ArcheAge: Secrets of Ayanad Spotlight

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DiamondShores_blog_810x300Diamond Shores, the resting place of the legendary Ayanad Library, is no stranger to suffering and war. During the fall of Auroria, a magical catastrophe saturated the area with deadly energy, killing many of its inhabitants and turning large swaths of the region into the brilliant glass for which it is named.

I must admit I did a double take when I saw this. Trion is selling almonds now? Or maybe tuna?

Diamond Shores is a new zone to ArcheAge, and brings a bunch of sweeping changes to the already existing lands of Auroria. Many monsters will have their levels boosted and their drop tables altered to give players new areas to level. The first Obsidian weapons, tiers 1-6, will make their appearance. I’m anticipating another mad housing rush as new plots will be open – and in Diamond Shores there are no taxes aside from those determined systemically around how many plots a player owns!  Read more…

PAX South: Fear the Destructive Force of Dreadnought (Interview)

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lh_Dreadnought_pax_south_space_combatI assume you’re one of the key fans of Lore Hound. The type that links articles to friends and guildmates, attends your fair of streams, retweets and hits that Like button here and there. By assuming such, I’m well aware that you’ve already watched and read our coverage of Rebel Galaxy, a single-player experience set in deep space. The thing is PAX South had multiple spaceship games. Naturally, I couldn’t resist.

Dreadnought, coming from publisher Grey Box and Jager Development, the house behind Spec Ops: The Line, takes us from deep space to barely above a planet’s surface. The title features class-based 5-on-5 battles, currently showing a Team Deathmatch, that shy away from quick dog fights to focus on more tactical slower paced encounters. Fear not, your ship, not matter the class, won’t last for minutes under heavy fire, but skills, teamwork and clever use of cover can bring you back from the brink of destruction.

Putting your peepers on Dreadnought will entice you to ring your mother and thank her for forcing you to eat your carrots. They’re good for your eyes, an important fact when looking at such a visually appealing title. Don’t take our word for it. Take our video interview for it! Available after the cut. Read more…

Texniteia’s Tale: Foundations

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EQNL Marbled MoonriseI am a great fan of the ancient Greeks. They were masters of many things, although here and now I am concerned with two: architecture and wordplay. Ancient Greek, no matter which flavor you prefer, is a fabulous source for names – and so, when I was asked to write a series about my ongoing building in Landmark, I immediately cast my eyes to them once again when seeking a title.  There is a great word: Texnites [tech as in technique - ni as said by knights - tes rhymes with face]. Artificer, craftsman, one skilled in the arts, actor, artist, trickster.  There are those who would transliterate it as technites, but I have always been more fond of the x. As this is my name, and my tale, I shall take Texniteia. This will be a bit different from my usual acerbic whimsy, for I am not only writing about Landmark, but my building within it. Ever want to peek into the head of an artist as they work and look around? Texniteia’s Tale will be the closest I can come to granting such a peek.

But first, a bit about building in Landmark. Read more…

PAX South: Rebel Galaxy in SPAAACE (Interview)

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lh_rebel_galaxy_travis_baldree_pax_southIt’s not that often that we here at Lore Hound cover a video game that isn’t connected to that world wide web thing that won’t go away. It’s really not in our DNA. But Rebel Galaxy is breaking that rule. Receiving an exception, if you will, due to the people behind it (and my penchant for anything sci-fi). That’s because the two-person crew has a pedigree in our wheelhouse, the realm of online games. You see Rebel Galaxy is under development at Double Damage, the house of Travis Baldree and Erich Schaefer. The former created Fate, Mythos and Torchlight, while the latter co-founded Blizzard North and Flagship Studios.

The pair left Runic Games to development something new. Something that felt fresh to them. Something that didn’t have them running a large company while simultaneously trying to be creative. That’s Rebel Galaxy, a mix of Firefly’s hard sci-fi grit and large spaceships doing strategic battles in multi-ship engagements akin to Battlestar Galactic.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Travis Baldree in the team’s modest booth at PAX South. Come learn what’s got you fighting, how the story will draw you, the captain into a still-developing narrative and the world will keep you interested through GTA-style sandboxy gaming. Listen carefully to enter the team’s old-school seat-of-their-pants development style. Read more…

Pax South: Cosplay Reel

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We’ve shown you the League of Legends Reel – if you haven’t seen it, really: what are you waiting for?? – and while you’re savouring those, be sure to check out the rest of the Pax South Cosplay. Drum-roll please? Ahh, no need! Let the wonderful Cosplaying Community of Pax South present their own performance. So without further ado, enjoy! Just be sure to thank your amazing friends here a LoreHound for fetching them for you:

Read more…

Pax South: League of Legends Photoshoot

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The were many top-tier cosplays at Pax South – and don’t worry, they’ll get their due mention – but first, in the dark recesses of the exhibit halls, past long corridors that resembled lanes, into the “Nexus”… well in actuality, it was just a side hallway… BESIDES THAT! What matters is the metric ton of League of Legends Cosplayers and we at LoreHound, again, have brought you the best of the best!

Read more…

Landmark: Of Caves, Combat and Community

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screenshot_20150203-15-56-11One of the things that I was delighted to discover upon my return to the land of computers was combat in Landmark. Now I can build stuff and fight monsters! I spent many hours with my husband traveling the lands, exploring, harvesting and killing as we went. We had a lot of fun, and are looking forward to the continued development of Landmark and Everquest: Next.

That said, I find myself logging in to play Everquest 2 instead of Landmark more often than not. If you asked me which game I enjoy more, I will tell you Landmark. Which games looks the best? – Landmark. Which one is more engaging? – Landmark. I spend more time talking about Landmark, thinking about Landmark, and enjoying Landmark. I plot out my Landmark houses, show them off, and spend vast amounts of time looking through architectural and history books for design ideas.

And yet … I play Everquest 2, and other games, far more. Before I go into why, here’s a quick cover of the awesome: Read more…

PAX South: Can Vainglory Begin the MOBA Explosion on iOS?

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lh_pax_south_vainglory_moba_ipad_interviewI’ve a small confession to make. When attending these type of events its largely required that you pick and choose your battles. Which games and genres to showcases, how to go about the interview (or editing) if you spoke with a wall and how to frame a line of questions that engages the audience but doesn’t bore the interviewer (me) and the interviewee to tears. Vainglory, a MOBA for iOS devices was of the former most group. “A MOBA on an iPad?” I thought to myself as I recalled my disdain for placing my hands over my action. “This should be good.” I thought sarcastically. But, the platform of choice did truly intrigue me. After all, if Super Evil Mega Corp pulled it off the designers will have found an entirely new mark.

Boy did that team ever pull it off! My initially cynicism and dare I claim reserved judgement was blown away by how well Vainglory played. Even further blown away by the fact that the title remains in the background noise when it’s clearly a standout in iOS design – namely controls for an action title – yet has been out since October.

You can get the full skinny on the rising MOBA after the cut. Seriously, you’d best go download Vainglory now to ensure you enter on the ground floor. Who knows, by this time next year it may be the next SMITE, complete with a $2.6 million purse! Read more…