Instance Gratification: DDO Episode 1 – The Beginning (of the rat invasion)

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Before the PR disaster that is the “Offer Wall” I teamed up with a few community members for some dungeon goodness.  The trio of Warforged characters tore apart the opening dungeons.  We chewed through our purchased XP items and absorbed the XP bonus until each of us had hit level 2.  After some laughs, deaths, near wipes – the dungeon mobs can hit really hard in the higher difficulties – we called it a day.

Sure, there was only three members, but we have to start somewhere.  Episode 2 will once again happen on Sunday, and is currently scheduled for an 11:00 AM EST start time on the Khyber server.  Please be sure to complete the tutorial area and dungeon before go time.  Level 2 would be nice, but is not required.  Supplies of DDO Point cards are still available to those that attend!

Prospective attendees should drop a line below so we can gauge the expected attendance.  Include your class if you’ve already decided upon one.  I currently have a warforged cleric (iTZKooPA) and a halfling bard (iTZKHuPA).

World of WarCraft: Cataclysm – New Dungeon Unveiled

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The latest dungeon in World of WarCraft: Cataclysm was unveiled and boy is it a big one. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you - Mount Hyjal. This otherwise gorgeous slice of WarCraft lore was cut off from previous WoW expansions, but a W.I.P. version of it was present since the launch of the official game, all those years ago. The new elite raid dungeon is meant for players around level 80 and will give us all a much needed lesson in WarCraft lore. More information about the new dungeon – here.

Craft of Gods to Launch on May 27th

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Kalicanthus Entertainment have announced the release date for Craft of Gods, the brand new 3D Fantasy MMORPG – May 27th. In the meantime, you can pre-order the game here. The official servers will be open from 2.30 PM CET on launch day. The languages available at launch will be English, Russian, German and Italian.

The dev team have also planned two more open beta events: one from April 29th to May 6th and a second one from May 20th to May 26th. Great news, since Craft of Gods looks like a great MMORPG with a classic RPG feel to it. Anyways, you can read more about it here.

Earthrise Delayed.. Again!

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Masthead Studios have announced that their debut game – Earthrise is delayed once again. The folks over at Masthead have decided to present this to us in the form of some sort of joke.. It seems the Earthrise team was completely eradicated by some sort of evil machine, or “Jaberwokie” as they refer to it. Whatever the true reason behind all this is the fact is – Earthrise is delayed once again, and will presumably be released way after the official release date(Q2 2010). Nice work, Masthead, now try to act like a proper developer. You can read the whole thing here.

Paladin Preview Moves Up

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Undoubtedly, some Paladin players out there felt left out in the cold when they realized their class preview would be coming last, and about a week later than the rest of them. Of course, since when has Blizzard ever let their favorite class go unappreciated? And besides that, if they were so “deep into development” they couldn’t release information last week, has all that much changed since then?

Well, whether they’re better prepared to give us the goods than they thought or they’re willing to throw Paladins a bone, Blizzard’s given us a new date for the final preview: tomorrow. Yes, April 14th, a full two days ahead of schedule! Don’t believe me? Just listen to Wryxian:

We appreciate all of our pink champions waiting just a bit longer to get their preview. While we had initially announced that we were planning to post the Paladin preview on Friday, April 16 we’re unfortunately not going to be able to release the preview on that date.

Instead it will be posted Wednesday, April 14!

Since it’s the only class preview of the day, we’re not sure precisely at what time it will appear, but all bets seem to be placing it at a reasonable time for the Western hemisphere. Whenever it pops, Lore Hound will keep you posted.

Cataclysm Zones: New Mount Hyjal Details

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It’s been a long, nearly eight months since we first learned that Mount Hyjal would become a playable zone back at BlizzCon 2009, and now we’re finally starting to hear some of the juicy details. Today, Blizzard released a new informational page on the zone detailing some of the zone’s lore, areas within the level 78-82 phased zone, and a teaser on Firelands, an “all-new level-85 raid dungeon” in the zone.

Here’s the basics:

For years, Mount Hyjal and the wounded World Tree, Nordrassil, have remained cut off from the rest of Azeroth. Sealed away within a protective field of dense foliage by Malfurion Stormrage, Nordrassil has been slowly recovering from the devastation of the Third War, when Malfurion called upon the tree’s power to destroy the archdemon Archimonde and repel the forces of the Burning Legion and Scourge. Now, with the impending cataclysm, the World Tree’s well-being is threatened once more. From the Firelands within the Elemental Plane, Ragnaros and his minions prepare to burst into Hyjal and set Nordrassil ablaze — and the conflagration would endanger all life on Azeroth.

In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, players will have the opportunity to explore the newly reopened Mount Hyjal as Azeroth’s heroes, with the help of Ysera, Malfurion Stormrage and Hamuul Runetotem, are called upon to push back the armies of the Firelord, banish Ragnaros to the Elemental Plane and lay waste to the twilight dragon stronghold in nearby Darkwhisper Gorge. This all-new level 78-82 zone will feature multiple quest hubs, phased terrain and quest lines, portals to micro-zones within the Firelands, an all-new raid dungeon, and much more.

Read on for the full details, a brief analysis and another screenshot.

Read more…

The Guild Is On For Season 4

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Those quirky, lovable geeks who entertain us with their MMO antics will be back on for a fourth season of shenanigans.

Felicia Day, creator of The Guild and geeky phenomenon, announced earlier today that the show will be back for more action and sponsored again by Microsoft, who also sponsored the previous two seasons. No exact day yet on when the new season will begin, but it is set tentatively for sometime this summer, with pre-production already underway.

From the official announcement:

Felicia is putting the finishing touches on the script for Season 4, which will pick up where Season 3 left off.  Pre-production is underway, keeping producer Kim Evey and Streamy Award winning director Sean Becker very busy as cameras are set to roll sometime in May.

The announcement comes just days on the heels of the Streamy Awards, where (after a somewhat embarrassing night) The Guild didn’t take top honors but took home two awards nonetheless: Director Sean Becker took the Streamy for Best Directing for a Comedy Web Series, and Day took the award for Best Female Actor in a Comedy Web Series.

I, for one, am super excited to see where this upcoming season will lead us. If you’re a fan of MMOs and haven’t yet seen the show, it’s a must-watch. You can watch the previous seasons on YouTube or iTunes, or if you really love them, you can buy DVDs of Seasons 1 and 2 and Season 3.

A comic detailing the pre-story of The Guild also is now available, so check that out as well.

Who else can’t wait?

The Turbine Double Dip: New Race & Forum Explosion

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Over the past two weeks I’ve been spammed with news coming from Turbine Entertainment.  Topics have run the gauntlet of the company’s games, from Lord of the Rings Online to Asheron’s Call.  Yes, Asheron’s Call, the game that started the company off on the right foot way back in late 1999.  The title is still going strong despite its failed sequel, Asheron’s Call 2.  Strong enough to warrant further development.

The company announced today that the ten year-old game is going to receive a new playable race and some further features.  Asheron’s Call is not one of the MMOGs that I have ever followed, but it’s pretty cool so see the game getting some love this far out.  Not many details were revealed on the Shadow race, but Turbine did create a teaser video.  Perhaps the more astute Asheron’s Call players can fill us in on the hidden details and the potential impact?

Packed alongside the new race are a few other new features, including the addition of a new type of magic (Aetheria), multi-slot armor, Barbers and their ability to change hairstyles and tailoring.  Tailoring allows characters to move the look of armor from one piece to another, which sounds pretty cool.

Hit the jump for the announcement from Turbine that has the MMOG-friendly Internet in an uproar. Read more…