MicroVolts Announced

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Rock Hippo has announced MicroVolts, a new third person shooter MMO. Well, new to the North American and Europe market, the game is actually a localized version of H.A.V.E. Online, a game which was criticized for resembling Valve’s Team Fortress 2 a bit too much. Anyway, the game focuses heavily on PvP matches in small arenas where players are able to choose between two teams. The release date is still unknown.

Ragnarok Online and For The DS: Hello, Old Friend

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Ahh, memories. The super-cute Ragnarok Online was the first MMOG that I ever played. It usually was a group venture — a group of about 6 or 7 of my RL buddies during my third year of college (circa 2004) would group up and play together, leveling and venturing into dungeons, and staying up through the wee hours of the night LAN-party styling it up as we took on bosses way too strong for us (and usually died pitifully). It was only a few months that I played, but those memories have stuck with me.

Fast forward to now, and my nostalgia for the game that first hooked me into the MMO genre has been hitting hard. A few months ago, I indulged in Ragnarok DS, the handheld adventure game spinoff. I ended up setting it aside when life got busy, so it’s on my list of games to pick back up again. And just this past weekend, I bit the bullet and signed up for the RO Free to Play server, Valkyrie.

How has time changed my perception of the game? Read on for more.

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Cataclysm Beta: Win Spots for You and 9 Guildmates

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If you’re drooling for a spot in the Cataclysm Beta as much as we are here at Lore Hound, wipe that foam from your mouth. Blizzard announced today that it will soon be adding a whole bunch of players to the beta based solely on a short essay in which you explain why you should get it.

Here’s the official announcement:

Cataclysm Beta — Guild Contest

If it’s a World of Warcraft beta test, you can bet that we’ll be searching for a large and diverse crowd of enthusiastic players to help us develop the best gameplay experience possible.

For World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, we’re looking for a healthy handful of guilds to join us in the beta test process. If you think your guild would supply the perfect candidates for testing the limits of Cataclysm’s content and systems, tell us why!

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E3 2010 First Look: All Points Bulletin MMO

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Another highly anticipated MMO that is slated to appear at this years E3 June 15-17 in the Los Angeles Convention Center is  All Points Bulletin.

APB was created by the original mind behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise, David Jones, and is developed by Real Time Worlds Ltd. and published by EA Partners.

APB is set for release June 29th in North America with a European release July 1st and a United Kingdom release the day after, July 2.

APB’s gameplay is based on playing in a sand-box city with open real-time combat and vehicular action appearing very akin to GTA. Players decide which side of the law they are on and compete against the opposing faction – cops or crooks, specifically titled “Enforcers” or “Criminals”. APB promises “ultimate” customization options from designing what your avatar looks like, to their guns, cars, music, attitude through emotes and the environment in which they live including specifically designed safe houses. The game play in APB is very much focuses on PvP interactions between the two opposing sides. Criminals attempt to pull of such scams as heists and car jackings while its the Enforcers jobs to stand in their way and eventually slap the cuffs on them.

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E3 2010 First Look: Battlestar Galatica MMO

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E3 has some interesting MMO’s that will be premiered June 15-17. Among then, an as of yet untitled Battlestar Galatica MMO created by Bigpoint. The BSG MMO will be a browser based MMO similar to Bigpoint’s other games and will also use the popular Unity game engine.

VP and GM of digital platforms for Universal Partnerships & Licensing, Bill Kispert, was quoted about the upcoming game saying, “ Battlestar Galatica is a supremely gameable intellectual property, with compelling character classes, a fantastic array of ships and weaponry, multiple worlds, and a dramatic storyline.” Kispert also added, “We are excited to work with Bigpoint – and our partners at Universal Cable Productions and Syfy – to bring an epic, accessible, and ‘always on’ BSG experience to fans of the franchise and online gamers alike.”

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Global Agenda: Sandstorm Debates

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Over the course of the weekend, I was able to put in a few more hours in to the revamped Global Agenda.  As previously discussed, Phase 1 of Sandstorm has begun a massive reboot to the third-person shooter.  Hi-Rez Studios searched high and low for mechanics to address in an attempt to make Global Agenda feel more RPGish.  This scavenger hunt was precipitated by demands from the playerbase —  a playerbase that’s been split since the decisions were handed down.

The first point of contention was brought up in our first impression of patch v1.3 from last week.  Spambuster wrote: “The over abundance of ‘epic’ items is also a downer.  You no longer feel the deserved ability to say ‘I have full epic gear.’ ”  He concluded by stating, “I don’t believe having them as easily obtainable as they currently are is such a great idea.”

The complaint is a simple one, and one that all MMOG players know.  It’s the idea of welfare epics.  Hi-Rez Studios took a badge of dedication – hours of grinding for materials to be used in crafting, or hours of farming credits for epics – and made it easily obtainable.  Players can now acquire purpalz from random drops and/or a badge system, in addition to crafting or the auction house.  I’ve personally received two (or three, can’t remember specifically) new epics since the patch went live on Thursday.  I had one previously.

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LEGO Universe Secures Publisher

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The LEGO Group and Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment announced an expansion of their existing partnership today – Warner Bros. Interactive will publish LEGO Universe everywhere apart from within exclusive LEGO channels. WBIE has been a partner of the LEGO Group for a little while now, having been involved in the publishing of the LEGO Batman, LEGO Rock Band and upcoming LEGO Harry Potter video games. LEGO Universe, developed by NetDevil, is the first serious attempt to bring the LEGO franchise into the massively multiplayer arena, but it is not new ground for Warner Bros. Interactive. WBIE is, after all, the owner of Turbine, developer of Dungeons & Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online. Hopefully this experience will prove beneficial for LEGO Universe!

For the Hoard 8: The Start of a Tabard Collection

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This time one For the Hoard, I’m taking a step back from mounts and focusing on the early stages of a tabard collection. Love ’em or hate ’em, collecting tabards can help you rack up some achievement points or have something nifty to put over any under-appreciated armor sets. We’ll start off with a pair of tabards you can gain from a short Burning Crusade quest line in Shadowmoon Valley.

Do I have what it takes to single-handedly take down what once was a 4-player group quest? And just how to you claim a second tabard when the quest only awards you one? Watch on to find out.