Everquest Next: Landmark Alpha Preview

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Greetings, lovely LoreHounds! Happy New Year! My health has kept me away for quite a while, but luckily for me it improved enough that I’ve been able to give the Everquest Next: Landmark alpha a whirl. And even better, the NDA was dropped so I can tell everyone about it! Perhaps you can see it in the exclamation points I’m already starting to litter around, but I am having an absolute blast with this game. I’d meant to have this up Monday, but I simply haven’t been able to drag myself away long enough to get anything done. But enough is enough, right? So read on to see my thoughts on this lovely game.  Read more…

Bigpoint Launches SciFi MMO DarkOribit Reloaded (Video)

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The astute reader that you are probably realizes that DarkOrbit Reloaded is not the first in the series. In fact, its marketed as the sequel to DarkOrbit, developed and published by Bigpoint as an “epic sci-fi” game featuring strategic “breadth and depth.” Of course, now that the browser-based game is out in the wild, you yourself can be the judge of such things!

The sequel features all the expected fixings, new maps, faction characters, a retailored user interface and high-res graphics make it an enticing switch from the original. The dev/pub hopes to lore new players with a new tutorial and assorted bonuses. Naturally, the true gift is being able to destroy various mega-corporations in the game.

If you’re a space or sci-fi strategy junkie yet still not convinced then I strongly suggest you check out the short trailer after the cut. It’s less than a minute and I’m absolutely positive you’ve spent more time on dumber things, like the last Super Bowl. Read more…

WSJ Reports Hundreds of Layoffs at Disney Interactive

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Disney Interactive saw an instant restructuring after it purchased the parent companies of the Star Wars intellectual property. Not a bad buy, even if it made Leia Organa a Disney Princess. Drumming down redundancies created by the purchase of LucasArts, LucasFilms, etc wasn’t the end according to the new report. Beginning next Thursday, the massive media company expects to lay off “several hundred people.”

The video game division of Disney Interactive is 3,000 strong, meaning it will likely affect quite a few of the internal divisions. WSJ believes the majority will be at social-gaming specialist Playdom, which has been in the fold since 2010. This also follows after the semi-recent shutdown of the Toontown and Pirates of the Caribbean Online communities and SOE closing Clone Wars Adventures. Perhaps that outsourced Marvel MOBA will fair better.

All this despite the rapid success of Disney Infinity enabling the division to post a quarterly profit last quarter. The division is also home to the company’s mobile development.

Elder Scrolls Cinematic Released, CE Details Leaked (Confirmed)

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For those of you eagerly anticipating the release of ZeniMax Online freshman entry, Elder Scrolls Online, it’s a good today. Today, the 29th day of January, contains a pair of major development. First, the official release of the cinematic trailer for the subscription-based MMORPG.

The clip kicks off with some familiar material, including the three characters we’ve become familiar with from earlier looks. Only now, they’ve eight minutes of time to shine, destroy and, most importantly, impress.

The second is the originally leaked, now confirmed Collector’s Edition. Dubbed the Imperial Edition, the pricer edition of The Elder Scrolls Online features a steelbox, an Emperor’s Guide to Tamriel, a map, statue of Malag Bal and four in-game exclusive, including a pet and mount. All for $79.99 digital (the retail edition hasn’t been priced as of press time).

This could be it, the item that gets me finally interested in Elder Scrolls Online; the cinematic trailer. Join me in its viewing after the cut. Read more…

Wow, What an Massive WoW Infographic

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Publishers and developers love showing off the numbers of their babies. From subscribers to users to concurrent users the MMORPG genre is probably more open than most others in the industry. World of Warcraft, one of only a handful of games to approach the 10 years of service mark, is back at it. And you’ll be hard pressed to fathom the reach of some of these figures.

Every wonder which country could be filled by WoW characters? How about how many characters have been created? The overall /played amount? Perhaps you’re more into geography and which countries have WoW? Or the balance between the worthy Alliance and dastardly Horde? Query the amount of auction transactions or number of words in the quest dialogue you overlook?

Every one of those questions and many more are answered in the massive 10-year anniversary infographic. Even if that watershed moment is still some 9+ months away.

Infinite Crisis Ushers in Atomic Poison Ivy & Stock Superman (Video)

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Turbine Entertainment fully plans on providing a wide variety of characters for its DC universe MOBA and yet Infinite Crisis has largely focused on the Batman universe. Sure, there have been others like The Flash or Shazam, but we’ve a multitude of Batmans, Jokers and Poison Ivys. In fact, the developer recently dropped Atomic Poison Ivy.

This incarnation of Pamela Isley focuses on the withered post apocalyptic world that tore Isley’s psyche apart along with the world. The world broken, it began talking to Isley giving her a renewed purpose. That purpose, to protect the Green and strike fear into the hearts of a humanity that destroyed what she loved.

Now, unless you’ve been dead this entire time, you can probably imagine the story behind the Man of Steel. Without traversing to one of the alternate dimensions of Infinite Crisis his story is beyond well known. Rather than rehash, hit the jump to dive into the official reveals for Superman and Atomic Poison Ivy. If you like what you see, sign up for the beta, or purchase a Founder’s Pack to ensure beta access as well as early access to Coast City.

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SOE Closing Four MMOGs including Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures

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Yesterday appeared to be Sony Online Entertainment’s Black Monday. Don’t like the comparison to the NFL’s dark day after the season ends? Allow me to put it in a little perspective. The games in SOE’s roster are franchises, headliners in the company’s bottom line. While the more accurate comparison would be to the firing of the lead producer/designer, the announcement that four titles will be forever closed is equitable to the fate of various coaches like former Redskins coach Mike Shanahan.

Fine, maybe it was a reach. I just wanted to show you that I’m not all nerd! Anyways, back to nerd.

The developer and publisher of numerous MMOGs announced that it’s trimming its roster by four. All four of the titles will be known to those that follow the industry. The biggest closure would have to be that of Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, the freeform, mini-game filled title aimed at the younger demographic. This marks the second Star Wars property that SOE has shuttered after Star Wars Galaxies closed in December 2011Free RealmsVanguard: Saga of Heroes and Wizardry Online communities will suffer as well.

Free Realms and Clone Wars will be put to bed on March 31. Vanguard and Wizardry are to follow on July 31. The reason behind the decision is reallocating of resources due to a decline in player counts for all the communities. Unfortunate considering strong starts by Clone Wars and Free Realms.

There has been no mention of sunset events as of press.

Elder Scrolls Online PvE & Voice-over Actors Revealed

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ZeniMax Online, the in-house Bethesda Softworks developer in charge of Elder Scrolls Online, is hitting its marketing groove. The company dumped a pair of new trailers on us this week to showcase the upcoming and newly-rated Mature MMORPG.

The first video focuses on my personal favorite aspect of these online universes, group PvE content. The eight plus minute Dev Play video features group combat, small and large pulls and plenty of spell effects. The second video after the cut is a 17 minute opus that reveals the star-studded voice over cast. This includes Wonder Woman Lynda Carter (who is married to the CEO of the parent company), Malcolm McDowell, John Cleese, Kate Beckinsale and more.  Unfortunately for the developers, little in either of these videos, or anything before them, has me all to interested in ESO.

The Elder Scrolls Online is set for release on April 4, 2014 for Mac and PC. PS4 and Xbox One editions are slated to follow two months later in June.

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