Heroes of Might and Magic Online Enters Closed Beta

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Have you heard of Heroes of Might and Magic? Yes, I’m talking about the classic turn-based strategy game owned by Ubisoft. Well, while we have always had the multiplayer option in any HoMM game, something was missing. An MMORPG, perhaps? Well, worry no more. Thanks to TQ Digital and Ubisoft we’re getting that, too. The game was originally released in the Chinese market and was well received. The international version of Heroes of Might and Magic Online has entered its closed beta phase, which means that we’re one step closer to actually playing the MMORPG based on the legendary franchise. More information on Heroes of Might and Magic Online is available here.

Lunia – Chapter 7 Released

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More news from ijji.com, Lunia has released its seventh chapter! The latest update to the anime themed action MMORPG introduces 10 new stages, a new raid stage, new items and more. In order to celebrate their game making actual progress, ijji have announced that a they’re a Double the Love event which will award you bonus experience points. In order to do that you need to log into the game, speak with Riccun and receive a grindy quest to collect an item called “Seal of Warriors and Heroes” which can be exchanged for prizes or items that boost the exp rate by 500%. More info is available on the Lunia forums, here.

SUN Online Gets Big Content Update

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Soul of the Ultimate Nation just received a grand update, says ijji.com. The game added four new skills to all classes as well as a new quest line which explains the new Ether Change System. On top of the new skills and content, the level cap has been increased from 115 to 130, but keep in mind you must explore the new “Change Up” system before receiving access to the higher levels. This update may be old news for international players, but it sure isn’t for North Americans.. More information is available on the Soul of the Ultimate Nation website, here.

Lament of Hard Knocks: Orphans Can’t Stealth

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The worst thing about Children’s Week: that it’s only a week long. Sure, it’s not got quite as many mini-achievements required for the meta, but one in particular can be quite troublesome. I’m looking at you, School of Hard Knocks.

For the non-PvP-savvy player, this achievement can be horrid. Now, that’s not to say that I want achievements handed out without some effort. But when it comes to quests ultimately required for What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been, it seems the year-long effort alone is a pretty major accomplishment.

And then there’s the other reason why it seems totally whack — requiring certain feats within a PvP setting means encouraging players to play only for themselves, and not for the team as a whole. Case in point: my first several runs of Warsong Gulch resulted in stalemates. Half the players were unwilling to leave the home base, since they wanted to be there to return the flag once a brave soul came in for a shot. The other half waited it out in the enemy flag room, also unable to get anywhere because the entire ally team was camping out, too. 25 minutes of boredom.

The stalemate finally ended in another match when a kind-hearted (or possibly just annoyed or desperate) Night Elf entered our flag room, grabbed the flag, then dropped it. Repeatedly. Letting each of us take a shot at the return. Apparently the other team didn’t get it when I tried to return the favor; I got killed by the mob.

Read on for how I fared in AV, EotS and AB.

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PTR: 3.3.5 Patch Notes

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Hold your horses!  Wait on those character transfers! The Patch Test Realm ain’t up just yet, but it should be reasonably soon due to the release of preliminary patch notes today. Unlike the last one we got, there don’t appear to be any sweeping changes to class balance or anything of that nature. In fact, with this patch encompassing the only remaining high-level content until the expansion (and, at that, nothing significantly more difficult than Icecrown Citadel), it would almost seem like a waste of time to bother.

But the Ruby Sanctum raid dungeon is still an important update, and along with it come several new social options no doubt tied into future Battle.net 2.0 functionality. It seems like they’re taking some cues from chat add-ons and are allowing players to “pop out” a new window, say, to keep whispers with a specific person separate from everything else. Also, the Friends List is getting a couple of upgrades, including the ability to add Real IDs (Blizzard’s cross-game identification) and communicate with them.

World of Warcraft PTR Patch 3.3.5

The latest patch notes can always be found at http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/

The latest test realm patch notes can always be found at http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/test-realm-patchnotes.html


  • The Ruby Sanctum, an all-new 10- and 25-player raid featuring normal and Heroic difficulties, is now available for testing! Players will find the dungeon entrance below Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight.
  • Copied Test Realm characters are not copied with their achievement history in order to better facilitate the character copy process.

