Wizard 101's First Producer's Letter

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With the start of their Producer’s Letter feature, KingIsle Entertainment has a definitive means of getting important information our to their players. To begin, Wizard 101‘s Producer, Leah Ruben, introduces herself and gives a brief description of her daily routine. Before she was named Producer at KingsIsle, Ruben was a jack-of-all-trades, completing tasks from naming items to designing cover art. As Producer, Ruben is more responsible for maintaining cohesion between internal staff members and external industry agents.

The bulk of the letter concerns the game’s seventh world, Celestia. With Celestia, the storyline will continue after Malistaire’s defeat, and the level cap will be raised to 60. The new zone will provide underwater elements, as well as an “awe-inspiring” view, courtesy of KingsIsle’s diligent designers and artists.

For information on the new zone and it’s construction, view the full Producer’s Letter here.