FTH 6: A Shot at the Twilight Drake in OS

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It’s time to kick this serious mount collecting business up a notch and see how lucky I can get with the dice. First stop – Obsidian Sanctum for a 25-man pug Sartharion zerg — with three drakes up, of course, since we’re after the Twilight Drake. Can a pug really pull this off? And can I manage to pull out an epic roll if we do?! Enjoy this episode of For the Hoard as I test my luck.

WotLK Progression Statistics: Looking Forward to Cataclysm

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Progression in ICC has been moving along at a steady rate for many guilds. The stacking buff in Icecrown Citadel that updates about once a month to add increased healing, health, and damage done pushes many guilds to be able to do previously impassible encounters and gives them enough steam to work through many more encounters until the buff is updated. Indeed, if we look at the graphs from WoWProgress, the leading site in tracking guild progression, the mechanic of the Icecrown Citadel buff has caused a steady increase in the number of guilds defeating each encounter.

In fact, they look rather linear. In comparison, the tier 8 and 9 progression graphs are not nearly as linear. After a short burst of hardcore guilds downing content, the number of new guilds defeating the content tapers off. Additionally, many less guilds have done older content than ICC. Click through for more… Read more…

THQ to Reveal Details about Warhammer40K at next E3

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THQ studio in Austin, Texas has been discreetly working on a MMO based on the Warhammer universe for several years now. With an ambivalent production title of Warhammer40KTHQ has been foggy about any specifics concerning the game.

According to sources at electronics site Fudzilla.com, THQ is planning to explain their new MMO in detail at this years E3 convention arriving this June at the Los Angeles Convention Center. THQ plans to go beyond the cool art concepts they offered up in 2009 to describe the title, claiming they will fully unveil the specifics behind the project. THQ hopes this game based on the Warhammer universe will rival contemporary MMO’s as the studio is hoping for at least a half million subscribers.

Getting Started With Starcraft II Custom Maps

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A few weeks ago, Blizzard released the Starcraft II map editor, allowing beta testers to create custom maps for the company’s upcoming RTS. The map editor is extremely versatile considering the platform, and already there are hundreds, if not thousands, of custom maps available online. These include not only standard RTS multiplayer maps, but also a range of games from overhead shooters and platformers to tower defense and puzzle games.

If you’re lucky enough to have installed the Starcraft II beta, you can play these maps with just a couple of easy steps.

First, you need to get your hands on a map, which will be a .sc2map file. There are a few good resources where you can download maps from the internet, such as SC2Mapster.com and Curse.com.

Once you’ve got the map you want to play, the easiest way to start it up is to drag the .sc2map file onto your Starcraft II Beta shortcut. You also can double click the .sc2map file and choose to specify a program to open it with. Click browse, find your Starcraft II Beta install location, and choose Starcraft II.exe. Whichever method you choose, the game should launch and you’ll be on your way.

Now you can get out there and check out some of the great maps the SC2 community has already come up with. If you aren’t lucky enough to be in the beta, we have videos and map recommendations coming soon on Lore Hound!

Eve Online Screenshot/Novel Contest Open Until May 29th

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EA’s Eve Online in association with New Eden Radio is currently hosting a rather particular kind of contest to win PLEX as a part of the launch for the upcoming Eve Online expansion, Eve Online: Tyrannis.

As noted on their site, New Eden Radio is hosting a screenshot contest “with a twist.” In the spirit of creativity, the contest wants a no more than 1,000 word synopsis of your best idea for an Eve:Online novel. The accompanying screenshot you capture for the contest should be thought of as the cover for the book and generally a conduit to the overall story. Entries can be sent to pr@newedenradio.com. There will be 5 winners, each receiving their own PLEX. The Draw will take place on 29th May during live coverage of the New Eden Radio UK Party. All entries must be in by 12:00 AM GMT on May 28th. Winners of the competition will be announced on the New Eden Radio forums.

Lore Hound MMOcast: Episode 6

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This week on the MMOCast, itzKoopa, Heartbourne, and Amatera talk about:

  • StarCraft 2 dated for July 27!
  • STO getting demo, rewards program
  • APB pricing model, date, pre-order incentives
  • SWG celebrating Empire Strikes Back 30yr anniversary
  • WoW – have to find dungeons before they appear on Dungeon Finder, attunements possible
  • Turbine giving Asheron’s Call a facelift.
  • Fallen Earth restructuring, loses 82 developers.
  • Discussion: How important is it to know that the company making your game is safe from shutting down?

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Heroes of Might and Magic Online Enters Closed Beta

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Have you heard of Heroes of Might and Magic? Yes, I’m talking about the classic turn-based strategy game owned by Ubisoft. Well, while we have always had the multiplayer option in any HoMM game, something was missing. An MMORPG, perhaps? Well, worry no more. Thanks to TQ Digital and Ubisoft we’re getting that, too. The game was originally released in the Chinese market and was well received. The international version of Heroes of Might and Magic Online has entered its closed beta phase, which means that we’re one step closer to actually playing the MMORPG based on the legendary franchise. More information on Heroes of Might and Magic Online is available here.

Lunia – Chapter 7 Released

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More news from ijji.com, Lunia has released its seventh chapter! The latest update to the anime themed action MMORPG introduces 10 new stages, a new raid stage, new items and more. In order to celebrate their game making actual progress, ijji have announced that a they’re a Double the Love event which will award you bonus experience points. In order to do that you need to log into the game, speak with Riccun and receive a grindy quest to collect an item called “Seal of Warriors and Heroes” which can be exchanged for prizes or items that boost the exp rate by 500%. More info is available on the Lunia forums, here.