PAX East 2015: World of Tanks: Generals Returns, Heading To Beta Soon

Posted by on March 16, 2015 - 3 Comments » has held a high percentage of my harddrive for years. It’s various titles have rested somewhere within my file structure for well over a decade at this point. More recently, the company made a play for Xbox and continues to push its break-out hit World of Tanks to every conceivable gaming platform. But the developer and its growing list of internal studios have focused on porting the Tanks experience to these other platforms, not a new world such as World of Warplanes, or World of Warships, which entered Closed Beta testing last week.

That was supposed to change with World of Tanks: Generals, a collectible card game set in the heavy metal universe that’s captivated eSports audiences with 15v15 gameplay. We got the details and our hands on the title at Gamescom2012. Then Generals went dark. Rarely mentioned. Perhaps only in whispers. In dreams. That didn’t stop us from salivating. Anticipating taking the universe on the game in a manner that opened up a deep meta experience and was entirely capable of consuming when under the stresses of only one usable appendage. Because cats.

PAX East 2015 saw the return. The re-unveiling of Generals. It’s more polished. The gameplay’s deeper, more strategic. The art is crisp. The board is complete (and ripe for easy additions and expansion, balance pending). Lines in the sand have been drawn and nations have entered the fray with their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Learn all about it from the a Wargaming producer and marketer duo after the cut. That’s two side of development! Be sure to stay tuned as we’ve beta keys incoming! Read more…

MOBA Monday: MOBAs Certainly Show Well at Cons

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lh_moba_monday_heroes_of_the_storm_sylvanasMOBA Monday is a weekly showcase of how to perform, eh, let’s go with adequately – we hope – in a multiplayer online battle arena. The streaming squad features the hottest, upcoming or most interesting titles of their and the communities fancy for a few rounds of PvP shenanigans in our weekly Twitch channel staple.

Conventions are infectious. It’s their very nature. A giant marketing show attempting to get everyone pumped for the next big thing or to adopt the just-released big thing. I’ve repeatedly stated that cons, at least how they’re currently designed and consumed, don’t do MMOGs justice. No one has designed a booth that enables them to shine and simultaneously not have lines that are ungodly long. MMOGs simply don’t show well at conventions.

But it’s MOBA Monday, and oh boy does that genre show very well at conventions. Heck, the explosion of eSports is a testament to how well these 20-45 minute sessions can hook and pull you in. Mash PAX East with some on-the-floor Heroes of the Storm and new details around Tomb of the Spider Queen, the basement to Sky Temple, and a siege-mode Sylvanas – bwhaaa? – and you’ve got another HotS MOBA Monday on your hands.

Don’t forget that all Lore Hound Twitch shows have been moved to their new time at 7:00 PM EST. We still have the same great line up, the same shenanigans and the same daily dose of awesome. Hit the jump or head directly to the channel page to watch live. Follow for all the updates and giveaway opportunities. Read more…

PAX East 2015: Our First Hands on with Star Trek Timelines

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BorgKlingon-fullwebDisruptor Beam announced its intentions to develop a Star Trek video game for mobile devices at PAX East 2014. After managing to secure the rights to A Song of Ice and Fire, grabbing the go ahead for the Star Trek universe didn’t stun us. It certainly did excite our nerd core though. Unfortunately, CEO Jon Radoff couldn’t go into detail. What with it being brand spanking new and all. Effectively, the details included a mobile title that could span any and all of Star Trek, past, present and the expanded universe.

Let’s fast forward a year and throw in some Google Ventures money. This places Jon Radoff back at PAX East with a playable iPad demo in hand. The demo unleashes the full brunt of space thanks to the power of Unity. Pretty wormholes and planets aside, Radoff moves on from technical achievements and spends much of the interview detailing the current philosophies behind the story and quest design before shifting to what makes most gamers stick with an RPG, the loot. Loot being loot, and rewards being rewards, the most interesting aspect is truly the way we’ll be deploying our crew to take on missions and activities of our own development.

For that you’ll have to hit the jump to get the scoop on Star Trek Timelines. We can’t bring Leonard Nimoy back in real life, but Disruptor Beam certainly will be doing so as THE Vulcan Spock. Read more…

F2P Friday: Marvel Heroes Community Play & Giveaway

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lh_f2p_friday_marvel_heroes_zergidF2P Friday is our weekly showcase of the growing free-to-play market, from MMORPGs to first-person shooters and beyond. The stream team will feature the latest, greatest and just plain fun games that cost you nothing to play. Ever. Granted, you should throw the developer a bone if you enjoy a title, but you don’t have to.

After a short hiatus to deal with the double dose of the new Penny Arcade Expo 2015 season we’re back for F2P Friday. We’re not limping back into this. Not by any means. We want you, yes, the person reading this to join in on the festivities. To facilitate such a potential public livestream disasters we’re privileged to have access to an upcoming feature from the new gaming social media app known as ZergID. Head on over to the site if you’re not familiar with it yet, but the basic idea is it’ll allow gamers to reconnect and return to our social ways. Especially great for facilitating and reconnecting to guildies from games past.

What game shall be ushering in such a dramatic return to Friday streaming? None other than our favorite (bribable) community that keeps the lights on at Gazillion Entertainment. Yeah, that’s right, I’ll be tackling the final story areas of Marvel Heroes and giving away Random Hero Box codes during the event. Be sure to sign up for the Public Event over on ZergID, friend me in game (iTZKooPA, of course) and be prepared for me to have no ideas what’s going on!

I’ll be the guy throwing knives at anything that moves.

