Night Elf Mohawk Returns!

Posted by on November 16, 2009 - 8 Comments »

Respect the Night Elf Mohawk, Fool!One of my favorite World of Warcraft commercials has always been Mr. T and his Night Elf Mohawk. Blizzard as part of their five year anniversary has added the Nelf Mohawk grenade.

The Nelf Mohawks are outside every races starting zone. Go visit the Mohawk himself, make him “pity the fool” and he will give you five grenades. You can go back and acquire more once you run out.

Throw the grenade at another player and everyone in that area will receive Mr. T’s famous hair cut. Its in the game today. I pity the fool who don’t get a Mohawk grenade. Faq’s are here. The commercial is here fool.