SWTOR: Free Game-time for Everyone…Mostly

Posted by on April 12, 2012 - 8 Comments »

To help celebrate update 1.2, BioWare is giving all current and previous Star Wars: The Old Republic players some free game-time.

Current players, who have a level 50 character, get 30 free days added to to their accounts. The 30 free days begins as soon as their current subscriptions expires, but be careful, because it will automatically resubscribe you after the 30 free days are up if you don’t cancel before than.

I nice gesture, but a bit underhanded as well, as I’m sure quite a few people will forget to cancel it and start getting billed again. Of course everyone does it, not just EA or BioWare, but that doesn’t make it right. If you’re gonna give out 30 free days, just give out the 30 free days, don’t automatically start billing people again in-case they forget or quit long before then.

Past players, who no longer have active subscriptions, will receive 7 free days starting today and will last until April 21st, giving them a chance to check out update 1.2, without having to resubscribe.