Be sure to subscribe tothe channel for all our streams, giveaways and shenanigans. Hit the jump for the livestream, which is scheduled to kick off around 7:00 PM EST. Read more…

PAX East 2015: Guild Wars 2 Reddit Community Gets Their Questions Answered (Interview)

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lh_pax_east_guild_wars_2_Heart-of-ThornsFresh off the PAX South announcement of  Heart of Thorns ArenaNet offered the Lore Hound crew an opportunity for an old-school text-based interview. The team instantly began tossing ideas and leveraging our best Guild Wars 2 experts, which is most assuredly not me. Partially because of my lack of follow through I felt the need to reach out to the larger, far more dedicated GW2 community for assistance in formulating questions and inquiries. After all the first expansion was announced with numerous unanswered questions lingering. Boy, oh, boy did they ever humble the hell out of this blogger.

In a scant few days we blasted past 100 comments. Numerous users responded to others with new information or dug up old details to address the original query. As the editor and person responsible for delivering the question to the developer I condensed and pruned the massive list, ran it by our expert and delivered to the team. They were taken aback, quickly asking for more time due to the depth of some of these questions.

Ultimately, a few more days and some mulling over internally lead to ArenaNet opting to delay the response until PAX East. Where we’d be able to sit down for an extensive live demo of Heart of Thorns before standing up with live developers to query them on the remaining lines of questioning. Check out the worthy questions and answers fielded by Isaiah Cartwright and Matt Wuerffel after the cut.

Don’t forget to watch our full behind-the-scenes demo! Read more…

A Genre A Long Time Ago: Finding Your Voice, Getting Social in TOR

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lh_swtor_star_wars_social_newbHaving recently celebrated Star Wars Day, and getting caught up in the recent barrage of updates and rumors on Star Wars Episode 7, we’re bringing you a new column focused on one of the biggest sci-fi franchise. We all had to start somewhere, and our resident Star Wars fan-boy Wedgeantilles began his MMOG experience with Star Wars: The Old Republic.  He’ll be giving an outsider’s look on what it’s like to play your first MMOG, along with providing gameplay insight and helping those of you not as familiar with the platform to not feel so intimidated or alone in vastness of the galaxy that makes up SWTOR. Enjoy.

I have finally begun to figure out group play. It has taken me a while to dig in since I doubt my abilities and experience; I don’t like being the person holding everyone back. However, having jumped off at a couple group flash points, I find that my worries were completely unfounded. There has been no reason for me to get that noobie anxiety. Although other players certainly have more XP and a mastery of the game I doubt I’ll ever have, once paired with a group you’ll realize that most players are just looking to kick a bit of galactic ass. Whether grouping up for heroics or just finding a few players to complete missions with, the group flashpoints are a great place to gain XP and learn new ins and outs from either veteran players or fellow noobs. To make grouping up even easier, there is a group queue icon located on the top left side of the mini map that works the same as the Galactic Starfighter queue; click the icon, continue playing, and when the group quota is filled, you’re off. The realization of how to use this feature turned me into a social butterfly of sorts, and I even ended up being invited into a guild. Read more…

PAX East 2015: Reenter Blackrock Mountain in a Solo Hearthstone Adventure (Interview)

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lh_blackrock_mountain_woo_pax_eastA few weeks ago, Shaktaji and I spent some quality Valentine’s Day time arguing, cheering and cheersing over Hearthstone: Goblins vs. Gnomes. The two hour F2P Friday stream featured an insane amount of legendaries, a succulent selection of epics and a pungent bouquet of rares. Naturally, neither of us could wait to see what Blizzard Entertainment had up its sleeve after the great Blackrock Mountain datamining of a scant week and change ago.

Blizzard’s PAX East panel did not disappoint in revealing the worst kept secret since the Apple Watch. Not only were we given a taste of the incoming Blackrock horde, but another fast-paced release date. That’s right, Blackrock Mountain is heading to a mobile platform near you in a scant few weeks making it Blizzard’s third major addition to the award-winning card game in less than a year. Complete with five more wings, 20+ cards to collect and seventeen unique boss fights!

Senior Producer Yong Woo discusses timing, the Solo Adventure’s upcoming mechanics and a host of additional juicy information during Blizzard’s PAX East after party where we played a demo against Coren Direbrew and his heroic tooling. Now exactly how Nefarian settles his difference with you using a Ragnaros card against him remains to be seen. Breaking the fourth wall much?

It’s all after the cut. Read more…

PAX East 2015: Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns (Exclusive Walkthrough)

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Guild Wars 2 Heart of ThornsHave we got a scoop for you, Guild Wars 2 fans. An excellent exclusive walkthrough of upcoming content straight from the horse’s mouth. Yeah, we’re talking about a two-man squad of ArenaNet game design leads discussing what’s coming to Guild Wars 2 by way of its first expansion, Heart of Thorns. Hot on the heels of a recent GW2 Instance Gratification comes an intimate walkthrough of raiding, gliders, lore and a whole bunch more. Far more informative than my rambling, unskilled (re)discovery of how the mechanics in Guild Wars 2 works.

Our chat isn’t an over-the-shoulder, jerky and grainy mess. This is the bee’s knees in camerawork. It’s like it’s fed directly from the rendering computer into your eyeballs. Because it is (in an existential sense)! Your eyeballs will impress your brain with what they’ve seen. But your ears will seal the deal with the exciting details from Jon and Peter. We’re talking a solid 10 minutes of unbridled Guild Wars information of the highest quality.

Absorb it all after the cut.

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