Nadirim to Turn into a New Version

Usually, lots of players claim that betas are just a mere form of self publicity and promotion: pure marketing. Though this can be true sometimes, betas are so important for development teams to polish their MMOs or even drastically change them.

As stated on the last press release we’ve received about Nadirim, the free-to-play browser-based MMO, developed by Twisted Tribe and Digital Reality, this game is going to see a huge change, implementing lots of new things:

The extensive planned changes will affect almost every aspect of the game: the server, the client, the main quests, the combat system, the graphics, the zones, and other features which have not yet been implemented in the current beta test.

This game is fun, and perfect for all those players looking for a game they can play planning their moves, not struggling through the game’s content. You’ll find a lot of lore and stories to read, while you explore the land where the sun never fades, for now.

Nadirim will turn into a new version, but as long as they launch all these changes during the beta, everything should be fine. Betas are for made for that purpose.