Everquest 2: Halas Reborn Preview Details the Storyteller System

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Creators of Everquest 2, Sony Online Entertainment, recently uncovered details about Halas Reborn, the games latest update set to be take affect this month. The Storyteller system seemed to be the focus of the news release, a “modification to the quest journal window UI. It adds a Storylines tab that will collect the overarching story behind each major quest series in one place.”

In addition to acting as a mod to the quest journal, the Storyteller system will “consolidate the storylines related to various quest series into a single, easy-to-follow format so adventurers can better keep track of the underlying story being told in their current quests.”

In terms of how it will help out your characters and others, “the Storylines window will allow you to see where you are in the storyline related to the quest series you are working on. It can help by providing hints from previously completed steps, give clues as to where a series starts, as well as help you to pick back up on the series if you’ve been away from it for a while. For those who like to know the story and WHY they are helping NPC Bob to lay waste to the gnoll population, this will prove highly beneficial.”

Not all quests seemed to function with the Storyline window, but SOE had an answer for this stating, “quest lines will continue to be added to the system over time. What you see when Halas Reborn reaches the live servers will only be a starting point, and other quests will be connected and looped as we progress the feature. If you don’t see your favorite quest right now, don’t worry! It will be there soon.”

SOE even provided a working model of what the Storylines window will look like.  More details here.

Champions Online: General Q and A

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Cryptic Studios recently answered questions posted to them by gamers on their forums surrounding Champions Online. The general Q&A centered around the latest developments the design team have in store for the game.

Questions for the team ranged from whether the team will be implementing a new power pack to questions about expansions for the Nemesis system and much more.

Read the full Champions Online Q/A interview here.

Reminder: Instance Gratification: DDO Episode 6 Tomorrow, May 16 At 11:00 AM EST

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iTZKooPA is back in the lead for Instance Gratification: DDO Episode 6 on Sunday, May 16 at 11:00 AM EST. Khyber is the server of choice. Please be sure to complete the tutorial area and dungeon before go time. That means you should have at least arrived at the Harbor of Stormreach.  Waterworks is this the target this weekend. Supplies of DDO Point cards are nearly gone, but still available to those that attend! Spots in the primary group are open as of this posting.

Shoot me a tweet or drop a comment in the post if you want to be in the top six. I currently have a warforged cleric (iTZKooPA) and a halfling bard (iTZKHuPA). Amatera plays as a halfling rogue named Amatera.

Rose Online Adds New Server

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Rose Online has introduced a new server! The game, originally released as a pay-to-play MMORPG, was later restarted as a free-to-play one, by its original developer, Gravity(best known for Ragnarok Online). Anyway, the new server is called “Draconis” and will be a standard PvE server with all the latest game updates, such as the recently introduced new quests, changes to the combat & PvP system, and more. For more info on ROSE Online, visit the game’s official website, here.

Grand Chase Adds New Dungeon

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Ntreev has just announced that their hit MMORPG Grand Chase will add a new dungeon. The new dungeon goes by the name Kungji Village and players will be able to explore this magical land after descending through a long tunnel. This new dungeon is another section of the massive Season 3 update, which, if you remember, we talked about a few weeks ago here. But Kungji Village more than just mere beauty. It holds dark secrets, houses terrible enemies(including bosses) and a few new stages. Stay tuned for more info on the Season 3 content pack.

Moonlight Online Will Bring Acrobatics to MMORPGs

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IGG has released a new preview of Moonlight Online, highlighting one of the game’s most unique features – the acrobatic feats. Players will be able to do all kinds of acrobatic stunts, such as ability to accelerate and jump quickly from side to side along the walls, or bounding from rooftop to rooftop. The game is designed not only to make all this possible, but make it seem logical too(in game, of course). Could this be another attempt to break out of the classical MMO formula into a more action-adventure one? Only time will tell. The original press release is below.

Take Flight and Leaps of Faith in Moonlight Online

Moonlight Online is IGG’s first vampire-themed 3D MMORPG. With a cutting-edge game engine and a highly stylized user interface, players will get a thrill out of features such as the superhuman abilities of their characters, the unique world creation system and the demolition system. Today let’s take a closer look at the amazing acrobatics in the game and what gives characters the ability to master such jaw-dropping stunts.

