The 5 minute MMORPG

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One of the biggest turnoffs the MMO genre has is the time factor because lets face it, if you don’t put in a lot of time into an MMO game you’ll fall behind. This time investment turns off a lot of gamers because they don’t want to go through the grinding and farming that goes on. Luckily for them there is a web based, free-to-play MMO that only takes 5 minutes to to hit max level!

The 5 Minute MMORPG is a game that prides itself as being the only MMO that doesn’t require countless hours to reach max level and is grind free.The game is actually quite fun to play and is extremely easy to pick up. There’s also a “lag” factor that the 5 Minute MMORPG incorporates which makes the game unique but I’ll get into that later.


The controls are very simplistic. Arrow keys are used to move your character across the map. “A” is used to swing your sword and “S” is used to shield yourself from an attack. Holding down the movement keys makes you move faster because it will que up the given commands.

Game Play

Here is where the game really shines. I mentioned earlier about a “lag” factor. The way the game plays out is as you move around the map you see projected images of yourself. This is the “lag” factor that the game implements. The challenging part of the game is trying to predict where a character goes and then pressing “A” to hit them with the sword. This may sound easy but it’s hard to do because all the movement and action commands you give have like a 2-3 second delay. Also the lag factor is based on how many players there are in the game.

As you move around there will be items that pop up around the map. The items look like rubies, treasure chests, etc. Moving over these items gives you a few levels.

End Notes

The 5 minute MMORPG is a very unique game that gets rid of the grind factor that all MMOs have. This game isn’t meant to replace a “real” MMO but rather be a fun game to play every now and then. The “lag” factor makes the game play a very unique and fun experience. Originally I wasn’t expecting much from a free and web based game but it defied my expectations. I would recommend this to any gamer since it’s so easy to pick up and play. The PvP action is just hilarious if you play with a group of friends. So go ahead and try it out!

Remote Auction House

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The Remote Auction House is a feature for Wold of Warcraft that will allow you to access the Auction House from an iPhone and from the web. This means that you can buy/sell items and do all your Auction House things without being logged in to World of Warcraft.

Currently this feature is in open beta testing. If you want to try out the Remote Auction House by using a web browser go here. The iPhone version of this feature can be downloaded here. Also there will be a limit on the number of transactions a player can do. The beta has a limit of 25 transactions a day but the live service will have a 200 transaction limit per day.

The Remote Auction House feature will cost $2.99 a month once beta testing is finished. More info about this feature can be found by reading this FAQ.

Internet Addiction Treatment Increasing in South Korea

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South Korean internet addiction treatment is increasing, reports the New York Times. Internet addiction has been treated in South Korea as a teenage phenomenon for some time, but a Dr. Ha Jee-hyun is described in the article as treating four times as many adult patients now as he did two years ago. In response to a number of high-profile cases of internet addiction, the South Korean government has decided to expand the existing counselling programs to adults. Plans are also being drawn up to open new rehabilitation centres for adult sufferers.

On the one hand, it is of course tragic that there are so many stories of internet addiction destroying lives, sometimes literally, in Korea. On the other, I am pleased to see the South Korean government keeping abreast of the situation, even if they’re not on top of it. I have to wonder how much funding is given to treating new and emerging mental health issues such as internet addiction in the western world – as much as Korea is a hotbed for problems brought on by modern technology, it appears to have adapted its culture more quickly than much of the world in order to meet these challenges. For more details, check out the original article.

Craft of Gods: Live Service Opens

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Craft of Gods, a new MMO set in a world based on Slavic mythology and created by Russian game designers Cyberdemons and produced by Kalicanthus Entertainment has officially opened its live service after a successful beta development process.

Craft of Gods (say it in a Russian accent, its great) is set in the world of Akvilon, a massive continent made up of deserts, mountains, ice lands, forests featuring 25 different maps. There are hundreds of different monsters to battle including over 70 unique creatures such as epic serpents and deadly dragons. Craft of Gods features 6 playable races which are constantly at war, mainly separated over which religion they follow, Svarog or the Black Snake. Hmmmm, wonder which one is the evil side?

Craft of Gods boasts that real-time interactions and instances will make up much of the game play. There are 14 different professions or skill sets with 15 different abilities each for a total of 210 powers, giving Craft of Gods a nice mix of abilities.

There are also houses and villages to build while attending one of the 8 “crafting schools” – something a kin to your choosen profession.

Travel is either on foot, or by mount. One neat aspect of the travel is that almost any animal in Craft of Gods can be tamed and riden giving a lot of variety in how you get around.

There are dungeons to explore, areas dedicated to the battle between Svarog and the Black Snake where if players complete certain tasks, the Gods will recognize him as a hero and bless them with the rank of “Demigod” – providing some of the most powerful abilities in the game.

For more on Craft of Gods Live Service Opens, visit their offical website.

Guild Wars 2: Interview with Game Designers

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There has been a lot of recent news concerning Guild Wars 2. The people over at have garnered another interview with 3 of the game’s designers.

The interview focused on such aspects of GW2 such as instanced personal stories relating to the Dynamic Events system, the profession of crafting and how it will affect weapons and armor, the skill bar design and more.

To read the full Guild Wars 2 Interview, click here.

Countdown to Mortal Online

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The Mortal Online release is fast approaching, with a countdown now adorning the front page of the game’s website. Along with a few website additions, such as an expanded game info section and a fansite kit, the game’s 9th June release date is proudly displayed (as is the fact that it can be preordered).

Mortal Online is described as a first-person “next generation PC MMORPG”. It will have “no PvP zones, only an open realistic world where you are free to choose your own path.” As of this posting, we have 9 days and 30 minutes to wait before seeing how that manifests.

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Sith Warrior Update

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Star Wars: The Old Republic has announced that the Sith Warrior will have 2 advanced classes – the Juggernaut and the Marauder.

The Juggernaut seems to be the Star Wars variety of tank, using the force to make him “nearly invulnerable.” The Marauder on the other hand, wields two lightsabers and boasts that their is “no swifter bringer of pain and damage in the galaxy,” making him a DPS character.

For more screenshots of these two new advanced classes, click here.

For the official release of the Star Wars: The Old Republic: Sith Warrior Update , click here.

Trojan Gathers 44 Million Game Accounts

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Internet security company Symantec revealed this week that it had discovered a server containing the “credentials” – username, password and other information – of 44 million stolen game accounts. The credentials themselves were gathered by some sort of traditional malware botnet, but the new and terrifying twist on the story is that they were being validated by a distributed network of computers infected by a Trojan virus. What this means is that unsuspecting internet users were helping the hackers validate the account details of these 44 million accounts with their own computers, due to the presence of a Trojan in their system.

The theft appears to be targeted mainly at Chinese gaming company Wayi Entertainment, but around 2 million of the accounts were registered with PlayNC, a service that includes Lineage 2, City of Heroes and Guild Wars, among others. Around quarter of a million were also spread between Aion and World of Warcraft.

As always, make sure you keep antivirus protection and general internet security in mind on any computer that is online.