Ragnar Tørnquist Answers The Secret World Questions

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Part 2 of the TSW Community Questions thread is up on the official Secret World forums. There were a couple of things that people following The Secret World might be interested in.

First, a non-answer on the crafting system implied that they’ll have something that uses the function of crafting, but isn’t specifically crafting per se. It will be interesting to see how Funcom innovates this area of gameplay, especially since Funcom is quite known for innovation.

Second, the lack of levels has people curious how the game will keep people engaged. Ragnar, in two different questions, revealed several different systems that will easily take the place of levels, such as an experience system and achievements. There will also be a point system relating to the secret societies. I can easily see how an experience system will replace a leveling system. All one needs to do is look to Asheron’s Call and Anarchy Online to see how levels can be made obsolete, while character development would remain a crucial part of gameplay.

There’s more information on lore and other systems in the game, so be sure to read the entire thing.

Aion: 1.9 Patch Available for Early Download

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Those of you who can’t wait to get a jump on Aion’s 1.9 Patch are in luck. In a notice posted on their official website, the Aion team leaked some interesting info concerning the latest patch set for release on Wednesday, June 2, saying:

You can already prepare for this by pre-loading the patch and have it ready for installation on launch day. Your NCSoft Launcher will now begin to incrementally download the update over the next couple of days leading up to launch.”

For a preview of the Aion 1.9 patch, you can log into the Aion Public Test Server.

Need For Speed World: Free Web Client

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Need For Speed World has announced its released date, July 20. There will be a free web client available for gamers to check out the action. The Need For Speed World Free Web Client allows players to advance to level 10 and participate in all forms of races and pursuits. Users can then opt to spend 20 bucks and open up the full game allowing for a level cap of 50, Nitro boosters, limited edition wheels and the SpeedBoost ability.

NFSW will feature a similar payment/purchase system as EA’s other MMO, Battlefield Heroes. Player are allowed to enter online matches free, but it will cost you if you want to gear up and get other add-on’s.

NFSW will feature 150 miles of tracks and other areas. The game will also boast some social elements like allowing players to challenge friends or top racers on leaderboards.

For those of who want to jump right in on the action immediately, the NFSW Starter Pack can be preordered through their website.

Guild Wars Brings the Ban-Scythe Down

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While other companies have ban hammers, ArenaNet, creators of Guild Wars, has been flexing its ban scythe this week. Nearly four thousand accounts were banned from Guild Wars, but rather than a simple denial of service message, the other players of the game were treated to the cheaters’ executions by Dhuum, former God of the Underworld. Enjoy his terrible justice for yourself below:

For The Hoard 7.2 – The Cache of Ley Guardian Eregos

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As we continue on from the first couple of bosses in Oculus seen last time, things get dicey. We’ve got party members in the wrong presence, skinning of ghosts and an uncoordinated crack at Eregos. After all that, does anyone get the Blue Drake? Join us in this episode of For the Hoard to find out.

Tales of Fantasy – Eight Final Classes Unveiled

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IGG has released a press release, unveiling the final eight classes for its popular MMORPG, Tales of Fantasy. At Level 40, players can advance to the following Titans:


Wielding a shield in battle, the Sentinel has mastered using it to both attack and defend. While they won’t dish out the most damage, they will strike when least expected. With the highest defense and HP of all the classes, it is impossible to score a quick victory over them. Their amazing vitality makes them invaluable when taking on BOSSes.

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Combat Arms Releases New Map

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Nexon has announced that their hit MMOFPS Combat Arms has added a new map in its latest update. The map is called “Vertigo” and will also introduce a new training mission. The update also added a new weapon – the M-200 which you can purchased using Gear Points(points that you earn from playing the game). The in-game cash shop known as the Black market has also seen two new weapons – G3 and REC7 Rangers.

Tales Runner New Chapter Launching June 1st

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The latest chapter to Tales Runner, Chaos Genesis, is launching June 1st, says Gpotato. Also, the game’s chaos battle system is releasing June 17th. This giant update will allow players to choose between two factions – Angels and Devils. When either of the factions is chosen, the other one automatically becomes an enemy. New angel and devil themed armor sets, missions and maps will also be added to the game. If you’d like to read more about the latest Tales Runner chapter, visit the official site.