If you find you are trapped in a narrow tunnel with deadly spiked floors, you can overcome the challenge by accelerating and executing rapid, powerful jumps from side to side along the walls. Are you trying to track down an elusive beast during a nocturnal hunt? Pursue it with ease by bounding from rooftop to rooftop through the city. If you want to gather the rare herbs growing on the most precarious of vertical cliffs, a few fluid leaps between the sparse branches on the cliff side are all it takes.

Players can perform a myriad of incredible feats in Moonlight Online, but what exactly enables them to do so? Amidst the mysterious lands in the game, such as the great continent of Ansgarde, where vampires, werewolves and humans dwell, there are terrains with less gravity due to inexplicable forces of the supernatural Moonlight universe. The three great races could take advantage of these nearly weightless environments in which their strength and skills allow them to scale vertical surfaces almost effortlessly. Characters could also use special bouncing and leaping abilities in combination with their surroundings and attributes to perform these astounding moves.

Visit http://www.igg.com to learn more about IGG’s growing stable of online games and watch this space for more Moonlight Online news as new details emerge from the shadows.

Capcom Announces Monster Hunter Frontier Xbox 360 Player Count

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In just little over a day of being in closed beta, Monster Hunter Frontier for the Xbox 360 has reached up to 51,455 simultaneously connected players. Capcom estimates that the player count for the Closed Beta will end up reaching 180,000 to 200,000 players.

The Xbox 360 is the least popular console in Japan, although the arrival of a Monster Hunter game will most likely boost console hardware sales, considering the vast popularity of the franchise in Japan. If the player count thus far is any indication of how many retail copies are going to sell, Monster Hunter Frontier may become one of the top-selling games for the system in Japan – up there with Blue Dragon and Tales of Vesperia.

For those who are interested in taking part in the Closed Beta, head on over to the official site (Japanese).

More Talk About Guild Wars 2 with Game Designers – PvP, Professions, Races

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Guild Wars 2 fansite GW2Guru spoke with game designers Eric Flannum, Isiah Cartwright and Ryan Scott in what seems to be a continuing effort to get more word out about their upcoming MMO set for release sometime in 2011 with a beta to take place in late 2010. The interview about Guild Wars 2 centered around implementing a structured PvP system. Little info besides general understandings were given about the skills and professions GW2 has to offer.

Firstly, player customization was discussed saying that massive amounts of unique changes to your player are available. Height, weight, general body type and facial features are all used, allowing yourself to craft a distinct look; as well as a biographical section to fill out the personal details about your character.

PvP was one topic that the game designers had a lot to say about. GW2’s restructured PvP system will allow the same formats for both pick-up/random and tournament play. Plus, there are no longer any different game modes for differing skill levels, so players can learn skills that are relevant in all levels of competition. Pick-up and play is now fully hot-joinable, meaning you can exit or jump in a game already started. The designers were confident that this would remove the aspect of groups disallowing newer players to join, thus keeping them from improving. Tournaments will also be held, so prepared teams will be able to fight in competition with one another. Since games are now hot-join, support for micro-communities will be added to give player’s control over the type of game environment they want while still letting all players develop the game as they see fit, however, details about how this new system will be used won’t be available until “later this year.”

The interview wrapped up with talk about professions and different races. Professions in Guild Wars 2 will be unique and differing and no single profession is required to build your character, however, designers were scarce divulging details concerning the actual kind of professions and their impact on game play. As for different races – different races will each have a “different figure, flavor, story, and a little bit of skill variety” but again the developers don’t want to put too much game play significance on different races. These later aspects of Guild Wars 2 don’t seem as fleshed out as some other ideals like the intriguing concept of a Dynamic Event System, but instead seem to follow a rather traditional MMO path. Hopefully, in the near future, Arena Net will release some more concrete and interesting concepts concerning the idea of how profession and race will act in their upcoming MMO.

For the full GW2Guru interview, click here.