Dungeon Fighter Online Launching on June 9th

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Dungeon Fighter Online is Launching on June 9th. The game is developed by Nexon’s Neople studio and is a 2D Side-Scrolling Hack and Slash MMO in which layers fight their way through dungeons, either on their own or in a party with up to three other players. Advanced players can also take part in intense player-versus-player competition, where each opponent can mean a wholly unique fighting challenge. Dungeon Fighter Online will of course be completely free to play for all you beat ’em up junkies out there.

For The Hoard 7.1 – Braving the Dreaded Oculus

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After a short break from loot whoring, I mean, *ahem* hoarding, I’m back at it again for a new two-part episode of For the Hoard. This time, join me for a guild run through Oculus as we try to get a Blue Drake for a few party members who still haven’t seen one drop.

Lore Hound WoWcast: Episode 6

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Join Heartbourne, pixiestixy, and Juggynaut as they talk about the latest WoW happenings. Topics for this week include:

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Starcraft 2 UMS: AC130 Escort

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In this first video highlighting a Starcraft II UMS, I’ll take a look at the AC130 Escort custom map. In it you can take on the role of an AC130 gunner, defending a caravan of Terran against waves of Zerg.

You can download the map at Curse or SC2Mapster. If you have any maps that you think deserve a feature or are looking for a particularly good UMS of a certain genre, drop a line in the comments.

EverQuest Server Merges

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Sony Online Entertainment has announced a series of server merges for their MMORPG EverQuest that will result in the number of servers being cut in half. These server merges will start on June 22nd and end on July 6th, leaving ten servers in place of the original twenty. It seems the population of the game has decreased seriously which could be the reason SOE is taking these measures for EverQuest.

Fairy Story Online Announced

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A new 3D Anime-styled MMORPG, Fairy Story Online was announced by the Chinese developer NGames Information Technology Company. The game resembles ROSE Online in terms of graphics and style, but don’t worry it’s not the first game to draw it’s inspiration from it(Bright Shadow, Flyff, Fiesta Online). NGame claims that the game has won numerous awards, including “GameSpot World’s Most Anticipated Online Games award in 2009″. Well, I don’t know about that, but let’s hope Fairy Story Online turns out to be good.

LOCO Closed Beta Applications Extended

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The applications for LOCO closed beta were extended until the start of the beta itself – 27.05.10. All you have to do is visit this webpage, use your alaplaya username and password and apply for the beta until the end date. Then, cross your fingers so the team picks you and get to play the game. Or don’t. It all depends on luck, it seems. More information on Chaos Online">Land of Chaos Online, here.

WoWFlix: How to Win at Pugs and Gearscore

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This latest gem by wowcrendor, the same guy who brought you the fake Cataclysm trailer, has made an excellent video explaining what PuGing is like in a 3.3 world with the LFG tool.

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