Eve Online Tyrannis Delayed

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More bad news today, Eve Online’s Tyrannis expansion has been delayed with exactly one week. Instead of the original release date – May 18th, the addon will now come out on May 26th, and that market seeding of Planetary Command Centers is pushed back to June 8th. The reason – server stability issues which means the EVE Online team needs more time to reform the code and for further testing.

Mortal Online Goes Live on June 9th

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The popular MMORPG, by Swedish developer Star Vault,  Mortal Online  is going live on June 9th. The open beta will end today, May 17tj as testing comes to an end and the team make final server changes. Mortal Online has always been much anticipated by the MMOCrunch team, even going as far as making it into our list of most anticipated MMORPG’s for 2010. Anyone interested in purchasing the full game can visit the official website.

NIDA Online Shutting Down Tomorrow

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Unfortunately, GameKiss have decided to shut down NIDA Online tomorrow, May 18th. The reason – financial problems, the publisher just didn’t make enough money to keep the game up any longer. GameKiss apologizes to the game’s player base and would like to thank them for sticking with it for so long. Thankfully, this is not the end for GameKiss who still publish great MMO’s like FreeStyle Street Basketball, GhostX, and Valkyrie Sky. More info on NIDA’s shutdown is available here.

Mega Man Online Announced

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Recently, Capcom announced its plans for the upcoming fiscal year and mentioned that they have intent to release a MegaMan MMO. The project is in development between Capcom and Korean game publisher Neowiz. Earlier last month, Capcom trademarked Mega Man Universe which may end up being related to the game, perhaps in title. No further details are available about the project thus far.

New Heroes in the Sky Screenshots

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GamesCampus has released a bunch of new screenshots for its upcoming MMOTPS, (Massively Multiplayer Online Third Person Shooter) WWII flight combat simulator, Heroes in the Sky. The Closed Beta test is scheduled for early June and the actual release for mid-summer, 2010. Heroes in the Sky will be a free-to-play game.

For more information on Heroes in the Sky, head on over to the official website.

L2P Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide: Reaper Rush

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L2P, or learn to play, is a video series on how to outwit your opponents in Starcraft 2 with different build orders and strategies.

In this inaugirial edition, we take a look at the terran reaper and how to rush/harass with them, along with the absolute fastest build order (as of beta patch 12).

Here is the build order.

  • 6/11: 2 SCVS
  • 8/11: Barracks
  • Refinery (put 3 SCVs on it immediately)
  • Tech Lab
  • Orbital Command
  • Reaper
  • 9/11: SCV
  • 10/11: Reaper
  • 11/11: Supply Depot
  • Nitro Packs

Leave a comment with what types of builds and units you would like to see in future videos!

Warhammer Online: Patch 1.3.5 Updates PBAOE “Bomb”

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Warhammer Online latest patch, 1.3.5, has recently gone live and centered around updates concerning the PBAOE “Bomb” groups. PBAOE “Bomb” groups are made up of players aiding a single Bright Wizard or Sorceress. As the teams encounters groups of enemies, they deal serious amounts of PBAOE damage. Usually, the Bright Wizard and Sorceress would take too much damage trying to do this because of their class mechanic, but with enough healing support they can minimize the effects on the mechanic and wipe out entire groups of players with relative ease.

Because of this unbalance, patch 1.3.5 has made the following changes that were supposed to take place in patch 1.3.6, but the design team thought they couldn’t wait:

  • Bright Wizard:  Scorched Earth now costs 20 Combustion instead of Action Points.  Additionally, this ability no longer builds Combustion when used.

  • Sorcerer:  Surging Pain now costs 20 Dark Magic instead of Action Points.  Additionally, this ability no longer builds Dark Magic when used.

You won’t be able to repeatedly compound damage upon damage by using Scorched Earth or Surging Pain anymore, and you’ll only have about five casts before you run out of mana. The design team saw these as significant, but well-needed changes to Warhammer Online.

To read the full release written by Combat and Career’s Lead Designer Nate Levy, click here.

New Vindictus Screenshots Revealed

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Nexon has released a new batch of screenshots for their latest MMO Vindictus. Originally known as Mabinogi: Heroes, the game was renamed to Vindictus. The game is developed by devCAT and uses the Source Engine by Valve which we’ve already seen in action a thousand times in games such as Half Life, Team Fortress, Portal, Left 4 Dead, and such. Nexon promises fast paced gameplay, interactive terrain, and high quality visuals. You can view the screenshots below. For more info on the game, visit the official website.