PAX South: Rebel Galaxy in SPAAACE (Interview)

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lh_rebel_galaxy_travis_baldree_pax_southIt’s not that often that we here at Lore Hound cover a video game that isn’t connected to that world wide web thing that won’t go away. It’s really not in our DNA. But Rebel Galaxy is breaking that rule. Receiving an exception, if you will, due to the people behind it (and my penchant for anything sci-fi). That’s because the two-person crew has a pedigree in our wheelhouse, the realm of online games. You see Rebel Galaxy is under development at Double Damage, the house of Travis Baldree and Erich Schaefer. The former created Fate, Mythos and Torchlight, while the latter co-founded Blizzard North and Flagship Studios.

The pair left Runic Games to development something new. Something that felt fresh to them. Something that didn’t have them running a large company while simultaneously trying to be creative. That’s Rebel Galaxy, a mix of Firefly’s hard sci-fi grit and large spaceships doing strategic battles in multi-ship engagements akin to Battlestar Galactic.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Travis Baldree in the team’s modest booth at PAX South. Come learn what’s got you fighting, how the story will draw you, the captain into a still-developing narrative and the world will keep you interested through GTA-style sandboxy gaming. Listen carefully to enter the team’s old-school seat-of-their-pants development style. Read more…

Pax South: Cosplay Reel

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We’ve shown you the League of Legends Reel – if you haven’t seen it, really: what are you waiting for?? – and while you’re savouring those, be sure to check out the rest of the Pax South Cosplay. Drum-roll please? Ahh, no need! Let the wonderful Cosplaying Community of Pax South present their own performance. So without further ado, enjoy! Just be sure to thank your amazing friends here a LoreHound for fetching them for you:

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Pax South: League of Legends Photoshoot

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The were many top-tier cosplays at Pax South – and don’t worry, they’ll get their due mention – but first, in the dark recesses of the exhibit halls, past long corridors that resembled lanes, into the “Nexus”… well in actuality, it was just a side hallway… BESIDES THAT! What matters is the metric ton of League of Legends Cosplayers and we at LoreHound, again, have brought you the best of the best!

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Landmark: Of Caves, Combat and Community

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screenshot_20150203-15-56-11One of the things that I was delighted to discover upon my return to the land of computers was combat in Landmark. Now I can build stuff and fight monsters! I spent many hours with my husband traveling the lands, exploring, harvesting and killing as we went. We had a lot of fun, and are looking forward to the continued development of Landmark and Everquest: Next.

That said, I find myself logging in to play Everquest 2 instead of Landmark more often than not. If you asked me which game I enjoy more, I will tell you Landmark. Which games looks the best? – Landmark. Which one is more engaging? – Landmark. I spend more time talking about Landmark, thinking about Landmark, and enjoying Landmark. I plot out my Landmark houses, show them off, and spend vast amounts of time looking through architectural and history books for design ideas.

And yet … I play Everquest 2, and other games, far more. Before I go into why, here’s a quick cover of the awesome: Read more…

PAX South: Can Vainglory Begin the MOBA Explosion on iOS?

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lh_pax_south_vainglory_moba_ipad_interviewI’ve a small confession to make. When attending these type of events its largely required that you pick and choose your battles. Which games and genres to showcases, how to go about the interview (or editing) if you spoke with a wall and how to frame a line of questions that engages the audience but doesn’t bore the interviewer (me) and the interviewee to tears. Vainglory, a MOBA for iOS devices was of the former most group. “A MOBA on an iPad?” I thought to myself as I recalled my disdain for placing my hands over my action. “This should be good.” I thought sarcastically. But, the platform of choice did truly intrigue me. After all, if Super Evil Mega Corp pulled it off the designers will have found an entirely new mark.

Boy did that team ever pull it off! My initially cynicism and dare I claim reserved judgement was blown away by how well Vainglory played. Even further blown away by the fact that the title remains in the background noise when it’s clearly a standout in iOS design – namely controls for an action title – yet has been out since October.

You can get the full skinny on the rising MOBA after the cut. Seriously, you’d best go download Vainglory now to ensure you enter on the ground floor. Who knows, by this time next year it may be the next SMITE, complete with a $2.6 million purse! Read more…

Instance Gratification 20: February is Full of Events

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Those mitts could snatch a ball at the goal line too. Even without thumbs!

Instance Gratification is the return of one of our premiere video outings. Originally featuring the cast of founder bloggers thrashing World of Warcraft dungeons and viewer runs of Dungeon & Dragons Online, the reinvigorated column heads to the realm of the Twitch channel. Come join us every Wednesday for dungeon dives, solo attempts and general loot hoarding in your favorite games.

After running around in last week’s episode with essentially no idea what I was doing I’ve decided to return to a universe that I can at least fake my way through thanks to years of reading. That’s right gnomes and goblins, we’re heading back into the World of Warcraft. It’s partly to enjoy and prepare for a smorgasbord of upcoming in-game events. Then there’s a dash of leaving Draenor and my guild neglected as I did a little WoW tourism the past few weeks. Solidsagart is in much need of preparing for the big bad patch 6.1 and Blackrock Foundry, the new raid which I am wholly unprepared for. Lastly, it gives me a final excuse to link to Massively, a sad, sad fact of reality.

Now getting back to the original anecdote, let’s see exactly how well I can fake healing in Highmaul with little understand of the true mechanics, no connection to any of the other players and an unimaginable lack of healing practice in general. Here’s to a wipe-free night. Yeah, right!

Be sure to subscribe to the channel for all our streams, giveaways and general shenanigans. Hit the jump for the livestream. The show will kick off around at its new time, 7:00 PM EST, and continue until approximately 9:00 PM! The floggings will continue until the ilvl has improved! Read more…

PAX South: Playing with POOP – The Game (Interview)

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"Put a bird on it!"

“Put a bird on it!”

Seriously, it’s a game. We promise. If you don’t truly believe us you should totally watch the interview to (help us) confirm our sanity. We ran into the creator of POOP, Blaise Sewell – no, not God – as we passed by the AdMagic booth. Specializing in indie card and board games, the AdMagic booth was full of colorful presentations and equally colorful characters. This one definitely caught our eye thanks to the fancy packaging consisting of a brown paper bag begging to be lit aflame.

Our interview with Blaise is a quick one, but introduces you to the mechanics, strategy and overall poop puniness of the Kickstarter funded POOP – The Game. Join us as we learn the basics of flushing a toilet, the insanity of on-play real-life demands and exactly how POOP – The Game has its own included set of drinking rules. Yeah, drinking while playing with poop.

Don’t worry there are plenty of poop puns after the cut. Read more…

SoE to become DGC

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cnRadarX, SoE community manager, just posted a puzzling message on a few of the sony game forums. Apparently SoE has been acquired by the investment firm Columbus Nova and will become Daybreak Game Company. I’ll admit my first response upon reading this was to wonder if April Fools had come in February! Or maybe RadarX’s account has been hacked. I don’t see this announcement anywhere but on the forums – although this post is only an hour old! So maybe more public announcements are forthcoming? It does seem legit though as there is a twitter post from Dave Georgeson about it.

According to what looks like an open letter, nothing will change for the player. All it means is a change in name, and possible access to more resources for game development. Is this a new golden era of gaming? It seems an interesting development given John Smedley and Dave Georgeson’s repeated statements over the past year and more that they want to move gaming forward from the rut it’s been in and into something new again. A complex mix of hope and skepticism is what I’m feeling now, with a dash of humor as I note that DGC could also stand for Dave Georgeson Company.

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