Star Wars: The Old Republic Reveals Playable Species and Advanced Classes

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EA recently held a press event in the UK where multiple outlets were given some hands-on time with the Bounty Hunter class in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Some great gameplay information is coming from the demo, and it also revealed the first alien race that players will be able to use, the Rattataki. The Rattataki are difficult to distinguish from pale, bald humans, but the inclusion is a nice nod to fans of the Clone Wars series, in which Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress belonged to the species.

Also coming out of this press event is an exclusive from Eurogamer revealing that each of the character classes will have two separate Advanced Classes. For example, Sith Warriors will be able to choose between the Juggernaut and the Marauder Advanced Classes. The Juggernaut is more of a tank while the Marauder is a DPS-type specialization. This gives players a degree of class customization that does not affect the storyline.

Once players chooses an Advanced Class, they will be able to specialize even further by investing in skill trees similar to WoW’s talent system. It’s still unclear as to how much of an investment these skills will be, as a respec system is currently up in the air.

With the recent news that SWTOR is likely slated for Q2 of 2011, this hands-on should mark the beginning of information coming at a much better pace. Here’s to hoping a beta is announced sometime in the near future.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Official

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My guess: Pixiestixy has already pre-ordered this for cuteness.

There you have it folks, a second Marvel MMOG from Gazillion Entertainment is coming, entitled Marvel Super Hero Squad Online.

Unlike the prosperous DC Universe Online that we’ll be seeing at E3, the road to a Marvel MMOG has been long and hard.  When Microsoft teamed up with Cryptic Studios people took notice.  But Marvel Universe Online failed to materialize (Cryptic Studios eventually put out its effort as Champions Online).  Today marks an entirely new effort by Gazillion Entertainment.  Coincidentally, Gazillion picked up the pieces of Marvel Universe Online and is targeting that as a more mature MMOG for 2012.

The astute readers may recall hearing that company name a few weeks back.  Lee Hammock, former Lead Game Designer for Fallen Earth, was hired away by Gazillion to be a Story Designer for the Marvel MMOG.  Hammock is now working for Gargantuan, one of Gazillion’s subsidiaries, and a developer associated with take two of Marvel Universe Online.

Hit the jump for more information and the first screenshots. Read more…

Star Wars: The Old Republic Reveals Playable Species and More

Posted by on May 13, 2010 - No Comments » offered up some interesting news concerning the work Lucas Arts and and Bioware have been doing on their upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. With so much riding on player expectation, especially after the problems their previous MMO, Star Wars Galaxies faced, Star Wars: The Old Republic has a lot to live up to.

After a hands on experience, it seems that different alien species will be available to play in the game as evidenced by the playable Ratattaki character used in their limited released demo.

Character customization was another topic of converstion as Senior Producer at Lucas Arts Jake Neri answered some questions saying that it won’t be as indepth as Star Wars Galaxies but, their will be variety for players.’s demo included play in a Spaceport, talking with a few vendors and getting a chance to check out a Bazaar, the games form of an auction house. They also got a chance to play for the first time with other players and had a fun adventure saving some other players who were pinned down by some “vile gangsters” who constantly roam around where the demo took place, the planet Hutta.

The most noticeable aspect of the combat so far is the cover system. It seems to add a depth of play beyond the traditional button mashing of your average MMO causing you to have to think and plan out attacks more strategically rather than just running in and facing your enemies head on.

Next, covered the story elements of Star Wars: The Old Republic siting that the story revolves more closely to the player as NPC’s respond to how you handle threats and the like during the story, causing them to react differently to you. Much like the RPG’s for the XBOX, Star Wars: The Old Republic seems to implore a checks and balances system with regards to how you deal with certain story lines and the NPC’s and world around you will adjust accordingly to your actions.

Much like the flight masters in WoW, “Speeder Vendors” were located in the demo and offered quick trips to different locations the same as a taxi service. Added to this, there was a shuttle system in place that moved you from planet to planet.

All these impliments in the demo aren’t set in stone, so you’ll have to wait for a beta to be certain of all these claims. Tomorrow, Friday, May 14th, will host a podcast with Senior Producer Jake Neri in hopes to get him to release even more details about the upcoming MMO.

