Dungeon Fighter Online To Introduce Awakening Classes

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Dungeon Fighter Online will introduce awakening classes into the game. Each of the new 8 sub-classes can achieve the “Awakening” title by completing a series of side quests. Once completed, they will not only grant them the title, but two new skills – one active and one passive.

The 8 awakening subclasses are Hell Bringer(awakes from Berserker), Dark Knight(awakes from Asura), Blazing Flower(awakes from Nen Master), Champion( awakes from Striker), Wrecking Ball(awakes from Launcher), Viper(awakes from Spitfire), Archmage(awakes from Elementalist), and Bellatrix(awakes from Battle Mage). When reaching level 48, players can complete Awakening Quests to awake their new classes. If you want to know the details of the awakening classes you can head to the official site and read more info hereDungeon Fighter Online will launch the Awakening classes  from April 28th.

Warrior Epic: New Guild System and Revive Badge Available

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True Games has announced the the launch of several new gameplay features for their popular hack and slash MMORPG, Warrior Epic. This new Warrior Epic patch adds a new guild system, a re-made lobby, new customization items and more. The new guild System lets players add, promote, and invite others to guild chat and send messages. The brand-new Lobby now resides inside of the impressive Governing Providian Castle. The Warrior Hall, which is now the player’s stronghold, features numerous customization features including more furniture, unique warrior customization options and all-new items to use in dungeons; including pets! Another new feature are the so-called Revive Badges that grant players an extra revival point while in a mission. Players can carry up to three revival badges at once.

Reminder: Instance Gratification: DDO Episode 3 Tomorrow At 11:00 AM EST

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iTZKooPA will be forming the group for Instance Gratification: DDO Episode e on Sunday, April 25 at 11:00 AM EST. Khyber is the server of choice. Please be sure to complete the tutorial area and dungeon before go time. We’ll be finishing up Korthos Island (the starting area) and heading to Stormreach proper this week. Supplies of DDO Point cards are dwindling, but still available to those that attend!

Spots in the primary group are open.  Shoot us a tweet or drop a comment in the post if you want to be in the top six.  You’ll be able to find iTZKooPA on his warforged cleric (iTZKooPA) or possibly on his halfling bard (iTZKHuPA).

See you then!

Game Theory in MMOs

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Game theory is a field of mathematics that “attempts to mathematically capture behavior in strategic situations, in which an individual’s success in making choices depends on the choices of others” (Wikipedia). It’s a relatively simple model for making optimal decisions and predicting the behavior of others. A lot of times while playing, I often wonder why players behave the way they do and whether they make the best decisions. For example, I hear all the time in Arathi Basin that if we currently control 3 nodes, we should just defend them, as we only need 3 to win. However, in Warsong, once we cap the flag once, I don’t hear any suggestions that we should just defend until time runs out. These seem like very similar strategies, and I’m curious if they are truly similar and good strategies. As such, I’ve decided to explore how game theory can be applied to World of Warcraft, beginning with battlegrounds.

First, lets get some game theory basics out of the way. In game theory, the principle object we are dealing with is games. The “game” we are talking about here is not World of Warcraft, but rather a meta-game, such as deciding which node to attack in Eye of the Storm. Anything that we consider a “game” needs three components:

  • Players“, which is an decision-making entity. It could be all 80 players in a full Alterac Valley, or it could be the 2 teams in Warsong Gulch.
  • Strategies“, which are choices for each player to make. Each player must have the ability to make decisions, even if they are bad decisions. Decisions could be sending 11 players to the flag in Eye of the Storm if our player is a team, or walking into the enemy’s flag room is our player is a single person.
  • Payoffs“, or the ultimate rewards (or repercussions) for your strategies subject to all other player’s strategies. For example, heading to the center of Eye of the Storm and attempting to capture the flag could have several payoffs: earning a flag capture worth perhaps 100 points if enough players decide to help you, having no net effect if enough players from each faction are in the center, or wasting your time and possibly losing a node if the enemy attacks your bases.

That last description is a little vague, so lets jump into how we actually analyse something and get into examples.
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Guild Wars: 5 Year Anniversary Celebration

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Guild Wars is celebrating its fifth anniversary and ArenaNet is throwing a massive party for its players, along with special in-game birthday presents and festival rewards to commemorate this special event. Characters that have been registered for five years will receive an exclusive miniature from this year’s birthday series in their inventory. Characters turning one, two, three and four will also be rewarded with a wrapped miniature from the corresponding set of past Guild Wars birthday presents.

The celebration runs until Noon Pacific on Thursday, April 29.

5 Year Anniversary Event Calendar

Thursday, April 22

  • Indulge your sweet tooth when Birthday Cupcakes start dropping from creatures across Tyria, Cantha, and Elona.
  • Oooh and aaah at the awesome hourly fireworks displays over Lion’s Arch, Shing Jea Monastery, Kamadan, and the Great Temple of Balthazar.

Friday, April 23

  • Test your luck and skill at the Shing Jea Boardwalk! Starting at Noon Pacific, this popular venue will once again open to the public in the Shing Jea Monastery.
  • Challenge yourself and others in Rollerbeetle Races and the Dragon Arena. Starting at Noon, these mini-games will be accessible from Lion’s Arch, Shing Jea Monastery, Kamadan, and the Great Temple of Balthazar.

Friday, April 23

Starting at 12:01 AM Pacific on Friday, April 23, those characters turning five will find a gift in their inventories that contains a new miniature from this year’s birthday series. Characters turning one, two, three, or four years old will receive a wrapped miniature from the corresponding set of past Guild Wars birthday presents. We give birthday presents year round, so each of your characters will receive gifts on their personal birthdays (creation dates).

For more information, head on over to official website.

Jade Dynasty: Double Exp Tuesdays

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Jade Dynasty will be offering double exp Tuesdays in preparation for upcoming updates. The first double exp event will be next Tuesday, April 25th. From there on every next Tuesday will have its experience rate doubled for 24 hours. The activation times will be:

Doom Bog: 12:01 a.m. – 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time
Billows/Wildlands: 3:01 a.m. – 2:59 a.m. Eastern Time
Shura: 9:01 a.m. – 8:59 a.m. Amsterdam Local

Veteran Jade Dynasty fans will also be glad to hear that the game now also offers Treasure Chests for them as well. More information on the double exp event here and the veteran treasure chests here.

Bethesda Drops Fallout Lawsuit?

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Bethesda has finally decided to drop the lawsuit against Interplay over the Fallout MMO. It seems there was an out of court settlement between the two companies. This came out from Interplay investor Frymuchan. But wait, there’s more. A few hours after this was reported, Bethesda denied that the lawsuit was dropped and insists that it’s still on-going. According to Pete Hines from Bethesda, there is absolutely no way that they will let this play off out of the court room. Greedy Bethesda, greedy.

Seafight Adds New Map

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Seafight, the popular browser-based pirate MMO from Bigpoint, adds a special new map for experienced pirates only. The new “yellow scroll” is made of 101 scroll pieces and when brought together unlocks the new map – Coronis. It is a challenging quest meant for experienced pirates only. The area will add new weapons, loot, and ship modifications – if players can stand the challenge against waves of enemies. If you are interested at taking a look at the new Seafight map, visit the game here.