User Interface

  • Chat Frame
    • Players can now right-click on any chat type (Whisper, Trade, General, Party, Raid, etc.) and choose the Pop Out Chat option. This will move that chat type to a separate tab in the Chat frame which can be undocked and moved anywhere on the screen.
      • Using the Pop Out Chat option on a Whisper will place the conversation with that player in a separate tab.
      • Any time a conversation with another player is put into its own tab, the tab will glow when a new message is received.
    • Hovering over the Chat Frame and using the mouse wheel will allow players to scroll through chat text.
    • Players can select Classic Mode under Interface Options to keep the Chat Frame functionality closer to what it was prior to patch 3.3.5.
    • The Simple Chat User Interface option has been removed.
  • Friends List
    • A new icon has been added to the top left of the Chat Frame which will open up the Friends list.
    • In addition to its current functionality, the Friends List will now allow players to add Battle.net accounts (Real ID). Players will have to confirm that they are friends in order for a Real ID to be added. Once Real ID friends, players can communicate cross-game, cross-faction and cross-realm.
    • A new Pending tab has been added where players can accept or decline a Real ID friend request, or select the Report Spam or Block Communications buttons.
    • Players can now select from three statuses which will be visible to their friends: Available, Away and Busy.
    • A Broadcast window has been added to the top of the frame. Players can use this to broadcast a message to all of their Real ID friends online. This message will also be displayed under the broadcaster’s Real ID information in each friend’s list.
  • For additional notes on Lua and XML changes please visit the UI & Macros Forum: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/board.html?sid=1&forumId=11114

Battle.net Update: Real ID

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WoW’s brother-in-arms Battle.net has recently instituted a new feature: Real ID. Real ID is “A New Way to Connect With Your Friends on Battle.net” as toted on their website.

The goal of this new feature is straight-forward enough. Just as it’s moniker implies, Real ID lets you input more personal information about yourself that will be available to your Battle.net friend’s. This includes your real name, which will go alongside your character’s name that you are currently playing. Added to this, friends will also see your real name when chatting, communicating in-game, or viewing your character’s profile.

One cool feature of Real ID implements is the ability to chat cross-game, cross-realm, and cross-faction across all supported Blizzard games. This gives you the where-with-all to bug your friends playing Star Craft II to help you finish a 25-man Ulduar.

Another Real ID feature is the “Rich Presence” application. Rich Presence allows for the viewing of “additional information” about your friends including what there up to via the ability to see what games they are playing in real time. The idea behind this seems to be, by giving the players the power to see exactly what certain players are doing at certain times, if they are really running finishing that quest in The Grizzly Hills before running Utgarde, or just screwing around, you can better manage your time playing.

Real ID also preforms in giving you the ability to leave a short message for all your friends. Tell them whether you’re up for some PVP, or looking for someone to quest with. You can also read your friends messages en-mass through the “Recent Broadcasts” feed on the Battle.net welcome page, a kind of bulletin board where all your friends messages will be posted for you to scan through quickly.

The final feature Real ID promotes is, once you become friends with another Real ID user, you have the ability to see all the characters your friends have, not only in World of Warcraft, but every Blizzard game they play, and vice versa. This takes your Battle.net’s friends’ list beyond one game at a time and into Blizzard’s entire catalog.

The Tradeoff Of Buying A Lifetime Subscription

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There are numerous perks to buying a lifetime subscription to games that offer them, such as Champions Online, LotRO or STO.  Chief among them is saving money.  Dropping the hassle of repeated billing is a small, but very convenient bonus. One lump sum, and forget it. In the process, you transform your chosen entertainment venue from a rental unit to a lavish possession.  You’ve got the keys.  You can come and go as often as you like, whenever you like.  To top it off, most companies give additional perks when you sign on.  Titles, early access, beta preference, in-game items (useful and frivolous), the works.

It’s only fair that you’re showered with gifts.  After all, by becoming a lifetime subscriber, you’re giving the developer a significant amount of money to continue the world.  At the same time, you’re removing your ability to hit the developer where it hurts — the purse.  You can’t rage quit.  You can’t threaten to unsubscribe.  The company has you.  You’re committed.  Your bark loses its bite.

The lifetime subscriber base could be ignored for this reason.  They gave up their power for a (possible) savings and a round of perks.  Should a developer chose to ignore the early adopters, the only option the lifers have is to community up.  They would need to rally troops behind their cause.  Or tell those subscriber friends to do the biting on their behalf, because that’s the only pull the crowd has left.

I know it isn’t likely that a developer would tell its lifetime subscribers to shove off.  It’s just an interesting predicament, and one that should be thought about before making the several-hundred-dollar leap.  In reality, losing the bite isn’t given much consideration.

And let’s not forget that alternative issue with a lifetime subscription.  Two words –  Hellgate: London – the utter failure to run a successful game.  It’s prompt closing and the multitude of lifetime subscribers who got screwed needs no explanation.

Lifetime subscriptions are enticing for a reason.  We love our loots, even pointless stuff, and are easily swayed by the chance to save money.  But how many of us stick with a game for the two years it would take to break even?  Moreover, are we willing to give up our ability to sway a developer for the keys to a house we’d have no control over?

A.V.A – New Map and Weapon Upgrades Coming

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ijji.com announced that Alliance of Viliant Arms, their popular MMOFPS will receive a new map and some weapon upgrades. This will happen on Wednesday 5/12/2010 from approximately 11:00 pm until 2:00 am on Thursday 5/13/2010, when all the new content will be available! The downside is that this will require a service shutdown for the update to be applied. The new map is called Chromite and the new weapon is an M2 Carbine. This new weapon will be available through the capsule shop only. There will also be a few modifications to existing rifles, nothing big.