Neverwinter Getting Chilly in Icespire Peak (Trailer)

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios welcome adventurers to Icespire Peak, the most popular winter getaway in Neverwinter. Adventurers aren’t drawn to the wintery wonderland to hit the slopes and sip some joe. No, the first adventurers, the Icehammer dwarves, descended upon these lands as 49ers, mining its veins for gold and mithril. During the land’s excavation they discovered a portal to Winterforge.

And accidentally activated it.

The portal unleashed a horde of ice golems and an army of frost giants that quickly wrestled control away from the Icehammer clan. Now, their home in the possession of a fearsome foe, the Icehammer clan has requested the support of adventurers to reclaim their frozen kingdom.

Purchasing a Neverwinter Founder’s pack will guarantee immediate closed beta access, including this weekend’s beta. Can’t make it? Fear not, Lore Hound will be streaming our experience on TwitchTV starting Saturday, March 9 at 12:00 PM EST.

Hit the jump for the latest zone trailer and a collection of applicable screenshots.