Lore Hound Heading to PAX East 2014

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Oh, that’s right. There’s that giant convention going on. I should start driving. If you’re attending, don’t miss the AppJunkies panel on Friday at 11:30. Yours truly will be one of the panelists!

Be sure to follow @LoreHound and @iTZKooPA for immediate updates. Full coverage to begin early next week!

Wonder What’s Going on in the Star Trek Universe? (Video)

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You need look no further than the above trailer to get caught up. Reminds me, when the heck are they going to make a new show? Movies are good and all, but I need more!

The Elder Scrolls Online – The Siege Cinematic Trailer

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ZeniMax Online’s freshman entry and a universe everyone has been clamoring to play in with other is finally upon the greater gaming culture. Gaze at the glory of The Elder Scrolls Online opening cinematic above.

All the Awesome Cosplay from the #SMITELaunch

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Words, who needs words when we’ve every single cosplayer available behind the cut. Hit that button. Hit it! Read more…

Neverwinter Infographic

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Neverwinter Curse of Icewind Dale is coming soon, and in anticipation fo the newest module, Perfect World and Cryptic have released a new infographic! I just love infographics, I really do. I always wish there were more information on them. Want to see a class breakdown, or the number of characters that have been created or killed in pvp? Click the little button below to see those factoids plus several more… Read more…

SMITE Live Today! LoreHound Has You Covered (Video)

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SMITE, the battleground of the gods, has gone live! Hi-Rez Studios has officially launched the live version of SMITE, and are celebrating its release with a massive $200,000 tournament that will run from Friday, March 28th until Sunday, March 30th in Atlanta Georgia. Half of this prize money was earned via community purchases in the SMITE cash shop – which I think is pretty cool! The tournament includes four European teams and four North American teams that qualified through the weekly tournament series that began in early January, and will occur in front of a live audience. It will also be livestreamed worldwide on the SMITE twitch channel.

Need to catch up on the action of beta? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. In fact, we’ll be in attendance at the launch tournament. Be sure to follow the Lore Hound Twitter and Facebook accounts for updates! Read more…

Additional Developers Creating Unified Gaming Platforms

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This seems like a no-brainer to the consumers of MMOG, but a pair of multi-title developers have, once again, independently announced their respective intentions to develop a single sign-in platform for their titles. Following Wargaming and Perfect World Entertainment in 2013, this year we should witness the consumer-friendly packaging for the WEBZEN and Trion Worlds games.

Following the purchase of gPotato, WEBZEN will be merging those EU and NA platforms with the Webzen.com system. That will combine some 40 million+ accounts spread across titles such as Age of Wulin, C9: Continent of the Ninth Seal, MU Online and MU Rebirth, to long-time favourites like Flyff, Terra Militaris and Rappelz, and also the upcoming Archlord II.

Trion Worlds isn’t going as gung-ho as WEBZEN, instead rolling its products together via a platform more akin to the Blizzard Launcher. The “lightweight digital hub” is known as Glyph and will roll the more than 10 million gamers across DefianceRIFT, Trove, and, presumably, the upcoming ArcheAge. Sorry, End of Nations fans, no mention, again, there.

In addition, Trion Worlds said the DRM-free platform will be easy to easy for consumer and developer alike. Yeah, it’s going to be made available to Trion’s partners.

WildStar Coming June 3, Pre-Order & Watch Latest DevSpeak (Video)

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Carbine Studios dropped a parade of information on those looking to join the cheeky classic RPG fun that WildStar is planning on delivering. The MMORPG dev/pub recently unlocked pre-orders for its title, as well as finally announcing the release date. Come June 3 players can finally get their hands on one of the most highly-anticipated titles of 2014.

The basic pre-order package unlocks playtime for you and some friends as well as a housing decor item. And we all know that WildStar is all about player housing. The Deluxe Digital Edition ups the ante with a custom title, armor dye, an Eldar hoverboard and more.

And if the pre-order perks and early access aren’t enough there’s a nice new DevSpeak video covering a major aspect of any AAA MMORPG, the common distraction of PvP. For the first time you’ll be able to see two types of Carbine’s design after the cut, Arenas and Battleground. Read more…