For the Hoard 1: The Elusive Venomhide Ravasaur Mount

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Well, I promised you all some fun mount-hunting footage, and this is only the beginning. Join me as I tear through Un’Goro crater and complete one of the daily quests required for Horde characters who want to get their own Venomhide Ravasaur mount. Apologies in advance for the less-than-stellar video quality, working on getting that fixed for the next episode!

PAX East 2010: Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited Update 4 Video Preview

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Before leaving Turbine’s booth, iTZKooPA decided to stop by and check out the latest additions to the company’s other chief property, the free-to-play MMORPG Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited. After a brief run through the history of the game, Producer Eric gives us a live gameplay preview of some of the new stuff in what is being called “Update 4.” Code-named “The Sentinels,” the content pack introduces five fresh dungeon adventures, an additional “epic” level of difficulty, guild airships, and the one thing that no self-proclaimed geek could possibly ignore: zombie pirates.

Though they clearly couldn’t give everything away, the footage below does give us a nice preview of a couple of the exciting new dungeons you’ll find yourself diving into as Eric talks over several of the key features you can expect to see once Update 4 goes live.

PAX East 2010: Lord of the Rings Online Live “Skirmish” Gameplay

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Turbine’s done it, friends. They’ve found a solution! The elusive “third pillar” of content that exists somewhere between raiding and PvP, and you’ve got to wonder why nobody tried it (or took the concept seriously enough) before now. Skirmish is a new type of PvE gameplay being added to Lord of the Rings Online in the near future, and is comprised of a series of instances where heated conflicts are taking places between the good guys and the forces of Sauron.

Instead of working your way through a linear dungeon, semi-randomized groups of enemies will come at you in waves. Defeat them all, and you get to go toe-to-toe with the enemy General. The good news is that these instances are pretty much infinitely farmable, and since you might be running into different sets of baddies each time, the gameplay remains fresh over an extended period of time. It’s also meant to be accessible to everyone. You can go in by yourself (with the help of a few NPC allies) or alongside ten of your closest friends, with the level of strategy and reward scaling appropriately. The loot you receive includes the usual gear and special tokens that can be traded in for character upgrades such as cosmetic enhancements and improvement to AI partners that can be used in the Skirmishes themselves.

In the video below, iTZKooPA and one of the game’s developers walk us through one particular Skmirish dungeon focused around an assault on the Ford of Bruinen. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for a special twist ending.


PAX East 2010: Fallen Earth Mobile Application Live Demo

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WoW Armory? Pssh. Mobile Auction House? Already old news. While other developers have been busy publishing basic push content on handheld devices, the people behind post-apocalyptic MMORPG Fallen Earth are allowing you near-full, real-time access to your characters right from your iPhone! Want to check in with your guild? Feel like working on some crafting skills while you’re waiting in line at the DMV? Maybe your OCD is just compelling you to re-arrange your bags at work? Yes, Lore Hounds, there is an app for that (and it’s really only the start of what this thing can do)!

Our very own iTZKooPA got to sit down with one of the game’s Project Managers (the mysterious and dashing “Dave”) at this weekend’s PAX East event to talk about the application and get an extensive live demo of its various capabilities. Even if you don’t currently play Fallen Earth (hint: you should), this is a seriously cool piece of software and something that every other major MMO developer should take note of. Check out the video below, we know it’ll wow you:

PAX East 2010: Chatting About Fallen Earth (New Content, Mounts, And More)

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Things rarely go smoothly at the very moment when you need them to work the most (just ask the Canadians). Such was the case with Fallen Earth‘s new mobile application, as AT&T’s typically dodgy service delayed the live demonstration of the software on the Project Manager’s iPhone. Though an unfortunate turn of events, it did give iTZKooPA a chance to shoot the breeze with Dave and discuss a variety of different topics including new and forthcoming content (hello, new mount!), the recent split of the development team from parent company Icarus, and even a smidgen WoW talk finds its way into the proceedings.

Besides, everything worked in the end, right? Fans of Fallen Earth will no doubt enjoy the collection of clips below:

Heroic Lich King 25 Vanquished

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The Lich King

how u do this

It was bound to happen eventually. 51 days after normal mode Lich King became available (and hence 44 days after hard mode), Paragon of Lightning’s Blade (EU) became the first guild worldwide to defeat the Lich King on 25 player heroic mode difficulty, effectively clearing all available content in Icecrown Citadel. They earned the Light of Dawn achievement and title for defeating him, as well as the Realm First! Fall of the Lich King achievement and title “Bane of the Fallen King”.

