Star Citizen Quadruples Kickstarter Goal, Tons of New Features Added

Posted by on November 19, 2012 - 84 Comments »

Chris Roberts’ return to game design has not gone unnoticed. Fully revealed only weeks ago, Star Citizen began crowdfunding on its own site before reaching out to the massive community of Kickstarter. The strength of Roberts’ pedigree enabled the space sim to breeze past its goal with an incredible 26 days remaining. Now that far removed, Star Citizen has piled on the dollars New England vs Indianapolis style, raking in over $6 million across all campaigns. Kickstarter contributed over $2 million to that sum, with an original goal of a measly $500,000.

The incredible success of the campaigns gives Roberts the credibility to tell the “traditional PC publishers” that he was correct in assuming PC gamers A) exist in droves and B) still want space sims.

More important than gloating is what it means for the title. The massive accumulation of crowdsourced backing has allowed Cloud Imperium Games to extend its aspiration far beyond the original posted design for Star Citizen. Called Stretch Goals, the additions include a tablet companion app, celebrity voice acting, 100 star systems to explore at launch, new base types, ships and mod tools.

To celebrate the milestone, the company has released a new video of a work-in-progress spaceport. Hit the cut to put your peepers on it.

Edit: Clarified funding numbers between KS and overall.