All Points Bulletin Preview (Part 1)

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Realtime Worlds held an event last week in Boulder, Colorado, showing off All Points Bulletin to a group of core MMO focused websites. They flew us out there, put us up in the Hotel Boulderado, a beautiful hotel located in downtown Boulder, and then sat us in front of a very sweet Alienware PC to play All Points Bulletin as much as we liked. We probably spent about five hours total in the game, looking at it from both a brand new player’s perspective, as well as a seasoned veteran with a stacked character. We learned a tremendous amount about the title, the main thing being it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

The first element of the game we took a look at was character customization. All Points Bulletin takes a page from the current MMO generation by giving us unlimited options to customize a character, while also being able to skip too much detail if that’s not up our alley. The level of customization goes from choosing generic faces all the way to changing every element of the face, with such options as brow shape, ear orientation and chin width. The detail goes on and on. The basic elements of customization include body, eyes, face, gender, hair, makeup, scars, and skin. There’s also the option to add a tattoo, which can be created from scratch using various shapes and decals. Basically, if there’s a look you want, in this game, you can get it.  In addition to appearance, character creation is where the player picks their side, Enforcer or Criminal.

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Fallen Earth Mobile App Live, Game Patched

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Fallen Earth is receiving a double dose of goodness today.  Not only is the game progressing to v1.5, but the much awaited, unbelievably awesome, and incredibly low-priced mobile application for Fallen Earth is now live.

Icarus Studios is charging a paltry $1.99 for access to its mobile application on Droid/iPhone and $2.99 for the upcoming Blackberry release.  And unlike some companies that charge an arm and a leg for simple (and frustrating) auction house access, Fallen Earth’s mobile app does far more:

  • Check in-game mail
  • Interact with clan members and online friends
  • Visit the auction house to browse bids and keep tabs on auctions
  • View available crafting recipes and check progress on those active
  • Examine character profiles and equipped gear
  • Access the world map

Check out the video preview of the mobile application above.  Prepare to be flabbergasted.

/me waits

Shut your mouth, you’ll get flies.

There’s three reason why a Fallen Earther wouldn’t want the mobile application:

  1. They don’t have one of the many smartphones that are going to be supported.
  2. $1.99 isn’t $0, which was originally expected.
  3. This kind of connectedness may cause you to lose your job/spouse/home/kids/etc.

There was something about a patch I was supposed to cover right?  Some untitled, relatively small patch that adds fast travel, a new Blood Sport mode and additional technology.  I don’t mean to belittle patch v1.5, but this mobile app…This thing right here, is freaking awesome.

If this technology ever fell into Blizzard’s hands, it’d be the next Google Pac-Man (just wasted another 20 minutes).

E3 2010 First Look: Dragon Nest

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Another Nexon free-to-play MMO that will be showing at E3 will be Dragon Nest. Recently, Dragon Nest launched its open-beta in Japan.

The biggest feature that Dragon Nest claims is its 8 classes and the interesting promotion system. In DN, players must reach level 15 and complete special quests before they can be promoted. Once promoted, the player chooses which of two paths he wants to follow. For example, the Warrior class upon being promoted can choose from a Sword Master (becoming a combo-heavy, faster version of the Warrior) or the Mercenary (a slower class that makes up for its shortcoming by having higher defense). This system seems to be somewhat akin to Final Fantasy Tactics, where once players reach a certain level in a certain class, paths open up and they can choose where to take their player from there.

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E3 2010 First Look: Vindictus

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Nexon’s Vindictus (based on the Korean MMORPG Mabinogi Heroes) will be one of the major MMO’s to appear at this years E3 June 15-17. To add some sex appeal to their booth, Nexon has hired former Sports Illustrated model Michelle Lombardo. Try not to laugh however, as this beauty will be wearing the Red Wolf Hood which represents Vindictus’ Gnol Cheiftan. These hoods will be given away on the show floor to promote the game.

The main aspect that the free-to-play Vindictus is making news with is its combat system that boasts it will be the future of MMO combat using physics-based fighting. Added to this, Vindictus hopes to showcase some of its stellar character/combat animations with its newly announced hands-on demo appearing at E3.

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DC Universe Online: Features Video

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GameTrailers brings us a new DC Universe Online features video, including an interview with DCUO’s Creative Director Jens Anderson. There is plenty to be seen in the footage, shown below, but one of the most interesting features to me is the “inspired by” character creation option mentioned. While I doubt I will be using it myself, as I’m a little too obsessive about my character creation options, I think the ability to directly link your character to a famous DC hero will definitely up the accessibility factor of DC Universe Online in general. If developers Sony Online Entertainment can pull in the crowd who know and love the DC heroes, from comics or films, but haven’t yet bought in to an MMO environment, it could be an incredibly successful venture.

Nexon Announces E3 Plans

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It’s pretty rare that you see a corporation focused on free-to-play MMO’s at E3, but this year, there will be at least one. Nexon has announced their plans for the upcoming E3 convention. This year’s E3 will be held between June 15-17(only a few weeks left). The Nexon booth will offer anyone a chance to play Vindictus(also known as Mabinogi: Heroes) and Dragon Nest. Nexon will also be presenting its popular side-scrolling MMO Dungeon Fighter Online. This year’s E3 is going to be grand, by the looks of things.

Cronous: Ninth Season Announced

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Cronous, the free-to-play isometric MMORPG from NeoFun, is introducing its ninth season update. The update, titled “Devil’s Playground” introduces a brand new map called.. well, Devil’s Playground. The area will only be open during certain days of the week and will transform any regular battleground into a much larger one for an full hour, while also increasing the difficulty. Players must capture and guard artifacts known as “blessing stones.” The winning team will receive a 23 hour buff, along with an experience boost while the defeated players will have to face off against a difficult foe known as “Desert Kaniboros.”

MicroVolts Announced

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Rock Hippo has announced MicroVolts, a new third person shooter MMO. Well, new to the North American and Europe market, the game is actually a localized version of H.A.V.E. Online, a game which was criticized for resembling Valve’s Team Fortress 2 a bit too much. Anyway, the game focuses heavily on PvP matches in small arenas where players are able to choose between two teams. The release date is still unknown.