Ensidia recently transfered to Lightning’s Blade to race Paragon to the world first achievement “on equal ground”, as they complained that their previous server of Tarren Mill was too unstable. Guess Saronite Bombs couldn’t help them this time!

Currently, 160 guilds worldwide have defeated all heroic content in Icecrown Citadel except for the Lich King. Here are the current number of guilds that have beaten each encounter in ICC25, as of March 26th, 2010, according to, in increasing order:

  • Heroic Lich King: 1
  • Heroic Professor Putricide: 171
  • Heroic Sindragosa: 264
  • Heroic Lady Deathwhisper: 607
  • Heroic Festergut: 928
  • Heroic Deathbringer Saurfang: 950
  • Heroic Valithra Dreamwalker: 1052
  • Heroic Blood-Queen Lana’thel: 1052
  • Heroic Blood Prince Council: 1291
  • Heroic Rotface: 1495
  • Heroic Lord Marrowgar: 1640
  • Heroic Gunship Battle: 1682
  • Normal Lich King: 1829
  • Normal Sindragosa: 4711
  • Normal Blood-Queen Lana’thel: 6778
  • Normal Professor Putricide: 9537
  • Normal Valithria Dreamwalker: 10005
  • Normal Blood Prince Council: 13129
  • Normal Rotface: 15843
  • Normal Festergut: 16971
  • Normal Deathbringer Saurfang: 32493
  • Normal Gunship Battle: 32781
  • Normal Lady Deathwhisper: 32806
  • Normal Lord Marrowgar: 33426

A lot of people will view this great achievement as a milestone in WoW history or claim that the game has been beaten, or too easy, or many other things. However, looking at that list, there are only a couple hundred guilds and hence a thousand or two players actually anywhere near defeating the Lich King on heroic in the coming months. A lot of guilds will be satisfied killing normal mode Lich King, and for them that is the end of the game. I think this is great evidence that the game is well-tuned. The best hardcore players spent about 2 months to clear ICC heroic, most hardcore guilds will take a few more, and many players will get to see his normal mode version die.

Even if only 50,000 guilds see normal mode Lich King die, thats still less than 1% of WoW’s 12 million subscribers that get to see the “end of the game”. If anyone claims that Paragon’s victory shows this game is “too easy”, I will have to strongly disagree with them.

FunCom Releases In-Game Footage Of The Secret World

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Stormy clouds threatened to blot out the shiny California sun at this year’s annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, but it wasn’t because of some freak weather phenomenon. Instead, it was Age of Conan developers FunCom finally revealing in-game footage of their next MMORPG project, The Secret World. Entitled “Dark Days,” the trailer gives us our first look at several of the title’s environments, characters, and a little bit of combat to boot (all presented in a cinematic fashion of course, no HUDs here).

If this is your first introduction to The Secret World, then you’ll notice right off the bat it’s a little bit different from your standard massively-multiplayer game. Taking place in more modern times, it eschews typical fantasy trappings in favor of a world run rampant with conspiracy theories come to life. From secret societies to mythical creatures and the occult, if you’ve heard it on Coast to Coast AM, you can bet it probably plays some role in the universe of The Secret World. If that analogy doesn’t work for you, think Deus Ex with a broader approach to the subject matter.

But the setting isn’t the only aspect of the game that stands out. Project lead Ragnar Tørnquist (perhaps best known for working on 2001′s sci-fi MMO Anarchy Online) promises that this new title will turn the genre on its head by getting rid of both levels and classes. Instead, all character advancement will be done through an extensive customization system and player skill. If you hate grinding, it’s worth keeping your eye on The Secret World (heck, you can even play it completely by yourself). In the meantime, check out the preliminary footage below:

You can also seek further information and check out some new screenshots and artwork by heading to the official site.

The Lore Hound Audio Podcast: Episode 1

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Join all of the Lore Hound regulars with this inaugural podcast! We’ll discuss what we’ve been playing, WoW’s Patch 3.3.3, and some other MMO news from games such as Champions Online and Star Trek Online. We also have a few rumors about Nintendo’s newest handheld, the 3DS. Click the player above to listen, download the podcast, or subscribe via RSS, and let us know what you think!