World of Warcraft 4.3 Patch Preview – Transmogrification

Some details to the next World of Warcraft update, patch 4.3, were released today introducing a new featured called Transmogrification, which will allow players to copy the appearance of one magical item onto another.

Transmogrifiers will setup shops throughout the capital cities of Azeroth where players can bring in their gear to transmogrify. This new feature will not affect stats, merely the appearance of the item.

There’s also some restrictions on what gear you can transmogrify. Players will only be able to transmogrify items that they are able to wear, so any high level items that are currently unusable to you will not work.

All gear and weapons must stay in the same item class, so you can’t change Breastplate armor into robes or a one handed axe into a two handed axe.  The only exceptions are between guns, bows and crossbows.

Since players who will be using this feature will now be holding on to more items, Blizzard is also introducing a new Void Storage service, although no details have been announced. Anytime I hear the word service, I get the feeling it’s not going to be free, but we’ll see.

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