DDO Getting F2P Competition…From Lord of the Rings Online!

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That’s right folks.  The amazing transformation of Dungeon & Dragons Online to the free-to-play model is going to be replicated.  Turbine (and its pair) is going to attempt to pull off the feat for a second time.  The developer will be launching a huge update to Lord of the Rings Online “this fall” that will complete the metamorphosis.  Interested parties will be able to partake in a beta program starting on June 16 (the second day of E3).  Head over to the official site for details.

The upcoming LotRO Store appears to be a clone of the DDO Store:

LOTRO will introduce Turbine’s innovative new pricing model that allows players to download the game and play for free, purchase expansions, quest packs, items, and account services a la carte from the new LOTRO Store, or join the VIP program to get unlimited access to all of the game’s content for one low price.

Considering the DDO Store saved DDO, even dramatically increasing its subscriber base, the new LotRO Store is a no brainer.  The transformation will be global.

No word on a name change.

And I have to ask, how pissed are the lifetime subscribers going to be?

Mega Man Online Officially Announced

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Not too long ago, Capcom revealed its plans for the upcoming fiscal year, and to our surprise a Mega Man MMO was in the works. Today, Capcom and Neowiz have officially announced Rockman Online, an online Mega Man game for the PC. Currently, not too much information is known about this mysterious title, but we do know that both X and Zero will be featured.

Some official artwork:

Capcom recently trademarked ‘Mega Man Universe’ in North America and Europe. Could that be the international title for Rockman Online?

Keep on checking MMOCrunch as more information is revealed.

GamesCampus Reveals Aircraft Line-up for Heroes in the Sky

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GamesCampus has revealed the aircraft line-up for its upcoming, highly-anticipated MMOTPS, (Massively Multiplayer Online Third Person Shooter) WWII flight combat simulator, Heroes in the Sky. The Closed Beta is expected to commence this following June.

The following aircraft line-up include:


Fighters are the offensive support option, providing high speed damage and quick response defense for the lesser armed alternatives. Players can choose between agile evasive or steel rending offensive skills. Either way a well trained squadron of fighters is a formidable opponent on any mission.

Read more…

Black Prophecy Shipbuilding System Revealed

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The Black Prophecy shipbuilding system has been revealed by creators Reakktor and gamigo in a press release this week. We are told that “At regular intervals, gamigo and Reakktor will introduce and shed some light on some of the features of the upcoming space action MMOG Black Prophecy.” The first of such is, of course, the modular shipbuilding system. Below is a variety of screenshots showing two ships with three distinct configurations each, as well as a link to a larger version of the above view of the configuration screen.

Also included is a concept diagram of a ship’s components, which gamigo tells us represents a fully constructed ship of either Black Prophecy faction, the Tyi or the Genides. Every ship must have a cockpit and left and right wings and engines, but the weapons, missile launcher and shield are optional. Use of these modules, and determination of which modules can be fitted, will be decided by nine upgradeable player skills. This modular building system will also be used for clan stations – which will apparently “start as small habitats and can be expanded to gigantic space complexes.”

Global Agenda Going More Sci-Fi; Advancing To V1.3

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Sandstorm, the non-programmer name for patch v1.3, is in the midst of being deployed to servers right now (WTF?! An MMOG getting a patch on a non-Tuesday?! BLASPHEMY!).  The patch is nothing short of a dozy.  Global Agenda servers are expected to remain down until 6:00 PM EST.  Judging by other patches of this magnitude for any MMOG, this means that the game should be playable sometime tomorrow.

Kidding aside, Sandstorm is going to have a massive impact on the game.  Even though Hi-Rez Studios is only deploying Phase 1 of Sandstorm, nothing will be the same.  Not PvP, not PvE, guilds, AvA, Dome City, the economy or crafting.  Phase 1 of Sandstorm is a game changer, to say the least.

Sandstorm Phase 1 includes:

  • 30 new weapons
  • Grand Openings of new Dome City vendors
  • New loot, token and weapon systems, including the removal of device points, a reduction in crafting dependency and daily token limits.
  • New PvP maps
  • More PvE opportunities

I was actually penning an article on aspects of GA that Hi-Rez Studios needs to address last week.  I decided to hold off until Sandstorm.  I’d hate to waste all those pretty words, but I wouldn’t mind wiping the post from existence if Phase 1 eradicates all the bullet points.

Check out our first impressions of Sandstorm, the patch notes and the official trailer that highlights the new epic weapons.

Enjoy PvP but haven’t tried out Global Agenda yet?  Grab the free trial and jump in!  Like many other MMOGs, the game has dramatically changed since it’s release just over five months ago.  It’s worth a look (or a second look).

Global Agenda: Sandstorm Phase 1 Launches Today

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Global Agenda: Sandstorm Phase 1 the title of Global Agenda’s latest 1.3 patch goes live today! Game designers Hi-Res Studios have added a ton of new content to the game including over 30 new weapons, fully re-vamped Agency vs. Agency game play with a single world map, new PvP maps and much more.

The only fat fly in the ointment is the fact that the servers will be down from 6 AM until 6 PM today, but the team at GlobalAgendagame.com have provided Full Patch Notes to explain all the changes and launch details.

For more on Global Agenda: Sandstorm Phase 1 head on over to their official website for videos, screens, special pre-subscription bonuses and more.

Aion: 1.9 Patch Goes Live with Funny “Goin' Legit” Video

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Aion 1.9 Patch is now live! After much anticipation and a lot of maintenance,  Aion’s 1.9 Patch has been released and is now operational for North American and European servers. Due to the massive amount of players that are streaming in to play Aion with its latest updates, the team at Aion expects the servers to be somewhat slow which was a common problem at the games launch and with subsequent updates.

The team at Aiononline.com have provided a PowerWiki entry to help players familiarize themselves with the new patch.

The official news release about the update mentions, “We’ve determined that clicking the ‘Force Launch’ button may cause your update progress to be lost. It can in some cases be the reason for your client update starting over from the beginning.” With an 8.5 GB download to get through, make sure to be careful and heed their warning. The team asks that you please be patient with downloading the patch and logging in.

Added to this, Aiononline.com has whipped up a funny trailer for the game called Goin’ Legit. The trailer has a few good laughs and deals with mobsters shaking down a goofy-faced kid to help with their power-leveling racket.

For the official announcement from Aiononline.com about their 1.9 Patch going live, click here.

World of Warcraft Gold Seller Performance Art

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Gold sellers are an eternal irritation in World of Warcraft, but it seems they’re becoming quite imaginative in their quest to part WoW players from their cash. A strange new wave of WoW gold seller performance art has hit the game over the past few weeks, according to the official forums, evolving from the previous practice of “corpse art”. Corpse art was achieved by numerous gold sellers killing themselves and arranging the corpses in order to either spell something out or simply attract attention.

The above picture, however, shows an even greater exploitation of game mechanics, as it is achieved by taking advantage of the tolerance that is built into the system for lag. Using characters in different poses, standing, sitting and sleeping, the gold sellers then hack the client to move them just enough to form the advertisement without setting off WoW’s  anti-cheating routines, as it looks like the players are simply lagging a little. Inventive, yes, but I’ve no doubt the GMs already have their hands full trying to combat it.