Fallen Earth Releases The Hounds

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A deep discount on one of the best MMOGs from 2009 not enough to get you interested in Fallen Earth?  Perhaps a brand-spanking-new puppy will tip the scales further?

Fallen Earth, LLC announced the addition of Wasteland Mutts a few moments ago.  The cute post-apocalyptic canines are available throughout Sector 1-3 and can be purchased from Fuel and Feed merchants for “about 500 chips.”

It’s worth noting that the announcement cautions players from getting to attached: “But don’t get too attached, we hear other variants still exist in Deadfall!”  I wonder if the warning about “other variants” is for good, or ill.

Something in high demand being added to the game for free?  Blasphemy!

Nope, not holding a grudge at all.

For the Hoard 1.4: Feathers for the Venomhide Ravasaur

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I got a bit sidetracked recently with my Zhevra mount and, of course, the Celestial Steed that’s been the talk of the town as of late. But I finally got back on track with my Venomhide Ravasaur questing, and only have one final daily quest left before I earn my last Venomhide baby tooth.

But what is this about Raptors and feathers? Does my hatchling want to learn how to fly!? Maybe not… Tune in for this feathery episode of For the Hoard to find out.

Destiny Online: Glory of the Tribe Expansion Now Live

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Ingle Games has announced that Glory of the Tribe, the third expansion to their anime-styled MMORPG Destiny Online is now live. The biggest feature of the new add-on is the Tribal War system. The Tribal War system combines PvP and PvE in a classic guild war system and is sure to hold the spotlight for long. Other features include a new super pet called Kirin, 2 new bosses – Level 80 Darkhound and Level 145 Grim Gargoyle, 2 sets of new outfits, Eastern Gala Costume and Funky Valentine Costume, a new mount, Flying Carpet, a dozen of new Monster Cards that can transform players into hilarious monsters, and Level 145 equipments and weapons to keep up with the level cap raised to 145. More information on the game’s website.

Atlantica Online: Housing System

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The popular j-rpg styled MMO Atlantica Online will receive its very own housing system. This new feature will be introduced on the game’s Korean servers on April 22nd and will eventually be released on the international version as well. Once released, players will not only be able to customize their own houses, but visit other people’s houses, have dinner together, or just talk. Players can also hire mercenaries for their houses to serve as..cooks and if you invite another player over to share a meal, you will both receive buffs. How social!

Ragnarok Online: Server Merge

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The Ragnarok Online team has announced that there will be a RO Server Merge. The servers Chaos, Loki and Iris will merge into a brand new one, but the name is still unknown. Characters will be transfered, nothing will be lost, except for Guilds. There will be a “pre-list” so that guilds don’t loose their names once they are dissolved. “God items” will be broken into their construction parts, so recreating them all back might take a long time. Any character name will be temporary, until the RO team has finalized a character’s transfer(if there are name conflicts, they will be resolved). So, if you are a Ragnarok player on one of the three servers, you might want to double-check everything.

Fallen Earth On Sale At Direct 2 Drive

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Well, the title says it all, right? This isn’t an advertisement, but a recommendation, and what better time to make one when the product in question is going for much less than its normal retail value? Direct 2 Drive, an online download service similar to Steam (but without the client and community features), is having their Spring Sale, which lots of awesome PC games are really good prices. I made out like a bandit at their Five Year Anniversary Sale back in November.

The second week of the four-week promo (every period features a different set of games so you keep coming back for more) includes the post-apocalyptic MMORPG Fallen Earth, which we have touched upon here at Lore Hound several times — check out our coverage if you want some ancillary information. The game can now be yours for a cool $14.95 (MSRP is $39.99, by the way). You’ll still have to register an account with a credit card, since Fallen Earth is subscription-based, but you also get the customary 30 days of free play with your purchase.

And what a value that is, because Fallen Earth provides a very different experience from what you’re used to. It’s more realistic, relies largely on a player-run economy, features a unified open world, and has a steeper learning curve than more mainstream MMORPGs like World of Warcraft. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be rewarding, and you can use your bounty of unpaid time to familiarize yourself with the game, making the basic entry fee the fifteen bones you pay to D2D.

There’s a lot to like here, and the community is very friendly, so give it a chance by adding it to your cart (do it before next Sunday, when they move on to a new set of software). And don’t forget to check out the rest of the games on sale. For me, it’s these discounted titles that get me through the lean times!

WarioWare: The TV Show

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Gamers that haven’t played a WarioWare title are missing out on a lot of fun.  The franchise started off humbly in 2003 on the lil’ handheld that could, Nintendo’s Gameboy Advance.  WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! became a moderate success —  one that I attribute to utilizing the craziest punctuation in any video game title.  Ever.  The franchise exploded in popularity when it added multiplayer for the Gamecube version.  In my humble opinion, that’s the point at which gaming changed.

But that’s not why we’re here today.  We’re not here to discuss how WarioWare was the first entry into the (now standard) party game market.  Or how its simple and intuitive design made developers think that it must be an easily repeatable formula; one that’s possible to recreate on a shoestring budget, no less.  No, none of that is why we are here.  We are here because WarioWare‘s potential has transcended mere video game design, and leapt into the realm of analog games.  To my knowledge, WarioWare‘s simple and fun games have lead it to become the first video game to become a TV game show.

Hit the jump to see the connection. Read more…

AILA Online Open Beta..In Japan

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The AILA Online Open Beta is announced to start on April 22nd, says YNK Japan. AILA Online is a fantasy game set in the Middle Ages. Being provided with high freedom, players are able to equip all kinds of weapons and use a variety of life skills like fishing, cooking, mining and herbalism. Additionally, there is no restriction on a character’s class. AILA Online(short for Another Ideal Life Adventure Online) was previously known as N.E.O Online, but for one reason or another the title has changed.