Monster Hunter Frontier Xbox 360 Japanese Closed Beta Live

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Monster Hunter Frontier’s Japanese Xbox 360 Closed Beta is now live. The launch was originally scheduled for yesterday, however the beta was postponed by a day due to serious bugs.

The Xbox 360 release is a port of the three year-old PC MMO based on the popular Monster Hunter franchise. The scheduled Japanese release date is set for June 24th. Capcom also announced that the game will ship with a free month subscription to Monster Hunter Frontier and a twelve month Xbox Live Gold Subscription.

There is currently no word on whether Monster Hunter Frontier will be released globally. However, due to Capcom’s recent efforts at trying to promote the series in the west, and with the success of Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii, we have high hopes that they will.

MapleStory Europe Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

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Today the European version of MapleStory is celebrating its third birthday. To commemorate this special occasion, Nexon Europe is rewarding its players with a host of exciting birthday events and content updates.

The celebration begins with the Maple ‘Tree’ Story event. Players can raise a Maple Tree and receive Maple leaves in return. Maple leaves can be exchanged for weapon upgrades, used in the Maple Leaf quests or used to create special Maple Syrup. In addition, there will also be special third anniversary items exclusive to the birthday period. The famous Cake Boss-Mob will also make a return.

Head on over to the official European MapleStory website for more information.

Need for Speed World – Next Beta Announced!

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Electronic Arts have announced the next beta appearance of Need for Speed World. It will start this Friday, May 14th at 9am (PDT) and will continue throughout the weekend ending Sunday, May 16th at 11:59pm (PDT). Players who participated in the betas will be invited to join in this one. Also, an additional 20,000 people will be invited into the beta. This beta will include the latest client update with many bug fixes and new features such as Power-Ups, new cars, improved police encounters, visual updates to the world, and improved performance.

4Story Prepares for a Second Anniversary

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July has different meanings to people. Some consider it to be hot. MMORPG Gamers worldwide, on the other hand, know it for bringing them the second anniversary of the hit massive multiplayer online role-playing game, 4Story. In order to celebrate the second anniversary of 4Story, the team behind the game are holding a series of events to get players into celebration earlier than we thought. The events are:

Boost-Up Your Level!
The experience rate from hunting in the field will be increased by +50% during the event, of total 4 hours a day!
Event time: 09:00~11:00 (2 hours) + 17:00~19:00 (2 hours)

Treasure Hunters
The item drop rate and magic item drop rate in fields will be increased by +25% during the event, 24 hours!

Black Market Event
There will be event GMs with a special character on both Craxion and Defugel, who appear in an unknown location and open a personal shop.
As the title says, it is a black market, so there will be many items that are difficult to obtain at normal times.
There will be a notice in game, at the day the black marketeer appears, and the map name will be announced 1 hour before the shop opens!

The Black Marketeer sells (random):
1 of the God’s Treasure of Castle (random)
+17 Limited Weapons (Valentine Day Event Items)
+17 Ordinary Weapons
Warrior Bag of Bravery (16 Slots)
Red Pattern Bags (14 Slots)
Osiris Gemstones
Magic Crystals
Sorcerey Herbs
Ancient Symbols
Wise Man’s Stones
Magic Scrolls of Ancient man
Shining Herbs
Highest Level Threads
Oily Clothes

Mabinogi Previews Kingdom of Tara

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Mabinogi has recently announced its second expansion, Goddess of Light. And today were talking a look into one of its biggest new features – the Kingdom of Tara. Tara is the capital of the Aliech Kingdom and as such it plays a much larger role than just being a “One stop shop.” With a full castle, shops for all needs, and an entire new cast of people waiting to meet you, Tara is almost a country unto itself. Many activities will line the streets of Tara. A hub for new Shadow Missions can be found, awaiting those that like the challenge of combat. For a more organized fight, though, Tara also includes Jousting, an all new system for doing battle with your friends and rivals. For those interested in playing the market, Tara will also be home to the Auction House, which will allow players to buy and sell with more convenience than ever before. More information on the Kingdom of Tara is coming soon.