TERA Developers Condemned for Plagiarizing Lineage 3

Posted by on January 29, 2010 - 8 Comments »


Bluehole Studios, the newly formed developers of TERA are to compensate NCSoft for the sum of 2 billion Wons(approximately 1,721,836.820 USD)  for plagiarizing Lineage 3’s source code. This decision was made by the Seoul Central District Court after they found the former development director of Lineage 3 guilty. According to Bluehole, they are not satisfied with the judgement, and will lodge an appeal immediately.

It is still unknown whether this will affect the development of TERA, or the existence of Bluehole, and NCSoft have yet to make an official statement on the case.

The reason behind the case is the fact that Mr. Kang and Mr. Yo, former developers for Lineage 3, used some of the technologies copyrighted by NCSoft after the project’s cancellation, in their latest game – TERA.