions. You can confront this arcade-type fun solo or grouped with other players, through instanced dungeons where you’ll have the chance to wipe out every enemy. In addition to this, you’ll have several pets, letting you form your pet troop and, what’s more innovating: the ability to ride on Robots.

Myth Angels Online is set to launch for PC, but it won’t be the only platform where you can try it, cause a future PS3 version will be launched as well. USERJOY hasn’t announced when, though. There is no official website for the game yet but you can get more information about MAO at

Would you fight this nice little pup in Myth Angels Online?


  1. The pic of the Chimera/Cerberus is pretty sweet, I may actually take a look at this one when it goes into open beta.

    Too bad the game’s website says that there are only two characters…that I saw, anyway.

  2. 4 classes…… I think those are just blog characters.

    There is a giveaway draw on their FB site:
    they’re giving away 24″ minitors, ipod and gaming mouse.
    just have to click “like” on thir page.

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