Final Fantasy XIV – Beta Screenshots

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If you’ve been excited for Final Fantasy XIV, then you are certainly in for a treat as we have a huge amount of screenshots for the upcoming beta test. Final Fantasy XIV is currently still in alpha, however that hasn’t stopped Square Enix from promoting its game. We also have the entire map of Eorzea – Final Fantasy XIV’s world.

Visually, the beta is quite the significant leap over the alpha version. Below are some comparison screenshots:

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Kingdom Heroes Closed Beta Begins

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The closed beta for Kingdom Heroes, Aeria Games’ latest MMORPG, has started today, May 19. The game itself is a fantasy martial arts MMO that, of course, will be free to play. It emphasizes on Player versus Player combat and is definitely looking great. Anyone interested can apply for becoming a participant in the closed beta on the game’s official website. You can also read more about the game, the lore and the setting there.

Ubisoft With Five Free MMORPG's in Development

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French publisher Ubisoft has announced 5 free MMO’s in development. That happened during a post earnings conference call on May 18, 2010 when the CFO of Ubisoft, Alain Martinez, “slipped” that the major video game publisher had no less than five “massively multiplayer online light” games in development. You can be sure that one of them is the Heroes of Might and Magic MMORPG that recently hit closed beta. The rest we’ll see soon enough, I hope.

Acclaim Acquired by Playdom

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The popular social games developer Playdom has acquired Acclaim, the once legendary developer that nowadays has focused on being a publisher for free to play MMORPG’s such as 9Dragons, 2Moons, The Chronicles of Spellborn and more. But those games are not the reason Playdom was interested in Acclaim, it was some of the later browser based titles such as RockFree that sparked their interest. Apparently Playdom is still focused on social, browser based MMO’s and Acclaim’s recent move into the market has made it a great investment. Let’s hope they’ll keep publishing desktop MMORPG’s, too.

Marvel and Microsoft MMO: Super Hero Squad Online New Video

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Back in late September of ’07, Marvel and Microsoft announced that they had buried the hatchet and were coming together along with developers Cryptic Studios of City of Heroes fame to create a cross platform Marvel universe based MMO tying the PC and XBOX 360 together in an ambitious unison. Unfortunately, the project fizzled out in February of 2008 due to an “inability to complete.” Cryptic studios continued developing the IP despite losing the Marvel license and has since created the well received Champions Online MMO.

Last March, another Marvel and Microsoft match up was announced with Marvel Super Hero Squad Online. To much of the hardcore gaming communities dismay, the title is “kid-centric” featuring midget-sized versions of popular heroes and villians. The MMO, created by developers Gazillion Entertainment, is also said not to have its plot based on the mainstream Marvel comics.

Whether the game will draw in a new community of followers or push too many away to be successful, we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, a trailer for Marvel Super Hero Squad Online has recently been made available. Click here to watch the trailer.

WoW: The Official Magazine Volume 2 Preview

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I was lucky enough to get my hands on the latest copy of the World of Warcraft Official Magazine only days after the preview went online.  The video details a few of the exciting articles inside the 143 page tome, including the dragon feature that perked pixiestixy’s interest, a nostalgic look at vanilla WoW raids, community columns and more.

The latest edition of the magazine is leaps and bounds better than the inaugural Issue 1 Volume 1 thanks to its diverse offering.  From all new Cataclysm art and landscape shots, a look at ICC raiding to Warsong Gulch tips, there’s something for every one of WoW’s diverse subscribers.  The magazine is shaping up nicely.  It’s actually starting to earn the additional subscription.

P.S. Fear the beard.

Massively Speaking Episode 100 with Lord British

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Lord British himself, Richard Garriot will be on’s webchat, Massively Speaking episode 100. Garriot will join hosts Shawn and Rubi for some chat on the past, present and future of MMOs. Topics will range from the early days of Ultima Online to the possible reinvention of Tabula Rasa and beyond.

To send an email, or sign up for the Massively Speaking episode 100 with Lord British podcast visit their website.

World of Warcraft – Female Worgen Models Released.

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So it seems Blizzard have been sending out the first screenshots of the female Worgen,  the new Alliance race in the upcoming Cataclysm expansion for World of Warcraft. (link at the bottom of this post) Bear in mind these are still a work in progress and are subject to change.

There are several pictures of the model in different armor classes and poses. The screenshots can be found below courtesy of WorldofRaids