Cataclysm Official Profession Preview

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I have a semi-secret lust for professions in WoW and MMOs. If I wasn’t hardcore raiding at the moment, I’d be going for the goldcap. Plus, there are lots of charts and data for goldmaking, which make for great decorations and posters.

You should read this whether you are going to be participating in gathering or crafting or neither; it has far reaching implications for PvE, PvP, and beyond.

My highlights:


  • Hit gems are now blue.
  • Inscription will make off-hands, sigils, etc.
  • 2 elixirs will have more overall stats than a flask (about 50% more), but flasks will have lots of one stat.


  • There will be craftable PvP gear updated every season that is a tier below the current Hero Point gear.
  • 3 tiers of bandages. This was promised in Wrath but never happened.

New and exciting:

  • No more lotuses. Alchemists make a new item on a 1 day cooldown that is used in most stuff, alchemy and otherwise.
  • Jewelcrafting now makes things like fist weapons, monocles, and more.
  • Enchanter vanity pet is planned!

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Twelve Sky 2 Battle of the Gods PvP Tournament

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Twelve Sky 2 has just announced its Battle of the Gods PvP Tournament. This brutal PvP event will pit players one against the other to determine the ultimate martial artist! The grand prize is a WarGod skill of choice, making this the first time a skill like that has ever been introduced to the game. A number of small prizes are also available. Each server will have its tournament at a different time so prospective participants should check out the game’s website here.

Maple Story Celebrates 5th Anniversary

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The global server of the megahit MMORPG Maple Story is celebrating its fourth anniversary! The game has enjoyed enormous success across North America where it now boasts over 6 million players. MapleStory has transformed into a worldwide phenomenon as well, reaching over 95 million gamers across the globe. Just this past summer, the global service hit over 70,000 concurrent players several times. So happy anniversary to all you Maple Story fans! More information on the celebration, here.

Dragon's Call Reveals Promoted Classes

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The Dragon’s Call team has revealed information about the upcoming update, which will introduce the so-called “Promoted Classes.” This new system will allow players who reach level 80 to leave behind their older class and receive an elite variation. Warriors will turn into  either a Berserk Warlord or a Shield Knight, the Berserk Warlords referred to as killing machines on the battlefield. They pay much attention to training attack skills and are capable of wielding weapons to launch concentrated attacks. Nevertheless, in the meantime they have abandoned the protective shields. The other class available is the Shield Knight, a powerful tank who knows how to protect his teammates well. He has strong defense and outstanding physical intensity. His shields can resist enemies’ attack to the greatest extent. Shields are their symbols. However, as they lay stress on defense, they are at a disadvantage in attacks. Mages, on the other hand can either change into a Flame Overlord, a master at controlling fire and dealing tons of damage, or a Storm Envoy, who specializes in lightning magic and can go beyond his limits by launching powerful chain attacks. Last, but not least, all you Assassins out there will be glad to know that your promoted classes are  equally as powerful, if not more. The Shadow Master is a powerful, stealthy and deadly class for all you out there who enjoy stabbing backs. Toxic King uses a more environmental approach, as they deal deadly poisonous hits to their enemies and have received complete control over their own structure, giving them a powerful resistance to poison attacks.

Too Long: Didn’t Read – World of Warcraft: Stormrage

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Too busy to read World of Warcraft: Stormage yourself?  Then you’ve come to the right place.  Unlike the proper review, this installment of TL:DR brings you the important events of Knaak’s best Warcraft novel to date.

As close to the Emerald Dream as we've come.

Stormrage is about the Emerald Dream/Nightmare from start to finish.  Knaak painstakingly introduces us to the world, the characters he’s going to use, and this other realm during the first half of the book.  It’s slow going, but the time lets us realize that Malfurion isn’t just trapped in the Nightmare.  He’s being used by Xavius, Queen Azshara’s former second-in-command, to strengthen the Nightmare while Xavius attempts to bind the mortal plane with the dreamworld.  Xavius uses this opportunity to toy with Malfurion, attacking him psychologically and morphing his dream form into a gnarled tree, much like Xavius’ new guise.

In the mortal plane, Tyrande, Broll and a pair of newcomers fight against an encroaching slumber.  Those that succumb end up joining its nightmarish ranks, much like the Scourge and its plague.  After fruitlessly battling the apparitions, the group stumbles upon Eranikus and launches a daring rescue attempt –  One that sends their mortal bodies into the Emerald Nightmare after Malfurion.  Eventually, the archdruid is freed.  And the second half begins.

Thanks to the thick plot and exhaustive description early, Knaak uses the second portion to unleash the action.  We discover that Fandral Staghelm, the druid in charge during Malfurion’s nap time, and Remulos have been corrupted by the Nightmare Lord.  Staghelm, in turn, corrupts Teldrassil, further increasing his master’s power.  Remulos distracts Malfurion until the druid sees through the plot.  The force of Malfurion, Tyrande, Broxigar’s axe, Eranikus (who dies), Broll’s ascension and Ysera barely overcame Xavius and his master’s plan.

Related extended universe works:

Other notes:

Malfurion Stormrage is to be a major character in Cataclysm and returns to lead the Cenarion Circle.

Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer available now

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The highly anticipated expansion to Age of Conan is available now via both retail and digital distribution. The retail release comes bundled with the original game. The original Age of Conan was a smash hit in retail and ended up selling 1.2 million copies around the world.

Trond Arne Aas, CEO of Funcom commented;

“We are very excited about seeing ‘Age of Conan’ back on the shelves in retail as a renewed and revitalized experience comprised of both the original game and the expansion, exactly two years after the launch of the original game in May 2008. We feel very confident about the level of quality offered in this expansion, and the initial reactions from press and players so far only serve to confirm our confidence in the game.”

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FTH 6: A Shot at the Twilight Drake in OS

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It’s time to kick this serious mount collecting business up a notch and see how lucky I can get with the dice. First stop – Obsidian Sanctum for a 25-man pug Sartharion zerg — with three drakes up, of course, since we’re after the Twilight Drake. Can a pug really pull this off? And can I manage to pull out an epic roll if we do?! Enjoy this episode of For the Hoard as I test my luck.

WotLK Progression Statistics: Looking Forward to Cataclysm

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Progression in ICC has been moving along at a steady rate for many guilds. The stacking buff in Icecrown Citadel that updates about once a month to add increased healing, health, and damage done pushes many guilds to be able to do previously impassible encounters and gives them enough steam to work through many more encounters until the buff is updated. Indeed, if we look at the graphs from WoWProgress, the leading site in tracking guild progression, the mechanic of the Icecrown Citadel buff has caused a steady increase in the number of guilds defeating each encounter.

In fact, they look rather linear. In comparison, the tier 8 and 9 progression graphs are not nearly as linear. After a short burst of hardcore guilds downing content, the number of new guilds defeating the content tapers off. Additionally, many less guilds have done older content than ICC. Click through for more… Read more…